Sunshine and showers

Hello again! Today I'm trying to find a plus with the British weather and that can only be the excuse to buy a new weatherproof jacket and wellington boots. The orange jacket is by Barbour and cost me £40 (brand new from Vinted) as were the Joules wellies. 

My ongoing wardrobe clear-out has extended to the downstairs coat cupboard now where I'm dejunking like a frenzied idiot, getting rid of coats that I've had for years despite never wearing them. In their place I'm replenishing my coat collection with all sorts of lovely (and mostly orange) coats and jackets. I'm suddenly aware that my next milestone birthday will see me becoming 70 and am trying to buy coats that will be useful to me at that time of life. Mostly, I'm slightly worried that I'll be an true OAP by then and may not be able to afford a good winter coat or two.

My friend Fiona and I hooked up for a lunchtime walk yesterday, timing it perfectly between the showers. It was still a good chance to test drive my boots as we hopped around the large puddles that have grown to almost mini-lake size after this dreadfully wet winter. The jacket was on its first outing too and proved to be light and yet fully windproof too. Steve has a few, very old, Barbour jackets and all of them are very heavy, never mind terribly dull in that boring old greenish brown colour.

This look is great compromise of style and functionality. The jeans are new too (from Vinted) and are by Twiggy for M&S. The fit is great as they have a bit of stretch in them, perfect for our yomp around the island. The white top is old as are the sunglasses.

The wellie boots are so cute, don't you think? I couldn't help but show them alongside our local daffodils. Spring is truly here!

My Zara necklace was a birthday gift last year and the rings are pre-loved and also very old. Easter has come and gone and the island is full of happy families enjoying island life despite the changeable weather. Personally I'm fed up with the rain and am very keen to do my clothes changeover, but can't justify it yet. In the meantime, my love affair with Vinted continues as I find temptation only a click away. My other passion currently is sewing and I hope to post some images for you to see next time. I've upcycled a pair of pink corduroy jeans and am working on a beautiful summer duster coat that's too big and is proving a battle to alter. That said, I do so enjoy the challenge of how to approach these items to make them fit. 

Thanks for joining me and Happy Easter!

Anna x


Another week, another trouser suit

Hello, how are you? Did you watch Eurovision? I'm afraid I opted out this year as I didn't think we could possibly repeat last year's success. Instead I went to bed for an early night with my book. I've just read The Lovely Bones for the second time and was so pleased that I had forgotten most of it, apart from the perfect murder weapon. I'll put it back onto my book shelf now that I know I can reread and enjoy it again.

This week's favourite outfit was yet another trouser suit and this one is from Boohoo, but I bought it from Vinted last year. I'm a huge fan of the trouser suit as you know - the brighter the better - and what could be better than grabbing a bargain for a brand new buy? I paid half the list price for the still-with-tags-on purchase which gives me a real rush of pleasure. I added my Orla Keily handbag to compliment the psychedelic print to good effect, don't you think?

The white ribbed vest was new last year from H&M and the white patent boots are from Deichman. Orange and white make such a fresh look and one that you can bet I'll be wearing often this summer. Weather-wise we're still waiting for summer, but at least we're getting the odd sunny day which does give a sense of hope. 

I've made a couple of adjustments to the trousers by way of taking up the hems and also sewing down the front pleats to give a smoother front, but seeing them here I think I probably could do with taking a little more off the length otherwise they'll get dirty and scuffed over time. Get me eh! Talking as if I know my way around a sewing machine now.

I went with my gold coloured chain belt and necklace (both old from Primark) along with orange resin rings (pre-loved) and my John Lennon type sunglasses (old from River Island), to complete the outfit. Feedback was good again this week with lots of flattering compliments from customers.

Apologies to those of you who are waiting to see my finished orange dress, but I still need to make adjustments to it. I've discovered that the length of the bodice is too long which means I have a lot of unpicking and resewing to do. It also means that the second version of the same dress in aqua will have to be redone too. I'm on a steep learning curve at the moment, but I suppose that's the whole point. So, sit tight and I promise I'll showcase it as soon as I'm finished.

I've been to the dentist this week as well as the hairdresser, but not much more than that to report. Somehow I managed to be two hours late for my hair appointment, but luckily I was still fitted in! I written the wrong time down in my phone, so I suppose that's more a senior moment than anything else...

Thanks for dropping by. Please leave me a comment if you can as it's lovely to have your thoughts and feedback.

Have a super week!

Anna x


January Blues, our Style Not Age Challenge

Hello lovelies and welcome to January Blues, our Style Not Age challenge. The third Monday in January has the ominous title of Blue Monday, publicised as being the most depressing day of the year which fell on the 16th this year. My daughter's birthday is the 15th, a fact that I'm to blame for, of course. Now that she's in her 30's she takes the matter in hand, planning things well in advance so that hers isn't a blue birthday. This year she is touring the South Island of New Zealand and is having the best month ever; she spent her birthday out on a boat whale watching eclipsed only by swimming with dolphins the following day. Paragliding, skydiving, sunrise hiking and daily sea swims are all keeping the adrenaline rush going.  No January Blues for her!

Gail from Is This Mutton has shopped her closet for this very fresh spring coloured outfit. The aqua scarf and jeggings are a perfect match, worn with a lemon top and white jacket both from Kettlewell. Her great style tip is to check out the children's shoe section which is what she did for these fab gold boots from Boden.

Emma from Style Splash has given herself a lift in the January sales, finding all sorts of lovely bargains at M&S. This blue teddy coat was reduced to £41, the jumper £15 and her fab pale blue trousers only £9! Catch up with Emma over on her blog now.

Hilda chose this month's theme and is showcasing this classic wrap dress from L K Bennett, a recent purchase from a nearby Village Outlet. You really can't go wrong with a wrap dress, can you, for that flattering feminine fit. M&S suede boots in tan work well with her designer handbag and her Mango hat is sleek and stylish. See more on her blog Over The Hilda.

Jacqui is sporting a fab jacquard jacket with blue jeans and cream boots for a stylish everyday look. Beads and cute belt along with her pretty padded bag show how good accessories finish of an ensemble to lift it out of the ordinary. See more from her on Mummabstylish

My outfit is based around a waterproof jacket and matching blue jeans that I found in a charity shop in Penzance when I was there in December. The two items came to £16 which felt like a great bargain. The jacket has a padded lining and a very snug hood that actually stays up without being held in place as so many hoods need. 

Zip and popper fastening and side opening pockets to keep hands cosy all make for a brilliant and practical coat for wet days. Sometimes island life calls for practicality before fashion, but this seems to encapsulate both, don't you think?

My sweater isn't new, but was from TK Maxx some years ago as are my rather fab snakeskin boots which were from Office a long time ago. 

I don't have a lot of blue in my wardrobe, but the addition of this new (to me) jacket is a welcome change. The pace of life is already changing here as we start to prepare for the island opening again on the 1st of March. How quickly our winters seem to whizz past us! 

                                                                            Anna x


This is 65!

Hello and welcome to my birthday post! Yesterday I turned 65, a proper grown up birthday it seems (although not yet an OAP), but it feels like a fairly significant number. To age is indeed a privilege and I for one am very grateful to reach this particular milestone. 

If you're a regular here then you'll know I've been laid low over the past couple of months with virus after virus, a chest infection too followed by strep throat, so today's post feels like another kind of milestone as I was up and dressed (to the nines) for a birthday trip with my dear husband. He drove me to this fabulous vantage point on Tresco aka King Charles Castle so that we could enjoy the beautiful sunny day. He packed a picnic, found a blanket and off we went for a jolly outing. When I had appeared in this psychedelic trouser suit his response was 'Wow!' quickly followed by, 'But will you be warm enough?' Moments later I returned with this cosy extra layer, which was very much needed as we sat on the very top of the island. Gone are the days when he questioned if my choice of outfit was appropriate, thank goodness.

My ensemble comprises of this pink, peach, orange and white psychedelic trouser suit (reduced now on ASOS), bought for my birthday by my son, worn with a white top (charity shopped) and white patent boots which Steve gave me for my Christmas. My orange fun fur was a TK Maxx buy from a couple of years ago. 

This 60's look resonates with my younger self who, on the cusp of her teens, became aware of the fashion of the day, finding it a source of joy and excitement and very much a place where I felt I could express my fledgling self. Mini skirts, midriff tops, bell bottoms, knee high patent boots, shaggy fur coats and suede fringed waistcoats were all I longed for. Pans People on Top of the Pops wore psychedelic hot pants, doe-eyed Twiggy was my first girl crush and my bedroom walls were covered in posters of Marc Bolan, David Bowie and David Cassidy. My Jackie-reading prepubescent self ached to be grown up, to shop at Bus Stop and Biba, be part of this rollercoaster ride of pop music, Woodstock and Beatlemania. Oh what memories!

And now this trouser suit encapsulates all that I'd hope to be at 65. The older I become the more comfortable I feel in my skin. I don't have to rely on anyone to tell me I look okay. If anything, I feel a rising sense of urgency that I may not have enough time to try out everything I still want to play with. Working full time and salting away money into my pension pot is important, but I don't want to miss any fashion opportunities along the way. I'm not driven to spend lots of money on designer clothes as I may have done in the past, but to simply enjoy personalising choice items that I come across. The Sewing Bee has been a lovely distraction recently during my time at home, and also a wonderful source of inspiration. I feel a sewing urge coming on and am about to set my sewing machine up in the spare room to make it more accessible.

I've had to make a few adjustments to the trouser suit which I'm pleased with. I've taken four inches off the trousers, lined the jacket, taken a couple of inches off the sleeves and most scary of all, I made three button holes as the jacket came with four randomly placed buttons but no button holes. Just this little bit of sewing has been so enjoyable that I'm keen to get back to it again. A summer linen dress is on my wish list and I have the pattern, but no fabric as yet...

So, back to the outfit. My gilt 60's belt was a Primark find last year, the gilt necklace a Christmas present and the resin rings are both pre-loved. My retro sunglasses were from River Island many moons ago.

And here's my white patent boots (on sale here at Deichman). 

This laid back birthday celebration couldn't have been more perfect. Later in the day I opened cards and gifts from family and friends as well as receiving three lovely bouquets of flowers. I felt very spoiled. I'll leave you with the view from our picnic spot. What a beautiful day it was!

From here, Steve and I watched a large shipping container in the distance as it rounded the islands gradually changing course to head North to Ireland or beyond. Its journey along the horizon was slow and steady, transporting containers of goodness knows what from one part of the world to another. We observed its passage, musing over the days when we had sailed to other countries by cruise ship, reminiscing about ports visited and sights seen. Happy times! 

                                                                                 Anna x


Lucy & Yak dungarees

Hello again, my lovely readers! It may seem hard to believe, but this was Tresco on the 2nd of January. It was very much a case of 'seize the day' for me, a great opportunity to showcase these fab Lucy & Yak dungarees which my daughter bought for my Christmas. I'll be honest with you and confess that this is a new brand for me despite their dungarees being around for the past five years. 

Sasha knows me so very well - I totally love these cheery all-in-ones! I was delighted to get the chance to wear them during the sunny weather when I'd been ready to pack them away for the summer time. I took a leisurely walk along to the quay and managed to capture these shots without any interruptions.

The bright orange roll neck was a recent purchase from Vinted (£5) and the rings are - yellow pre-loved and pink, a gift from a friend. Pink, yellow and orange make for the most joyful of outfits!

The white patent leather boots (TK Maxx) are old, but work so well with this, don't you think? I added my lovely, but old, River Island sunglasses. It's a fab weekend look that is both fun and easy to wear.

It was an absolute bonus to have this glorious outfit to wear on such a super day. The sea was flat calm, the sun was warm and it really was a wonderful start to 2023! Thanks so much for dropping by and I hope to see you again soon.

                                                                                             Anna x


Winter layering

Hello again! It's been so good to have a week off work, but here I am back in the groove. I managed to find a happy compromise with my time off, catching up on a few chores (even spring cleaning two cupboards) and doing some batch cooking for the freezer, but also having some lovely swims, watching a few movies, read a book and had the odd daytime nap. It's been great!

Today's outfit is all about winter layering, the perfect answer to indoors heat and outdoors cold. My dress is a charity shop purchase from last month when I was on the mainland. It cost me all of £4.95! I love the pattern, the colours and the retro vibe too. The v cutout and neck band lift it out of the ordinary, don't you think? I popped a long sleeved thermal underneath to give an extra bit of warmth to this cotton dress.

Next I added this fur gilet, not new, but still a fab bit of glamour plus warmth when you need an extra layer. The waistcoat was from TK Maxx a few years ago and comes out every winter.

My boots aren't new either, but were from ASOS a few years ago. I love how I've created a brand new look without breaking the bank.

Nothing new with my rings or sunglasses either. 

Last of all is this oxblood leather coat, another charity shop bargain from years ago - it was £20 from Oxfam and worth every penny of it. I love how windproof leather is and how it copes with rain without marking. Once the temperature drops a bit further I'll add a scarf and some leather gloves to make this entirely chill proof.

Can you believe that in a month's time we'll all be in the run up to Christmas? Is it just me, or are the months simply speeding by? I've bought one Christmas present so far and a couple of packs of cards so maybe I need to start getting my act together!

I'll be back on Monday with another of our Monthly Style Challenges. Please do swing by to see what we're up to!

                                                                                           Anna x


September colour

Did you watch it? I was one of the 20 million viewers who watched the TV coverage of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday, Monday 19th September 2022. The majestic farewell was more spectacular than anyone could have imagined and one that we shall never forget; what a memorable end to the most wonderful life. The day encapsulated love and loss in equal measure, leaving me feel as if I'd been there myself. My heart goes out to the Royal Family as they begin to make their way forward without their matriarch.

And so, on to the outfit of the day. This colourful ensemble was a work outfit, but I failed to capture it at the time and so did a re-run on Sunday. The eagle-eyed amongst you will see that some photos show me with necklace and matching bracelet and others not. I had great fun (not really) chasing the sun and had given up cloud dodging at one point and gone home, removing some of my jewellery only to have another burst of sunshine appear.

And yes, this look is indeed all about the joy of colour being orange and pink mainly. Nothing new here though. The flares are from Asos, cardigan from Primark, vest top from H&M and jewellery is all pre-loved. As ever, I'm holding on to summer for as long as I can and what better way to convey this than will these candy colours?

The cream boots were from Asos last year and have never been packed away. I love the platform for adding height - just perfect for these long loon pants.

At least I'm giving you lots of different views as I chased the sun. My tripod and timer served me well as I hopped from place to place trying to get a few decent shots. 

Another glorious backdrop as we look across Saffron Bay and through New Grimsby sound and on to Cromwell's Castle in the distance. It wasn't too much of a hardship to be out and about early on Sunday morning. Once I'd gathered my photos together I went off for a swim on the high tide and it was probably one of the warmest and most enjoyable swims of the year so far. The sea was calm, not a jellyfish in sight and no-one on the beach at all. Idyllic!

My 70's look is completed by these round sunglasses (ancient, from River Island) and the perspex rings. It's fun to relive the fashion of my teens even though that was 50 years ago - yikes! I'll finish off with a few more local shots of Tresco looking rather stunning in the early autumn sunshine.

And this was tonight's sunset as seen from my garden. 

Anna x

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