Hush dress and H&M sock boots

Hello again! How are you and how has your week been? It's been another busy week at work, which is great as the time has just flown by. Weather-wise, it's been a mixed bag of sunshine and fog making the job of getting photos together for the blog interesting to say the least. My good friend Fiona has stepped to the fore, helping out with some end of day sessions which has been great. I know I promised to share the newly-found summer jackets, but this summer dress seemed too lovely not to feature. 

The animal print dress is by Hush, a brand that I hadn't come across until last summer when a customer walked in wearing this exact dress, sparking an in depth grilling from me. I tracked one down online in the summer sale and have worn it again a few times this summer. Today I've paired it with my red H&M sock boots, which gives it a funky edge that garnered me quite a few compliments. Much as I'm not averse to buying high street brands, I do like to style them in my own particular way.

I'm suddenly very aware of the fact that we're hurtling towards the end of September and I still have quite a few summery outfits I want to show you as well as a beach shoot Steve and I did on St Martin's last weekend. We visited Great Bay for a picnic and also managed to take three variations on my beach outfit too. Anyway you'll see those in due course, although I'm not sure if that will be before or after the summer jackets...

The trapeze dress in pink and red zebra stripes with hankerchief hem and side splits is cool and airy, perfect for a hot day in the gallery. In fact, I did start the day off wearing a trouser suit and a long sleeved blouse, but by lunchtime it was simply too hot to bear. I often finish my lunch hour but doing a quick change due to the weather. 

I thought this Topshop tribal beaded necklace was a great partner to the dress, along with two pre-loved resin rings in tonal hues. My sunglasses today are by Radley London. Did you notice the animal print theme continues with these too?

I suppose today's look could be my first forray into transitional dressing between summer and autumn. My sock boots are much loved and do add an element of joy in what might be otherwise seen as the end of summer. I'll be squeezing every last drop out of these golden days of this, my favourite time of year. I'm sure the internet is full of the latest autumn fashion, but I'm not in any hurry to follow suit!

So, here we are, on the brink of the weekend yet again and the question is, what will you be getting up to this weekend? Much as I'm taking a break from retail therapy, I'm very aware that I would normally be taking a week off work at this time of year and be treating myself to bit of clothes shopping within that time. Will you be making your first autumn purchases this weekend, and if so, what are you looking for? Please share all the details - if I can't shop then at least I can enjoy hearing about your shopping. 

Have a lovely weekend!

                                                                                       Anna x



  1. What a fabulous dress, and I love it with the boots. Well done on the styling! Lise

  2. What a fabulous dress, and I love it with the boots. Well done on the styling! Lise

  3. Oh I love sock boots so much. And I know you have another fabulous pair. This dress is gorgeous too, it looks so beautiful on you. Have a great weekend! Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday link up party.

    1. Thanks Nancy. We both have a weakness for these sock boots don't we?

      Wishing you a lovely weekend too x

  4. What a riot of colour! I've never tried the Hush brand before funnily enough but I know how popular it is. Styled perfectly as usual xx

  5. I love that Hush dress Anna; I’ve checked-out the brand on-line and they have some fabulous pieces.
    Beautifully styled with your red sock boots; absolutely striking!
    You look cool and still very summery!
    As all of the Autumn knits and chunkier pieces of clothing are arriving in the High Street it’s lovely to still see a nod to Summer! X

  6. You are so swooshy in your wonderful Rave Tiger dress, Anna! I love that you are still wearing your sock-boots (who gives a fork about trends? ha!). Thank you for the lovely email again. Don't feel you have to respond to comments - I don't come back to see, so you can skip me, and I won't even know! :)


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