Gold, brocade and the Christmas party outfit

Hi, hello and draw up a chair, why don't you!

How are you? Are to catching up on some of those Christmas chores? Well, don't worry. Neither am I! And the blog seems to be like a poor relative at the moment too, limping along behind the ever growing to-do lists. But never mind, I'm here now and you have my complete attention. 

Today I'm channeling that festive feeling by way of this gold lurex cardigan which I bought in the big charity shop haul in London last month (see here). The brand is H&M and it was a snip at £6. I've added some more depth to the outfit with the addition of brocade, twice - once on these red pre-loved trousers (Oxfam) and secondly with the black and gold boots from River Island.

The gold lurex cardigan is really weighty making it feel more like a jacket. I like the popper fasteners, but do wish it had some pockets - oh how I love the slouchiness of a pocket! My blouse is another recycled item, this time by Jacques Vert. The embellishments in gold and sequins add another layer of fancy to this already fancy pants ensemble, but hey - it's the festive season isn't it?

I wonder if someone might get the hint as I model this ring today? It's made from the sea glass washed up on our shores. I collect bags of this a couple of times a year and send them off to a couple of artists who then create jewellery for the gallery. 

Another pre-loved purchase is this red leather belt by Tommy Hilfiger, but it looks as good as new and well worth the £5 I paid for it.

Fiona and I were trying to capture some indoor shots, but the lighting issue (too much sunlight flooding the scene) and camera settings were an interesting challenge for both of us. Later on that evening we were back here at the New Inn attempting to get some photos of my Christmas party outfit.

Automatic flash wasn't quite what we wanted ...

No flash didn't work either.

The lighting here was better, but blurry and you couldn't see the whole outfit.

What do you mean, "suck your tummy in"?

How's this?

Yes, the fringing shows up better like this!

My fab black glitter boots were from Topshop last year, as were the sparkly tights. The pre-loved skirt (Oasis) was from the Crisis Centre shop in London too, and the lurex top is ancient, but second hand. 

My sparkling rings are pre-loved and the handbag is almost a vintage piece by now as it's about 20 years old. The island party was very well attended, so much so, that I didn't know half of the faces there as they were from behind the scene at the various eateries on the island. I had a lovely evening, catching up with locals and dancing for as long as my boots would allow me.

                                                                                             Anna x



  1. Two fabulously seasonal outfits, Anna! I am in deep lust over those brocade trousers - and is that a tux stripe I spy down the sides? Heaven! I love your fringey skirt too - having just purchased one for myself, I like that you kept the rest of the outfit down to a dull roar (well, for us flamboyant types, eh?).

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Yes, you espied right, Sheila. That is a navy tux stripe down the brocade trousers. I'm pleased you approve of the offerings today and I love that description of a dull roar - hilarious!

      Happy holidays to you too my dear xxx

  2. I am all over that cream blouse! I love it! Have a wonderful Christmas Anna. I've only bought one present as of yet so need to get my skates on! xx

    1. Thanks Laurie. I do hope you too had a wonderful Christmas xxx

  3. I never found some sea glass. Next time I'm going to find me some on the Sussex coast! Love the second outfit!

    1. I love beachcombing as you just never know what you'll find. Sorry about the quality of the photos of the second outfit - it was such a challenge for us!

  4. Love them both and the photos are such fun. Very festive Anna xx

  5. Another marvelous outfit, love the fringing on the skirt and the bag is divine. x Jacqui

    1. Cheers. The skirt was such a pain to photograph as you can see! Lovely to hear from you again sweetie xx


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