Chartreuse and silver Christmas styling

Well hellooooooo! How's tricks? I can honestly say that I'm in full-blown headless chicken mode now. All my plans for Sunday and how many batches of fudge I'd manage to make dissolved into a state of choas with far too much time being taken up with tree installation and the hunt-the-box-of-decorations that ensued. Yes, I did manage to make one batch of fudge, but honestly if I'd been more organised that really ought to have been at least three if not four. And now that leaves me very behind meaning I'll have to get up super early to make one every morning before I go to work. I also seem to have failed to buy enough boxes for packing of fudge and truffles, meaning I'll have to gift wrap old boxes. Ho hum, the best laid plans of mice and men!

I recently promised you a festive month of Christmas dressing, including the obligatory Christmas jumper and here it is! My Elfie Selfie was from H&M a long time ago but is still in good shape as well as being great fun. 

Christmas wouldn't be the same without the odd cheesy jumper would it? Please tell me that you have a couple of these darned things too!

Silver and chartreuse is a new combination for me, but it's rather snazzy don't you think? Sasha bought me this fun fur coat for my birthday in January which was a wonderful surprise. I'd never have looked for this colour of jacket and yet it's a great zesty shade that really perks up my mood. It injects fun to any outfit and works so well with my new-to-me boots.

I'm not sure how well it shows up, but there's silver lurex thread running through the brocade which ties in perfectly with the silver and chartreuse of my ensemble. Oh, what joy that is for me to get these little touches working together!

These brand new ankle boots were a find from my friend Ben who lives in London. He saw them in the window of his local charity shop and suggested I buy them (pre-shopping ban). They only cost me £12 despite being brand new, with labels intact. The funny thing about them is that I managed to lose one of them during my autumn closet changeover - they were the half pair I mentioned when I tallied up how many pairs I owned. Don't ask, I think I've forgotten. 

The toning rings are also both charity shop trophies from long ago. My sunglasses are by Topshop from last year. I love the funky retro vibe of them.

Outfit details look like this: coat and jumper by H&M, jeans by Zara, boots by M&S. Yellow and white beaded earrings are vintage.

My thanks go to Fiona, photographer of the day, purely by default of being in the right place at the right/wrong time. We do have fun on these little stints together. Don't we Fi?

I'll post my Christmas Day outfit on Thursday as I'm sure you'll all be far too busy to be visiting blogs on the big day. Hope to see you all then!

                                                                                             Anna x



  1. Oh, I adore these colours together, Anna! Your boots are to die for (seriously, we're only half a size apart!), and I am chartreuse with envy over that amazing jacket!

    Hang in there, you can make it - the holiday will be here and over before you know it, so f**k all that busy-work, and do what you can to enjoy the time with your loved ones.

    Hugs to you.

    1. Hahaha, I did like that Chartreuse with envy...!

      Yes, I made it past the finish line in one piece. Boxing Day was my PJ day which was heavenly and well deserved too! I'm back to work later today however :(

  2. Dear Anna,

    you look fantastic in this colours. They suits you so well. Let me take the opportunity to say "Dankeschön" for your blog posts in this very strange year 2020. You were the ray of light on so many upset days. Thank you for sharing your activities, stories, styles.
    With all my heart I wish you and your beloved ones a very merry christmas. Stay safe on your beautiful island!
    Hugs from Susa

    1. Dear Susa

      It's so lovely of you to write all of this. It really does mean a lot to me to have your feedback and appreciation - it's lovely to share my life with you.

      I do hope that you're enjoying the festive period with those you love and that the restrictions aren't impacting on your family too much.

      Best wishes for 2021 xxx

  3. Fabulous outfit, love all these pieces and even more together. Lise

  4. Oh my goodness.. the colour of that soft, snuggly, cosy jacket; it’s fabulous!
    Teamed with your silver jeans and fun jumper, you have pulled it off again Anna... I love it!

    I wouldn’t stress too much about feeling behind with your Christmas preparations. Slow down, be mindful and enjoy the season! X

    1. Thanks Phyl.

      Well, I made it across the finish line with not too many more grey hairs! It's been good to chill for a couple of days xxx

  5. wow, this is a fab jacket in a fab colour! and you rock it!. Love this chartreuse and silver combo, and love that your brocade boots match and enhance both colours!
    Looking particularly fab!

    1. It's always a joy to have your enthusiastic responses Monica. Thank you so much xx


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