Winter layering

Hello again! It's been so good to have a week off work, but here I am back in the groove. I managed to find a happy compromise with my time off, catching up on a few chores (even spring cleaning two cupboards) and doing some batch cooking for the freezer, but also having some lovely swims, watching a few movies, read a book and had the odd daytime nap. It's been great!

Today's outfit is all about winter layering, the perfect answer to indoors heat and outdoors cold. My dress is a charity shop purchase from last month when I was on the mainland. It cost me all of £4.95! I love the pattern, the colours and the retro vibe too. The v cutout and neck band lift it out of the ordinary, don't you think? I popped a long sleeved thermal underneath to give an extra bit of warmth to this cotton dress.

Next I added this fur gilet, not new, but still a fab bit of glamour plus warmth when you need an extra layer. The waistcoat was from TK Maxx a few years ago and comes out every winter.

My boots aren't new either, but were from ASOS a few years ago. I love how I've created a brand new look without breaking the bank.

Nothing new with my rings or sunglasses either. 

Last of all is this oxblood leather coat, another charity shop bargain from years ago - it was £20 from Oxfam and worth every penny of it. I love how windproof leather is and how it copes with rain without marking. Once the temperature drops a bit further I'll add a scarf and some leather gloves to make this entirely chill proof.

Can you believe that in a month's time we'll all be in the run up to Christmas? Is it just me, or are the months simply speeding by? I've bought one Christmas present so far and a couple of packs of cards so maybe I need to start getting my act together!

I'll be back on Monday with another of our Monthly Style Challenges. Please do swing by to see what we're up to!

                                                                                           Anna x



  1. Love your layering. The dress is beautiful.

  2. I was intrigued by the dress (love that neckline) but when you put the vest/gillet on, I went "WOW" at my screen, Anna! The faux fur really brings the dress to life, and my eyes went straight to your fabulous boots. The leather coat is perfect - I also love how weather-proof it is in the "shoulder seasons". Have a great weekend!

    1. You can't go wrong with a full length leather coat can you Sheila? I know it's a favourite of yours too x

  3. The gilet is beautiful! I used to have a handbag in similar material and colours! The dress is really pretty and different! The whole combination is marvellous!x

    1. So kind of you to swing by again Kezzie. Thanks for the comment x


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