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Hi there! How are you doing? Did you watch much of the TV coverage of the Coronation this weekend? I did. I watched the entire thing on Saturday and then enjoyed the concert this morning as I was doing some hand sewing. It's been a really uplifting time; makes me proud to be British. 

So, this was my most loved outfit of the week at work last week. I received so many lovely compliments on this trouser suit. Hurrah for the Iris Apfel and H&M collaboration of a year ago! This is probably only about my 6th time of wearing the (almost famous) Pea Pod Trouser Suit, but every time I do, I try to mix things up so that the accessories are different giving it a fresh look. This time I've popped on my Frida Kahlo tee shirt which has the same aqua colour as the suit and looked pretty fab, I must admit. The other addition are my new boots from MOMO in New York, recently bought on Vinted. They were brand new, with the labels on, and I saved $200 buying them second hand - result!

The tiny patch of aqua on the toe of the left boot was all it took for me to know that these would be a dream pairing, well that plus the ornate design and little pearls too. I'm thrilled to have these in my shoe collection. They are made from old sari's which appeals to me for its recycling.

The pearl belt is my go-to piece to wear with the suit, simply to match the pearl pea pods. I found it on Amazon and think it was a great buy. I've layered up necklaces, three this time, along with bangles and rings in turquoise and aqua. You'll probably recognise my old favourite sunglasses by Quay Australia too.

On the home front, I've spent most of the Bank Holiday weekend sewing. I'm all a bit OCD about this latest hobby of mine. I've nearly completed my second linen dress, this time in aqua, but am being held up waiting for interfacing to finish the neckline. It's all very frustrating as I know how easy it would be to find this in a shop on the high street if I lived on the mainland, but hey ho, such is island life! In the meantime, I'm finding lots of alterations I can do now which is quite exciting. I'm not sure if the word alteration is a bit grand as sometimes these are more along the lines of a botch job, but mostly they're wearable which is all that matters.

My lovely husband coined a great phrase about me recently, saying I was born audition ready as I appeared in yet another over-the-top work outfit. I love his total acceptance of my need for all that's glitz and glamour. I recounted this to a friend who visited me at work the other day when she said I looked as if I was about to go on stage! The gallery surely acts as my everyday stage, hahaha.

Thanks for swinging by and I do hope you have a great week ahead!

Anna x



  1. All the world's a stage (as Shakespeare said), and these are our costumes! "Audtion-ready" is a great way to put it, kudos to Steve.

    I ADORE this suit, Anna - I covet and wish I could find one over here, but I don't think the Iris Apfel collection made it to Canada's H&Ms. I'd jump at finding that in a second-hand store, that's for sure!

    I love the colourful tee and matchy boots (those are spectacular!). How lovely that they are made from old saris, surely the most beautiful fabrics in the world.

    Hope your spring is going well, my friend!

    1. I think it was only in USA H&M that this collection was launched Sheila. I still see them on Vinted UK though...

      Spring is fitful weather-wise and we're all fed up of the fog and drizzle. Hope it's better with you xx

  2. I would love the peapod suit for real. Tessa x

    1. As I've just said to Sheila there are still the odd one or two turning up on Vinted...

  3. Your suit is utterly fabulous Anna. I love the T-shirt and colourful boots. Perfectly styled.

  4. Haha, I think I am performing to an audience every day too (and I my kids!!!! They often comment that I wear such interesting outfits compared to all the other adults and one mum told me that one of the boys in year 1 used to come home telling her what I'd worn and speculating over what I'd wear next time and my outfits are not as sensational as yours- they would go crazy for you!!!!) I love the PEAPODS! x

    1. Thanks so much for this Kezzie. I too have admirers of my outfits and it's so lovely to have such positive feedback in our everyday lives isn't it? The peapods are rather fab x


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