Joe Browns to the rescue!

So there was I bemoaning the fact that I've still not got my autumn/winter clothes out of storage and then Joe Browns comes to the rescue, sending me a lovely clothes parcel. I've been gifted some lovely pieces of autumn/winter wear to share with you and goodness, how fab are they are! This full length maxi dress is the first to be showcased.

This is the Fabulous Folky dress and already it's proved to be a winner on their website. The design is simple; a pull-on dress with no buttons or zip in a medium weight jersey fabric with a round neck, dropped waist and a deep hemline frill. When I unpacked it the dress was wrinkle free and ready to wear - in fact this is me half an hour later, so excited was I to receive it. 

I opted for my Besson white leather boots and thick black tights to pair with the black dress with all its autumn colours. I must admit I'm pretty much in love with this maxi dress already. The cut is generous, roomy enough to layer my go-to long sleeved M&S thermal top underneath and fluid in movement for the full swish factor. 

I may be on leave for the next month, but I can see that this will be a lovely dressing up outfit for when I tire of jeans and joggers at home. You can't go wrong with a bold floral print can you? I'm wearing an orange perspex ring (pre-loved) and a silver and gold ring by Emily Nixon. 

I don't know why, but a long frock always seems more feminine than a shorter one, don't you think? It lends itself to swooping and swishing around. Or maybe that's just me?

The mild temperature here means that I only had to add this little jacket to complete the outfit. It's fake suede and was a long ago purchase from TK Maxx. 

I took these photos on Monday last week and such a lot has happened since then, namely that the gallery has closed for the next month allowing me to have some time away from work, yay! The other thing is that I had my booster jab (the Moderna) on Tuesday and by Thursday was laid up at home with a raging fever, headache, shivers, back pain, pains in my ribs, shooting pains in my hands and other flu-like symptoms. I also lost my appetite but not my sense of taste. My previous two vaccines were the Astra Zenica and apart from a sore arm in the jab site I felt fine. How very naive of me then, to think that I would sail through this booster. It's now Monday morning and this is the first of me being able to get up off the sofa to test my strength and frankly I feel as weak as a kitten. I know we are all having different responses to these vaccines, but I didn't realise that they varied so much from one to the other. Does this big reaction signal a good response to the vaccine I wonder? Is my heightened response a sign that my immune system will be better prepare for Covid19? Oh I do hope so.

                                                                                   Anna x



  1. They are just starting to roll out booster shots here in Canada - my mom should be getting hers soon. I had a mild reaction to my 2nd jab, but as long as I'm not too sick from it, I'm still enthusiastic!

    Love the dress - I'm a huge fan of big swooshy dresses. But the burning question, Anna: does it have pockets??

    1. Like you, I was keen as mustard to get my booster, but heck how ill I've been. Basically I've been laid up for all of an entire week as I battled chills and fever, headaches and pains. That said, I'd still take it again rather than catch the virus!

      And no, sadly no pockets my dear x

  2. That is one fabulous dress, Anna, I can see why you're in love with it. Swoon!
    So sorry to hear you were so under the weather from your booster jab. I've had two Pfizer jabs, and while I only had a slightly painful arm after my first, I felt extremely tired for a day or two after my second. Not too bad, all things considered. I know quite a few people who had bad reactions to the AZ one. xxx

    1. There seems to be so many variants to take into consideration that honestly it's just luck of the draw.

      Glad you like the dress!

  3. Love your dress and your boots are gorgeous! Sorry to hear you developed reactions to your booster jab. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Lovely! Am so much better now thanks x

  4. Fabulous dress, great Autumnal colours.
    Lovely, swishy style.
    I’m a big Joe Browns fan. X

  5. I adore the pattern, and again these shots are amazing. I need some scenery like this. Jacqui x

  6. Ah, Joe Browns do really lovely things. This dress is perfect. I agree about long dresses feeling more feminine! There used to be a professor at the Academy where I worked who used to tell me I looked like a Princess when I wore my long skirts and used to buy me a cup of tea and a cake when I wore it because I looked so pretty in it. He'd then shuffle away when he'd left the gifts on my desk. He was so sweet and very innocent, there was nothing sinister about it- he was a real introvert and awkward with people and this was his way of showing friendship. I was very fond of him!
    What beautiful beach views!x


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