That Friday feeling!

Hellooooooo! How are you? I'm pleased to say that I'm very well, thank you. This is my Friday outfit, a bright pop of pink which is a wonderful dose of of colour therapy. As November draws to a close, I feel the darkness of the winter months continue to unfold in front of me and know that I still have quite a battle to wage as I fight off the winter blues. My best armour for this battle has to be joyful clothes in vibrant colours, hence this lovely ensemble.

I'm delighted to find these fuschia separates are such a good match; it's the first time I've put them together. I love the different textures of them too; the fine pleats of the chiffon skirt are the perfect ploy for the fluffy winter sweater. This is the first time I've worn this skirt - it's by Sabrina Diamanti, an Italian brand, and was a charity shop purchase from long ago. The sweater was from Enjoy Clothing in Truro.

The white lace top has a very prim Edwardian look to it and reminds me of the kind of fashion that Princess Diana wore. I bought it from Zara last summer and it's been a great addition to my wardrobe.  And talking about Diana, are you watching the new series of The Crown? I'm trying very hard to spin it out and make it last. Riveting viewing as always, but more than ever I find the reality of it so very sad.

I've mixed preloved and new with my jewellery: the rings are both thrift pieces and the Tree of Life pendant was from a small boutique in Truro. 

The black and silver geometric tights were another charity shop scoop, paired with these silver leather ankle boots by Buffalo London, bought from TK Maxx. Once again, nothing is new, but that doesn't detract from the pleasure of the outfit.

So as I head off for home, I'd just like to remind you that the last Monday of the month is time for our Style Not Age challenge. "A touch of sparkle" was chosen by me, so no surprises there then. I do hope that you'll be able to swing by to see the fabulous outfits that very much serve as a warm up to Christmas.

Hope to see you all on Monday!

Anna x



  1. Ooh, looking forward to your "touch of sparkle", Anna!

    I LOVE these glorious pink together! You look absolutely stunning in this combo, and the silver boots?? I die! Love the bits of Victoria blouse poking out. I've not watched "The Crown" but I've read quite a bit about it. I remember all of the Diana drama all too well - it makes me so sad.

    Hear hear, here's to dressing bright to ward off the seasonal "blahs". You are rocking it, my dear!

    1. Generous as ever, my dearest friend! Thank you so much. Shopping my closet for all of these months has really been an eye opener; it's made me try on many more items that I previously would have skimmed over or dismissed completely with surprising results x

  2. Lovely in pink Anna, my favourite colour it suits you so well. Jacqui xx

    1. Thanks! I didn't realise that pink was your favourite colour x

  3. What a gorgeous shade of pink Anna.
    Oh, I do love that fluffy jumper, it’s beautiful with the frilled white cuffs of your blouse.
    Wishing you a happy week ahead.

    1. Cheers Phyl. Fluffy jumpers are synonymous with winter in my eyes! And pink is just so blooming cheerful isn't it x

    2. Anna in pink - very lovely! Fine, that bright colours help you through your winter moods. I miss the lights from the several christmas markets we had all the years in the old town and along the Rhine here in Cologne. Sad december...
      Up to now I didn't see The Crown, I'd last see at tv "Peaky Blinders - Gangs of Birmingham".
      I was also a big fan of Princess Diana and remember the place and my feelings when I heard the news as if it were yesterday. A nice day in our holidays in the south and than - gone...
      Back to brighter themes: enjoy your christmas season, make the very best of it!
      Hugs Susa

    3. Hi Susa, isn't it a shame that our run up to Christmas will be so very different this year? I have just spent an hour this morning trying on lots of Christmas outfits to get me in the mood for the festive season. I'll showcase what I can in the hope that it will act as inspiration :)
      Cheers x

  4. Fluffy!!! What a gorgeous combination!x


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