Another birthday present!

Hello again! Yes, mine is the birthday that goes on and on, but goodness isn't this latest worth the wait? My family clubbed together to buy me this fabulous faux fur coat last month, and after a couple of false starts delaying things (the sizing is very generous, meaning I returned it twice and downsized from a 12 to a 6 eventually) here it is in all its glory! You can tell how excited I am about this, can't you?

The coat is from River Island and I'm a bit gutted to see that it's now been reduced to half price in the sale - see here. However, I can see that it's sold out in a 6 which does help. 

I dragged my son Jamie to the beach in between storms this weekend and elevated him to the role of Blog Photographer and wow, didn't he rise to the challenge? The sun shone and the wind continued to blow, but we made the most of things and I was thrilled to gad about in my new ensemble. 

I've been panicking that the coat wouldn't get an airing until the autumn, but this cold blast of wild weather was the perfect excuse to get out and about on Saturday afternoon. Not a soul was in sight as we dropped down onto Cradle Porth on the low tide. The blond sandbar was the perfect backdrop for this monochrome outfit. It's quite a change for me to opt for such a muted palette, but honestly the look still delivers the wow factor, don't you think?

The camo two piece was also from River Island (see here). The stretch fit makes for easy weekend wear, either for working out or lounging around at home. Oh, and the camo print is fabulous - I've got a thing about camo at the moment. The leggings are sold as bum sculpting with a high waistband and the fit is great, even on my ageing derriere!

A touch more glam comes by way of the Radley sunglasses and two pre-loved rings. 

My favourite boots of the moment are perfect for this monochrome play - they're from Asos and you can find them here

I'm in full "cat who got the cream" mode here. This is one of those outfits that I could wear day after day and still feel fabulous. What a joy!

                                                                                      Anna x



  1. What a gorgeous ensemble. The coat looks so cosy and just what I could do with in all these gales.
    Tessa x

    1. Thanks Tessa! I do plan to make the most of this cosy coat at the moment x

  2. What a fabulous coat and this whole look is amazing!

  3. You're an absolute BOSS in this coat, Anna! Gimme gimme! I love it!

  4. Anna, you look amazing.
    I’m in love with that coat, it’s a real statement; love, love, love it!
    Your whole outfit has the Wow factor!

    1. Cheers Phyl. It's a bit over the top for island life, but hey, why not? xxx

  5. Anna, you are an eye catcher at the beach - anytime ;-)
    I like the colors of your outfit...

    Hugs from Cologne, Peace for all of us! It is such a scary time...

    1. Thanks so much Susa. More than ever, I'm dressing to lift my spirits and those around me.

      Take care
      Anna xxx

  6. I want to stroke that coat!!! It looks so soft and huggable! Cute! Your styling under it is impeccable too- the camo looks really cool!x

    1. Awe, thank you so much! I must admit that I stroke it every time I open my wardrobe and would love to justify wearing it more often.


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