I found a lump...

Three weeks ago I discovered a lump on my neck and straight away I shall tell you that it's all fine, nothing to worry about. However, I didn't know that at the time and am afraid that my initial reaction (probably a common one, I'd say) was to immediately worry it might be cancer. I was seen by two different doctors locally and they agreed that it needed to be investigated quickly, putting me on the two week cancer pathway. Those two weeks were the longest of my life. One of them I spent in isolation as we had Covid on the island and I needed to provide a negative test in order to see the consultant on the day. I passed a lot of the time researching lumps and swellings of the throat and thyroid, as one would, and became quite informed about goitres, cysts and cancers, of which the survival rates vary from 100% down to 20% depending on the types and aggressive nature of the tumour. 

My appointment finally came round on Thursday last week. Steve flew across to the mainland with me as support, hanging around while I was in the hospital for 3 hours having tests and waiting, waiting, waiting. The lump was diagnosed as a benign cyst on the left lobe of the thyroid and for the moment needs no treatment. Our little family see this as cause for celebration. We had braced ourselves for the worst and of course hoped for the best. The moral of the tale is - please check yourself out for lumps or bumps regularly. I somehow had failed to see this growth despite taking endless photos for my blog and editing them to showcase necklaces and necklines of outfits. I also apply neck cream every night and can feel this lump now whereas it wasn't so prominent until recently. 

Anyway, as you would expect in a small island community, the news travelled fast and on my return from hospital I was greeted with warmth and affection. I've been touched by the kindness and genuine concern of co-workers and islanders in a way that I didn't expect. Life is all the sweeter.

And so, on to yesterday's work outfit. The trouser suit is a gorgeous coral shade of corduroy by Adidas which I bought quite some time ago. I've paired it with a new pale aqua shirt from TK Maxx - it won't come as any surprise that on getting the good news, I insisted on celebrating in the only way I know, to go shopping! I'd found an unused gift card at home with £200 credit on it and this seemed like the perfect time to spend it!

The two colours together are very spring-like and just right for the spell of fine weather we're experiencing at the moment. I do love a trouser suit for work as it's such a sharp business look and yet in this colourway it's so very feminine too. I did get a few compliments along the way.

However, we also encountered a few photo-bombers while Rachel and I were trying to do our photo shoot early in the morning...

Why, you'd think we were actually standing on the main road trying to take photos in the middle of the morning rush hour!

Ah, see that bright shiny orb in the sky...

I brought out this ornate (pre-loved) handbag from River Island to go with my brocade boots just to add another dimension to the look. As ever it's always more is more with me!

My necklace, rings and leather belt are all charity shop finds and my sunglasses are from Radley London.

It's great to be back to work and open to the public again for another year. We're all looking forward to a busy 6 months here on Tresco, welcoming our guests back to the island and functioning more and more as we did in those pre-Covid19 times. Please do pop in to say hi if you're in the vicinity!

                                                                            Anna x



  1. I'm so sorry you had to go through that but I'm glad the lump is benign. You look fab in this look. Love your shoes and bag!

  2. Sorry to hear about the health scare, what a long 2 weeks that must have been. so glad it was good news in the end and that you found a £200 voucher to treat yourself with! I love the coral trouser suit and the photobomed photos hilarious! Maybe a traffic light system or Steve holding up a red flag or a placard 'photoshoot in progress? Have a good week. Tessa x

    1. So kind of you Tessa, thanks. I'm sure you'll be seeing this trouser suit in many permutations over the forthcoming months x

  3. Hi Anna,
    happy end for you! Two weeks can be sooooooo long!
    You are looking marvelious in your adidas suit. LOL about your foto bomber!

    Hugs from sunny and spring warm Cologne

    1. Cheers Susa. A sunny and warm spring day in Cologne sounds glorious x

  4. What a relief to read that the lump is benign. I totally get that these were the longest weeks of your life. I'm so glad you're OK and yes, cause of celebration indeed.
    Your coral cord suit is gorgeous and I'm swooning over those boots too! xxx

    1. Thanks so much for that Ann. Of all of my brocade boots, these are my favourites too x

  5. So glad you're doing okay Anna. Those boots are amazing,

  6. Hi Anna,
    I have to say that my heart missed a beat when I saw the title of today’s post.
    I can only imagine your utter relief to have your test results, a horrible few weeks indeed!
    Sorry you had to experience that.

    Love your outfit; those colours are beautiful together. Coral is an absolute favourite of mine.
    Boots are stunning. xxx

    1. It was a terribly worrying time Phyllis, but yes, a wonderful relief at the end of it all!

      Coral is one of those universally loved colours, don't you think?

      Best wishes to you x

  7. Oh my gosh, how freaking scary is that! I had a lump suddenly appear 15 years ago in my groin, which ended up being an femoral hernia - I had to have it operated on. I'm so glad this is benign, Anna. *HUG* I'm so happy you got some retail therapy to help after all that stress.

    You are looking fabulous in your cord suit - I LOVE that suit so much. I laughed at all the traffic. I really had not imagined that much.

    1. Lumps of any sort are such a worry, aren't they? (I need to read up on femoral hernia now...)

      Tresco's rush hour is quite impressive, eh?

      Lots of love
      Anna x

  8. Bonjour Anna,
    Quelle période stressante pour vous et votre famille. Heureusement, cette grosseur est bénigne. Quel soulagement !
    Compliments pour votre tenue colorée et pétillante !

  9. Oh what a worry for you and the family and I'm so pleased to hear things are okay. these things have a nasty way of springing up on us don't they.
    Keep checking my friend and I will do the same. Jacqui x

  10. So pleased that the lump is benign and thanks for sharing. It is important that we keep reminding each other to look after our health and investigate everything unusual...
    Hugs x


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