Summertime picnic

Hello lovelies!

Yes, this was our Friday escape. Steve and I had an awayday motoring off in our little boat to the Eastern Isles for a day of eating, drinking and splashing about in the sea. We've both been working hard, putting in long hours to keep up with things and this was our reward.

This is our favourite uninhabited island giving a Robinson Crusoe feel to our day. As we landed on the tiny spit of sand the flock of gulls took flight leaving us to set up camp on the white brow of the island. Our needs were simply to sit down and enjoy the view. Taking time away from home was long overdue and we talked and talked and talked. We've both been on a loop of eat, work, sleep for weeks and this was such a treat.

The pale turquoise strip of sand is where a beautiful sandbar reveals itself on the low tide. I was hoping we could get onto the sandbar before we went home and kept my eye on things as the day progressed.

And I wasn't the only one to be drawn to the lure of Ganilly sandbar.

Kayaks and boats arrived spilling the beach lovers onto the silky smooth sand as it revealed itself more and more. Steve and I bided our time, waiting until the last visitor left before we headed across.

The water was deliciously warm around the edges of the sandbar, ideal for wee paddle.

Messing about in boats, a picnic and splashing about in the water - that's my idea of a fun way to spend a day off!

Here's an update for you late readers -
I sent this photo into BBC Breakfast programme last Sunday just as I was writing this blog post. They had asked for viewers to send in photos of how they were managing to keep cool in the heatwave. Much to my amazement, and only 5 minutes later this appeared on my screen.

Some of my Instagram followers saw it on TV and sent me messages too! 




  1. Your awayday sounds absolutely heavenly and idyllic Anna! Well done on biding your time and having that sandbar to yourselves as a reward! What a stunning place you live in! xxx

    1. It is indeed a heavenly spot out on that sandbar Ann. I love living here and am eternally grateful to have the beach life on our doorstep x

  2. Wow, that is such a beautiful place, Anna! I'm so glad you and Steve got to get away a bit from the hustle and bustle. It seems weird to see big ships (is that a cruise ship?) again. My city is allowing them to come into port again (after so long cut off) in November. Take care, Anna!

    1. Yes, it's so beautiful. And yes, the cruise ships are docking regularly although they mainly head straight to the sub-tropical gardens so we don't encounter them in the gallery.

      You take care too x

  3. Idyllic Anna; your pics are gorgeous. Sunshine, sand and seawater….bliss!
    You live on the most beautiful island.

    1. Cheers Phyllis.

      It's such a stunning little group of islands and yes, a blissful place to be during this heatwave!

  4. How lovely, I remember seeing this on IG was it? Oh sunny weather if only we had some now. Jacqui x


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