The last weekend...

What last weekend? you may be asking. Well, the last weekend before we re-open for another season. On Friday the island of Tresco will be welcoming visitors once again, so this was my last weekend before I have to start dressing as the Gallery Manager. 

It was a weekend spent batch cooking for the freezer and also a time for catching up on those admin jobs you never really feel are important enough to make it to the top of the list - namely, getting in touch with every single company who sends me unsolicited brochures and flyers. I hate to see all that paper going to waste so I finally spent an hour contacted each and every one to politely ask them to remove me from their mailing list. It gave me a lovely sense of achievement.

I barely think this warrants being called the outfit of the day as it was an at home day, but Fiona kindly agreed to take some photos of this most casual weekend wear. Bejewelled jeans may not be everyone's idea of casual, but hey that's what they are in my book. They're rather old now, but I fancy I bought them at TK Maxx many moons ago. 

The addition of a couple of (pre-loved) knuckle-duster rings did lend a bit of dressing up to the whole affair though.

And the blue animal print sweater is also old, again from TK Maxx. 

The pale pink floral trainers are by Replay, and yes, were another happy find in TK Maxx. 

The white soles are flecked with silver glitter, surely a great reason to buy them!

Every time I wear this fabulous vintage coat it reminds me of Sicily and the wonderful cruise Steve and I went on 6 years ago. If you're new to the blog you can hop back to see that post here. Ah, happy days!

I'm not sure when Steve and I will venture off for another big holiday like that again. This summer we'll be quite content bobbing off in our little motor boat to picnic on the Eastern Isles and swim on our favourite deserted beaches. 

                                                                                                  Anna x



  1. That will be strange, to have Tresco open again! We have been bare of tourists over here, but I think that will change soon, with Covid starting to ease last!

    I love your vintage coat, Anna! It's fantastic!

    1. It's good to hear that things are on the up for you too Sheila. Lovely to hear from you as always x

  2. Hi Anna,
    "oh happy times" I just explore your travel issues from long years ago! You always were a bella ragazza, do you?
    Some times Anna, some times the good times return. Wish us luck!

    Peace and love from sunny Cologne,

    1. I'm pleased you enjoyed the stroll down memory lane with me Susa, thanks.

      Wishing us all peace indeed x

  3. Good for you for taking the time to stop all that unwanted mail. That's definitely time consuming but better for our planet.
    I just love your style Anna, and this is right up my alley,

  4. I adore those jeans Anna, they are fabulous and look great paired with your top and cosy coat.
    Great pics of the island; very tranquil. X

    1. Thanks Phyllis. I'm always pleased when shopping my closet gets such lovely feedback x

  5. Super shots Anna, love the jeans. Have a fun week my friend. x Jacqui x

  6. oooh, those trainers are a bit special, aren't they! As are those beautiful Jeans. Embroidery always makes everything special!x


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