DKNY summer dress

Hello lovelies and hurrah for that Friday feeling!

I'm finally showcasing this perfect floaty frock by DKNY which I bought at TK Maxx in May when I was away in Truro. It's such a pretty dress and feels so very summery that somehow I've been waiting for the perfect day to wear and photograph it, and along came this one!

New Grimsby quay is hardly the most exotic location on the very picturesque island of Tresco, but the morning was so golden and the sea so calm I just wandered around there before going to work to see if I could find a good spot - and here it is. I managed to take these shots between the jet boats which take the arrivals and departures; this is our equivalent of a bus or train stop on the mainland.

And so, on to the outfit of the day. The frock is midi length with a shorter lining, 3/4 length sleeves and pintuck front. It came with a self tie belt, but I did away with the belt and loops, opting for this looser fit. Usually you'd find me cinched in at the waist with a nice elasticated belt, but the very hot weather has me choosing an airy fit instead - even with the doors and skylights open the gallery is like a greenhouse by mid-afternoon!

The silver and white sandals are very old. They're from Topshop and were a hand-me-down from my daughter. They're maybe getting a bit scuffed now, but are so very all-day-long comfy!

Both rings are pre-loved, charity shop finds and regulars on the blog, as is the silver disc necklace - an old M&S purchase which was well worth the £15 I paid at the time.

My white and black mirror sunglasses are from one of my favourite brands, Quay Australia.

At 7.30am there wasn't a soul around, not a boat disturbing the silence; it was the perfect way to start the day. It was lovely to just stop and take a moment to drink in the early morning sunshine and enjoy the stillness of the surroundings. A time to count my blessings for my life and this place called home.

Monday heralds our end of the month style challenge so please to swing by if you get a moment. In the meantime I'll leave you with a shot of the quay taken from my house just across the bay - the still water acted like a mirror giving an awesome reflection.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Anna x



  1. So lovely dress, love the polka dots on this delicate fabric, it's so summery and elegant too!. Really cool that the polka dots are irregularly faded, it adds a modern look!.
    Lovely silver accessories, and fab sunníes!

    1. The light chiffon fabric makes this a wonderful dress for a hot day - and boy was it a hot day!

      Great to hear from you again Monica x

  2. Beautiful, floaty, summer dress. I really like the pleated front.
    It looks cool and comfortable, easy to wear.
    Love the silver accessories, you look great. x

    1. Thanks for the Phyl. Silver and white made a nice combination eh?

  3. I love that you removed the loops and self-belt from this gorgeous dress, Anna - no one tells me where my waist is! Ha ha! I adore the sandals - can't tell that they're scuffed from these pics, so wear 'em till they fall apart, I say!

    Amazing views! I'm accustomed to boats whizzing around (being on the sea as well), but I can't get enough of your beautiful pics.

    Happy weekend to you, my dear friend! Looking forward to your style challenge!

    1. You're so right about removing the belt loops - they're almost never in the right place are they?

      We've been having some totally glorious days lately that even our little quay looks pretty x

  4. This is divine, I do love a summer dress and even better if it's a midi length. Thanks for sharing Anna. Jacqui x

    1. I'm so pleased to have these shots to look back on Jacqui as the summer seems to have drifted away... x


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