Grounded, by the sea

Hello again. How are you? Is this a good time of year for you? Like many, I struggle with the shorter days and lack of sunlight over the winter months, resulting in S.A.D. I know I've talked about this before, but for anyone out there who's new to the blog then this is my method of coping. Sea swimming truly keeps me grounded, helping me cope with the challenges of the season ahead.

It's over 8 years now since I started sea swimming and to be perfectly honest, it's been a lifesaver for me in more ways than one. The idea of taking a dip in the sea in the middle of winter may seem quite mad, but increasing numbers of the population here in the UK are turning to the ocean to help them with their mental well-being. I swear you never regret a sea swim. 

I was recently lucky enough to meet Olympic champion Keri-anne Payne while she was here on Tresco running a Triscape retreat. I had session in the pool along with a group of keen improvers like myself and came away with a few good pointers. Much as I'm a competent swimmer, my freestyle isn't my best stroke and I know needs attention. I've now got a few tips to help me become a more relaxed and smoother swimmer.

Hopefully next year I'll be able to attend the entire course and come away better armed for my swimming future. I have every intention to continue sea swimming into my dotage in an effort to keep a healthy body and mind regardless of the passage of time. I like the idea of being that eccentric old lady on Tresco who sea swims every day regardless of the weather.

Ear plugs, goggles and swimcap and it's time to go.

Swimming tall, holding that leading arm up until the following arm comes in line with the head. 

Concentration one moment and a lovely sense of flow the next; I'm slowly making progress. Swimming lends itself to a wonderful watery meditation which might account for the sense of well-being that follows.

And there it is, the joy of the afterglow. I love the sense of achievement after a swim, no matter how long or short. My Swim Secure tow float gives me confidence as I know I'm always visible even in low light like today.

I've bought two new swimsuits for this winter. The white one above is by Roxy and the green is by Animal

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a great week!

Anna x



  1. Hi Anna,

    it is so good to read, that you can help yourself through the darker months with your regulary swimming! I would be your company, if I only lived at your place in the world!

    Keep safe and go on!
    Hugs from Cologne,

    1. Wouldn't that be lovely to have your company Susa!

      Best wishes

  2. What a wonderful way to get through the Winter months, Anna. I'm not much of a swimmer but would definitely go for a paddle if I lived near the sea. Being known as that eccentric old lady on Tresco doesn't sound bad at all :-) xxx

    1. I do feel better by simply having a plan for my mental well-being. Doing something is surely better than nothing x

  3. I am a useless swimmer Anna! I understand what you mean about it helping you though. I just do that in other ways. A S.A.D sufferer too I've been very grateful for brighter than average days of late. xx

  4. What a lovely title 'Grounded by the sea' and what pretty and practical cossies you've found. Have a good weekend Tessa x

    1. Having some nice new cossies is just another ploy to keep me motivated over the summer months Tessa x

  5. A great way to self-care Anna, especially when you live on such a beautiful island.
    Photos are lovely; you look invigorated. x

  6. You are inspirational Anna.
    You look invigorated. x

  7. You are amazing Anna, certainly an inspiration to us all. I struggle with a warm pool! Jacqui x

  8. I agree about the meditation and Afterglow from swimming. It's one of the things that makes me most happy! I am so happy you got this wonderful experience and I like to think of you swimming into your dotage!x


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