Workwear for this week

Hi there! Another week, another work outfit. Yes, I'm still working on my big art project, that of renovating all of the individual art collections held within almost 40 holiday cottages on Tresco. Today's photos are from the patio outside Maiden Bower which sits on the banks of Farm Beach. My new assistant Mel was keen for me to showcase my tool kit too. I laughed when she called me #bosswoman!

I've worked on over 30 cottages so far, removing old faded prints and replacing them with lovely original pieces of art, befitting of these luxury cottages, many of which have had new soft furnishings and fabrics added recently. These will all be shown on the Tresco website in due course. The challenge for me is to not only find the right paintings but also to hang them in the right spot. Navigating wonky old ceilings and heavy beams adds to the challenge of getting them to look right and of course, hang straight! My trusty spirit level has become a good ally and duly given a name - Betty. Where's Betty? is my constant cry in Mel's direction as I stand clutching the frame of a large painting as I try to find the sweet spot. 

And so on to the outfit of the day. Steve bought me this Love co-ord for my birthday. I'd seen this worn on Gogglebox (one of my favourite programmes) and had mentioned this to Sasha. Before I knew it, she'd tracked it down on Vinted. I've managed to do the same - if you'd like to buy it then there's one right here. The brand is Never Fully Dressed and they seem to make lots of outfits along the lines of Love. Cute, eh?

My boots are new, purchased from Vinted too. The brand is Zara and they were brand new with the labels on for £20. Terrific value for a pair of leather boots. I love the shape and the big chunky sole. Steve informs me that these are in fact farmers boots and that you'll see them on many a tractor across the land. Always ready with a compliment is my dear hubby!

The island is open for business now and the Gallery opens on Tuesday the 7th. I've called in lots of favours to cover the first week of opening while I continue with the cottage art. Hopefully I'll be back at the helm soon and in due course you'll be able to see the fruits of my labours when the photos go live on the website.

Many thanks for dropping by!

Anna x



  1. I love seeing the "real" Anna with her toolbox! I'm the same at my job - I have my own tools! I even have a hazmat suit for messy stuff when I don't want to get dirt on my clothes.

    I had a hard time figuring out what the pattern was on this outfit - good thing you posted the link. Wow, Zara makes leather shoes? That surprises me!

    1. Okay, I have to ask, what's a hazmat suit? Will have to Google that... x

  2. Hi Anna,
    good luck for the saison start! You are looking stylish as always 👍

    1. How quickly I've dropped back into the Gallery groove again - this seems like months ago! x

  3. Very unusual suit Anna; I like it..looks comfortable and stylish. xx

  4. Anna, I love your style!!!! And the island is beautiful, two things I just adore fashion anywhere by the beautiful water it's my calm place.

  5. Nice relaxed work wear Anna, I love those gorgeous boots too. Have a super week. Jacqui x


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