Dressing for a heatwave

Hurrah, we're having a heatwave!

Hello lovelies! Are you wilting in this weather? The heatwave here in the UK is a wonderful summer bonus for us, but golly it's a challenge to keep cool at work. You may have seen how I was keeping cool in my previous feature, but for work I need to be a bit more formal. 

Long and loose was my way of coping at work the other day. A double dose of lightweight fabric in my most favourite of patterns, paisley of course, was a wonderful way of wafting my way through the day. Neither the skirt or top is new, but that doesn't detract from their loveliness. Sasha gave me the H&M orange top a few years ago and it pops up on the blog with regularity. The paisley maxi skirt was a charity shop find a few years ago too and has that sweet sparkly stretch waistband making it uber comfy! The whole outfit is perfect for a hot day.

Simple yet bold accessories today in the shape of two turquoise coloured rings, both pre-loved, and a gold chain from Primark. Retro sunglasses are by River Island.

The silvery blue embroidered mules were from TK Maxx years ago and are still going strong. I often bring them out to wear with this skirt as they work so well together.

The weather is due to break today with rain arriving in the Southwest by the end of the day. I'm off to raid my wardrobe for inspiration to cover this eventuality. It's still hot at the moment so wish me luck in finding the right outfit to fit the bill!

                                                                                       Anna x



  1. It isn't easy dressing for a heatwave when one has to work, but your outfit is just perfect. I love wearing maxi skirts or dresses when it's hot! xxx

  2. Love this outfit, Anna! Turquoise and pink and orange are a big YES in my world! I have those same shoes in pink and I'm so over them - they've gone into the giveaway as I never wore them!

    We're supposed to be getting another (another!!) heatwave this coming week, temps in the high 20s, which is not anywhere near the 40+ temps we had in June. I'll take high 20s!

    1. Oh Sheila, I do remember you getting those pink shoes! You're so much better than me at moving things on quickly - it seems to take me years.

      It's raining and blowing a gale here currently so high 20's sounds lovely!

  3. Beautiful, vibrant outfit Anna; quite oriental. X

  4. Beautiful outfit Anna. Vibrant and quite oriental. X

  5. woww, love this outfit, its magnificent colours, the lightweight fabrics, and the paisley pattern everywhere, so Gorgeous!.
    This orange top is absolutely fabulous and same for the skirt!, You Rock It!

  6. Yes I too love the colours! Its so great to see that I am not the only one who dresses for me and what makes me comfortable! I make my own clothes and I have a lot of fun wearing my outfits which are so different from everyone! After all I am my own person!

  7. Delicious outfit, Oh I need a shopping experience with you Anna, when you coming over here again? Jacqui x


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