Another reprise on the brown theme

Yes, another dose of brown!

Hello again! I'm not one to take defeat lying down and therefore I'm facing the brown challenge head-on again today, this time by adding a suggested pop of colour by way of my winter coat by Covent Garden. The brown on brown had mixed reviews the other day, both on the blog and on Instagram, so I decided that I'd push the boundaries further by adding leopard print to the mix as well as this mustard coat. Less brown, more print, more fun, more me.

The star of the show today has to be my fabulous new handbag (a Christmas present from my dear hubby). The Paul Costelloe leather and leopard print bag was a happy find in TK Maxx which also means it was a cut price bargain too. (Hubby paid, but I found it). It's my bag of the moment, my latest crush and I'm more than a little in love with it.

The granite backdrop works as a perfect camouflage for this animal print fest, don't you think? The gold flower ring was another Christmas present and the diamante ring was an airport purchase last year. The bangle was a charity shop find for a pound - yes, £1!

The necklace is from Topshop and the cardi is from H&M, although a bit ancient now.

It was another dreich day, but Lora and I dashed outside when the skies opened up momentarily to reveal a watery winter sun. I know I'm not alone in feeling the post-Christmas slump currently, not helped by the dull weather. The rest of the outfit reads like this - jeans are by Zara, as are the boots and I'm layered up with a thermal long sleeve top by M&S underneath the cardi. Sunglasses are by Quay Australia.

So that's it guys. Did I redeem myself? Are we all agreed that a fair old dollop of leopard print has the ability to pep us up out of the brown doldrums? 

Thanks for dropping by. See you again soon!

Anna x



  1. Anna, you did it! Bravo, Bravissima!!

    1. Hahaha, thanks Susa! I'm delighted that this gets your vote of approval x

  2. You are! Youre gonna like brown! Lol. Happy weekend!

  3. OMG woman is there anything you can't wear!! I love this and am going to try and get something similar going. Thanks for sharing my friend. Oh and when are you over here? Need a meet up my friend. xxx Jacqui

    1. Lovely feedback Jacqui! I could easily see you carrying this off too my dear. And yes, I need to look at my plans and get back to you x

  4. Beautiful bag and I love all the leopard print today Anna! I feel the post Christmas slump too and it has been cold and gray so I got myself a new dog! She's a rescue dog from a shelter so she is sooo grateful to have a home and she shows me lots of love! Just what I needed I guess!

  5. Love all this leopard print and love that you added 'more print, more fun, more me' to the brown color. You look fabulous and your new bag is really cool!

  6. Hey there my DARLING blogging buddy!
    Just want you to know that I'm still a huge friend/follower of your blog and despite some life glitches and adventures(?) I'm still living you and your blog and when my life is a bit less challenging... I'll be back with comments and LOVE.
    You are looking very posh in your leopard. Don't you love the fact that this animal print has such sustainability?!?!?
    I've REALLY missed you my friend!!
    Love, Jude


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