Dressing up in December

Regardless of the month I'm always prone to a bit of dressing up, so December is no different I suppose. Fur coats are my coat of choice this month and this one, full length and luxurious, is my favourite. It's been hanging behind my bedroom door for weeks waiting for the opportunity to come out to play. Last weekend we had a glorious dry day (for a change) and by the time I had found my photo spot the sun came blasting down too. It was a scorching day for this time of year and an absolute bonus too.

The cream and mocca cow print coat was from River Island, bought by the family for my birthday almost a year ago. I'm not a huge fan of winter, but the upside is to get the chance to wear this fabulous coat again. 

I've opted for a neutral palette for the overall look which is very different for me isn't it? But this kind of neutral works thanks to the glamorous combination of fur and lace. I've shopped my closet for the whole look: lace body and trousers from Zara and boots from Asos.

Nothing new with my jewellery either. The rings are both charity shopped, necklace from Primark and sunglasses are by Quay Australia.

The pleather paperbag trousers are a lovely easy to wear fit thanks to the elasticated waistband. Pockets too make for an ultra casual look.

So, how has your weekend been? I've been busy at home mostly with cooking for the freezer. At this time of year I like to catch up on batch cooking so that I have meals ready to microwave at the end of the working day. Lighting the fire as I come home from work and having a homemade meal ready for Steve makes me feel that I'm making his day more comfortable. I've had a couple of sea swims too, which were good but challenging too due to the recent drop in air temperature. The sea doesn't seem to change much from day to day, but we had a cool Easterly wind blowing on Saturday morning which did make for brisk dressing when I got out of the water. Tomorrow's plan is for another morning swim and then to catch up on some housework and hopefully to get some online Christmas shopping done. Wish me luck!

                                                                                           Anna x



  1. I am looking forward to some seasonal sparkly dressing soon too! I love this amazing coat (is it real leather/cow??) and admire the neutral-based outfit you paired with it, Anna. I also do a lot of big-batch cooking this time of year, which stood us in good stead when we both had Covid the past 2 weeks. We ate everything in the freezer! I have barely been able to move, so my exercise has dropped way off - I'm looking forward to my walks again soon.

    1. Oh Sheila, poor you! I bet it'll take you a while to get back to full strength. Do take care and give yourself some leeway for the next little while x

  2. I really need to do some batch cooking! We've been awful at cooking this week- both of us were so tired! Last night we had tinned soup and noodles and tonight, take away!
    This is SUCH a chic outfit and that cow is soooooooo nice!!!!x

    1. Batch cooking really does come into its own sometimes. Check out my cow print boots in my latest post x


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