Transitional dressing for autumn

Hello again! How are you? Is a local lock-down affecting you personally, be it physically or mentally? It's difficult not to let it get you down isn't it? On a different note, I'm missing having a work mate more than ever now. Just having someone to pass on those little daily niggles can make all the difference. Poor Steve really gets it in the neck some days, I can tell you!

Anyway, let's talk clothes shall we - it's my favourite subject after all! I managed to get most of my wardrobe changeover done last weekend (no photos of the bedlam - not inspiring in the least, I can tell you!) and will finish this weekend. I packed most of my summer clothes away, giving extra time to checking whether they would work as transitional outfits.  This much worn and much loved two piece (aka the old fashioned trouser suit to you and I) has survived the cut purely because I know it works so well with my other big passion, the sock boot. 

The white and black check of the Primark suit lends itself to a multitude of colour options to play with, and yes I do mean play. Dressing for me is fun, even on a work day. Using this look as a template, I could easily add pink to replace red and have yet another fun and colourful ensemble. If the weather holds out, I'll try to get that variation captured for you next time. Black is another obvious permutation as is white. I have ankle boots in both of these neutrals which look equally sharp. The only limitation for this suit will be when the temperature drops and it becomes too lightweight to be functional.

I have no regrets buying these H&M sock boots. They have been an asset to my wardrobe and seem to go with so many outfits, both dresses and trousers, giving an edge that normal boots don't deliver. My son Jamie bought me the pink version for my Christmas last year and I've worn them endlessly too. Hurrah for the sock boot I say!

The frilled linen top is by M&S, a pre-loved purchase from last year, but only showcased this summer for the first time. Rings are charity shops finds too. My black and silver necklace adds a sharp contemporary feel to the jewellery - this is by Melissa James, a brand I sell at the Gallery. And talking of sharp, I've changed up my usual Quay Australia sunglasses for a different, but equally cool pair of shades. I'm hoping that one of these days this brand will reward me with a discount code for my readers...

One look that I've not tried out yet is to wear this two piece as separates. I did try the jacket on today over a pink pleated skirt and black top, but felt it didn't really pop the way I had hoped. Perhaps that's a project for next summer.

According to the weather forecast we're about to be hit by high winds and endless rain for the next couple of days. Fingers crossed there will be a lull at some stage over the weekend otherwise I'm not sure what I'll have to show you in my next post! But before I leave you, I just would like to share some news...

Myself and my blogging friends, Jacqui of Mummabstylish, Hilda of Over The Hilda and Gail of Is This Mutton along with Josephine of Chic At Any Age have all been featured in the latest edition of Yours magazine!

I've not managed to get hold of a copy of the magazine yet as our local shop is no longer selling newspapers or mags, but Jacqui posted this snippet on her stories the other day -

The feature is about over 50's bloggers to follow for style inspiration - what a fabulous showcase for us all! Do rush out and buy a copy now x

                                                                                     Anna x



  1. Congratulations on the feature Anna! I'm just about to do the changeover this weekend. Messy business eh? I looked in the wardrobes and was saddened by how much didn't get worn this year. The suit is gorgeous and I know you won't have any problem styling it up separately xx

    1. Thanks so much Laurie. Let's hope that by next spring we'll be able to fully use all of our outfits again. I've finished the rest of my changeover - just in time too as the winter weather seems to have set in now!

  2. Wow, congratulations on your fame (if not fortune!), Anna! That's so cool - and you are and will be so inspiring to the readers!

    Love your fabulous suit here - I adore that white-based plaid. You have certainly found yourself a classic bootie in those sock-boots. My feet look huge in them (I tried some one, having been inspired by you!), so they are not for me. I think this outfit would look great with any bright top, as well as pastels (maybe for spring!).

    I am doing my closet swap-over in about a week - I'm actually taking my birthday off work, so that I get a 6-day stretch of vacation. It's so much work! I have to do it all in one go, and then blog it all, phew! It feels so good when it's done, though, right?

    Have a stupendous weekend, my dear friend. I hear ya on the daily "argh/sigh!" things - I have one (male) coworker near me and he gets an earful whenever someone does something silly. I don't have my usual support network in the office to complain to!

    1. I finished my changeover yesterday and hesitated keeping the suit out, but I know how we can get the odd balmy day in autumn so at least I'm prepared!

      I'm more than slightly envious of you have a holiday on the horizon. Your closet swap-overs are legendary - so much stuff and yet you're so organised!

      I think I'm suffering end of season blahs, that's all. It's been a tough year for us all. And isn't it just the way that you always remember the bad encounters and not the good...

  3. Hi Anna,
    Big congratulations on the magazine shoot; I shall definitely be purchasing this issue and look forward to reading about it!

    Your suit is fabulous! Oh! why didn’t I notice this one in Primark; I love it! You have styled it beautifully with the vibrant top and it will certainly look good with a multitude of colours and matching accessories. The sock boots add style and a nice twist!

    I know what you mean about lock-down restrictions.
    I’m fed up (and grumpy) with not getting to the gym (all still closed here) and have just purchased some home gym equipment to use over the Winter months. I always feel the benefit of a gym workout on both my physical and mental health and it’s been way too long since I’ve exercised in this way! I guess we are all getting used to a new normality. It does take its toll and I think that’s it’s ok to own that.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.X

    1. Cheers Phyl. I've had so many compliments on this suit. I wanted to showcase my pink sock boots and pink tee with this, but think that the weather may have changed for the worse now.

      We've just set up a small home gym for my daughter as she's missing the structure and routing of her workouts. I too am starting a new regime of weight bearing exercises to build up my bone density. It's no bad thing to put this in place as the dark nights draw in.

      I'm digging in deep for the next few weeks as the business closes at the end of the month. Hurrah!

      Take care x

  4. Was great to be featured in the Magazine wasn't it! Loved the whole post. Thanks for sharing on here. Oh and I love the trousers suit with red. Jacqui x

  5. Congrats on the magazine shoot, hope this inspires more middle-aged girls to dress up and enjoy!
    Love your trousers suit and totally agree that it would look fabulous too with pink, black or white or even yellow or cobalt blue. Looking fab in your red boots and frilly blouse, so cool!


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