My outfit of the week

Hello again! How are you? I've been busy as ever this past week with some days spent out in the holiday cottages packing art and others back at my desk catching up on admin. This was an office outfit, a new houndstooth check suit, a recent purchase from Primark. The inverted pleat skirt and boxy jacket aren't lined but are a heavyweight fabric which is ideal for this time of year. 

I'm very partial to a suit as you probably know, and this green and black combination is zesty and fun. It's definitely a winter outfit as I won't be wearing it without thick tights due to the length of the skirt. I sounded Steve out at the time of purchase to see if it was okay and it got his approval. 

It's easy to be a bit dismissive of high street fashion, but if you curate the look with some individual accessories you can personalise it to speak your own style. By adding this double buckle and stud trimmed belt the focal point moves, drawing the eye to the waistline. From there the eye travels to my green orb pendant by Vivienne Westwood. My rings are old, preloved and perfect finishing features for the look.

The final flourish has to be these black stretch ankle boots with contrasting green soles. The chunky soles are bang on trend and work to balance the outfit avoiding a top heavy look. I found these in TK Maxx. 

My old black Radley sunglasses finish things off nicely!

This outfit will work equally well when we re-open in March and I'll still be wearing tights for warmth. I can swap out the white body for a black roll neck on colder days and also have a lime green tank to slip on for a different take. 

I've had two trips to the mainland in October, each enabling me to have a few hours of lovely retail therapy. I had time to visit some of my favourite charity shops as well as some high street stores. The spread above is a joyful collection gathered with winter in mind to give my wardrobe a huge injection of colour. The happiest find of all had to be a pink trouser suit, the holy grail of shopping for me. You may have heard me talk of the fruitless search for my perfect pink two piece a couple of years ago and suddenly, out of the blue, I found it! A special suit deserves a special occasion, so it'll turn up at some stage, don't worry.

                                                                                                     Anna x



  1. Quelle allure élégante mais pétillante.
    Vive la colorthérapie !
    Et vos achats nous promettent encore de belles tenues !
    Merci, Anna.

  2. Oh, gosh, I love that suit, Anna! It looks amazing with the black shoes - my eyes went right to them. I can only do minis with opaque tights now too - they feel too short otherwise.

    Can't wait to see the Perfect Pink Suit! Reaching Apex Suit is always a goal, right?

    1. Short is such a personal thing isn't it? This only works for me because of the opaque tights. And yes, the pink suit is heaven... xx

  3. Lovely suit and you rock it!, totally fab outfit completed with those shoes!, chunky soles shoes are really cool and make a difference! so stylish!
    Glad you found that elusive pink suit!, I think that hot pink is a fabulous colour and looking forward to see you wearing it!
    (sorry I've not commented so much these days, but I keep reading your posts and enjoying your fab style!)

    1. Hello lovely - so good to hear from you again! We're all so busy aren't we?
      Glad you like the outfit - the boots really make it work don't they x

  4. Oh my goodness, that suit is fab Anna. Love the shoes too. Very stylish. xx

  5. Wow, what a fancy suit, and the boots compliment it beautifully. Jacqui x


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