My pretty new Zara blouse

Hello again! How was your weekend? Mine seemed to go past in a bit of a blur of cooking, cleaning and yes, dejunking. The boxes are mounting up as I clear out cupboard after cupboard, moving out anything that's not useful, beautiful or loved by us. Even poor Steve was involved as I attacked his guilty area of workwear calling on him to help cull his large, but very tired, collection of checked shirts of which there seemed to be many. We're still in the midst of the job, barely half way through the entire house, but as they say, out of chaos comes order!

So, this is my new blouse, a birthday present from my friend Bo who lives in Portugal. It's from Zara, but I can't find it online here. The fabric is lightweight and will be wonderful to wear in the summer (I'm imagining it with white jeans and sandals), but I was so impatient to try it on then decided to winterise it with my pre-loved Ralph Lauren fairisle vest.

I teamed up the blouse with my ochre Kate trousers from J D Williams - see them here on sale now. I love the fit of these slim trousers mainly because of the stretch which makes them super comfy. This is the first time I've worn them despite having them for years - yes, I really mean years. It's only due to the big clear out that I rediscovered them, still with tags on, and decided to try them on. How fab is that to find a great new pair of trousers hidden away? And doubly fab when they match my new blouse perfectly!

My pre-loved perspex rings pick out some of the colours in today's outfit adding to the pattern play too. Dark green pearls and Quay Austalia sunglasses complete the accessories.

Russet platform boots give a bit more leg-lengthening height to the look which is never a bad thing. These are very old indeed and were from Office.

And just to add a bit more pattern to the mix, I wore my Joe Brown's woolen 3/4 length jacket. This one is out of stock now, but I did find another cute jacket - see here.  The lining is a wonderful bit of pattern play too!

It seems that here in the UK we'll all be hunkering down for the rest of the week as we have two gales lining up to give us a bit of a battering. I'd planned to get some outdoor photos taken on the beach at the weekend, but I'll maybe have to come up a plan B just in case. Do take care, wherever you are and thanks for dropping by!

                                                                            Anna x



  1. That is a really pretty blouse, and I had to look twice - yes, it's Zara! It does look vintage. Good for you for clearing out of your junk and unloved items, Anna! It feels good to let those things go!

    Love your outfit overall - how fun to find these gorgeous pants, tags still on!

    1. I'm finding the clear-out very liberating Sheila. Still lots to do, but every little corner of tidiness makes me smile.

      Glad you like the outfit - it feels vintage even though it's not x

  2. I adore your blouse Anna, I’d love to find it online in Zara, the colours are great.
    Yes, I can imagine it in Summer, bright, fresh and very vintage.
    Lovely to unearth your trousers, it’s always great to come across forgotten items and bring life to them! X

    1. Thanks Phyllis! I'm yearning for some spring like weather - the storms here have been relentless of late. It'll be great to bring out some lighter clothes soon...

  3. Your whole look is brilliant! I love the retro look yet so original and cool!!! Very much like those trousers!xx

    1. Cheers Kezzie! It was one of those outfits that just came together without too much thought x


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