Friday means dressing up!

Hurrah, it's Friday!

Hi there! How are you? I'm ready for the weekend, aren't you? I worked right through last weekend, getting the Gallery cleaned and prepped for re-opening on Monday and it's great to be back. I've loved seeing all of the familiar faces of our regular visitors, and it's also good to have that sense of control that working gives too. I'm offering viewings by appointment only and in between times am trying to catch up on the admin as well as unpacking the new artworks being delivered. It looks like this summer will be hectic as ever. The great thing about that is that the days simply fly by - in fact I can't believe it's Friday already! 

Steve and I took these photos a couple of weeks ago and already I can see how my hair has become much more unruly since then. I'm at the stage of having to wash it much more often so that it looks presentable. Have you been to the hairdresser yet?

I'm taking part in the Dress Up Friday feature again this week, but decided to opt for this much loved and pre-loved trouser suit for a change. I adore the deep midnight blue colour and it's also got massive deep trouser pockets and oh goodness, I do love a deep pocket! It's a man's suit, hence those pockets and the reason I have to roll up the sleeves - but hey, that salmon pink lining looks okay revealed doesn't it?

You'll remember seeing these shoes last Friday (see here) when I wore them with my colourful vintage frock. From Primark these babies cost me £5 - I just can't help bringing up the price of these bargain beauties!

My other feminine addition is this heavily beaded top (from Next). Like lots of my clothes it's a charity shop find and actually came in under a fiver! It even still had the dry cleaning label on it. One or two of the longer beads were loose, but it only took a few stitches to repair and now it's good as new. Sunnies are by Quay Australia.

Today's blue rings are recycled too.

Are you back at work again now or are you still working from home? I must admit that I did love to have the focus of Dress Up Friday when I was at home. Searching through my wardrobe, trying on clothes and finally taking the photos was all a great reminder that there was more to life than just housework! I'm a glass half full kinda girl however and did love my time at home, becoming more domestic with every week that passed. Already my house is looking a bit neglected and forlorn. I plan to have a big blitz on Sunday, although if the weather forecast is correct, we may have high pressure about to bring a sunny spell our way. Gardening may well take priority in that case.

Thanks for joining me again today. Do leave me a comment if you like the outfit or even drop me an email if you want to chat - it's great to have your feedback.

In the meantime have a super weekend!

Anna x



  1. Hello Anna, fab suit. What a find! It looks great on you. The top is lovely with the suit too. Everyone's been having a clear out during lockdown and the charity shops are chock full of treasure. I've bagged a few gems in the past few weeks.
    As to hair, I've been to the hairdresser earlier this week and it's given me a wonderful boost. It felt safe and super clean too.
    Sadly numbers of new infections are up here in Ireland. Let's keep hoping we can keep it under control.
    Enjoy your weekend, Anna. Hope some of the promised sunshine comes your way! ��x

    1. Hi Juliana, it's great to hear how you guys in Ireland are doing. Of course, I envy both your charity shopping and hair appointment! My hairdresser was offering a brilliant and very reassuring service in the run up to lockdown and I know she'll be super careful now too. I'm using this period to test out how I feel about having longer hair - hubby always prefers me with long hair, but most chaps do, don't they?

      And yes, the sun shone and it was a beautiful weekend, thanks x

  2. That is one gorgeous suit! Gotta love deep pockets, too. Glad you're enjoying being back at work - my office is starting to move towards bringing about half of our people back onsite this month, so things are getting busier here, although I'm still on a 24 hour work week, instead of 40 hours.

    I have had my hair cut, and it felt so good to get all the dead stuff off. Have a wonderful weekend, full of sun and warm breezes, Anna!

    1. Good luck with the changes within the workplace again Sheila. Another haircut for you too eh? I must swing by and take a look.

      We were blessed with wall to wall sunshine this weekend and in particular Sunday was an absolute scorcher!

  3. It must be so good to be working again! Are there already tourists allowed on your island? Your suit is fantastic! What a rich warm color! Happy weekend!

    1. Things are looking almost like normal again here Nancy. Face coverings required for travel on the boats, but on the whole we're getting used to our new normal.

      Glad you like the suit x

  4. Your suit is amazing Anna; how adventurous of you to try it ion and make it work for you and, it absolutely does! You really inspire me and have me thinking about fashion in a more adventurous way.
    Life seems to be very slowly getting back to normal here in Scotland.
    I’m having my hair cut on Tuesday and heading to the beautiful Isle of Skye for the rest of the Summer months.
    Great that you’re back in work; I guess that today will feel more like ‘the weekend.’
    Enjoy! and thank you for the inspiration. X

  5. I'm so pleased to hear that you're inspired Phyl. Fashion should be fun and I love breaking the rules! It's surprising what you can find in charity shops at the best of times and goodness I bet there's a whole lot of stuff been ousted out of our homes recently.

    Have a wonderful time on Skye. That sounds idyllic x

  6. what a gorgeous suit!, its color is amazing and fits you so nicely!. You styled it so brilliantly, with more feminine pieces and Attitude!. You Totally Rock!

    1. I've worn this a few times and must admit that this is my favourite bit of styling so far. Cheers Monica x

  7. That is a beautiful suit! You look gorgeous in it and the shoes add such a great detail! So beautiful.

    1. Thank you Kezzie. The shoes make all the difference don't they?


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