July jackets, the monthly style challenge

Hello again! Yes, it's time for our monthly Style Not Age challenge. This month Jacqui came up with the idea of Jackets for July, but that was before our heatwave of course! Things have cooled down a bit now, and I for one am not sorry about that. So, on to the challenge - let's see what Jacqui and the others came up with this time, shall we?

Jacqui has chosen a white linen jacket for today's feature; a classic summertime look. Wide legged trousers and a chiffon top complete the outfit. See all the details on Mummabstylish.

Emma's showing off her wild side today with lots of animal print. Her coral blazer is far from conservative too with colourful trim and funky buttons. See more on the Style Splash

Gail's suede bomber jacket ticks all my boxes for chic style and what a fabulous pairing with the citrus bright top too! Catch up with her on blog Is this Mutton

Here's another gorgeous jacket that wouldn't go amiss in my wardrobe! Hilda found this blazer in a local boutique - see the back story on Over The Hilda

I've had this bright green jeans jacket (from Benetton) for years now and still love it. The cotton has a touch of stretch to it which is nice too. When Jacqui proposed this challenge I almost went for a blazer as I have this silk one that's not made it out of my closet yet. Hopefully you'll get a chance to see it before the summer is over.

The Tresco Island tee shirt was gifted to me and is available at the Lucy-Tania shop on island. The design of the Gaia Statue (located in the Tresco Abbey Garden) is by Emily Parsons, a local artist who also works on the Reservations team at Tresco Island Office. My blue sea glass necklace was bought at Gallery Tresco from Drift Jewellery.

I'd popped out before 7am to take these shots before work. The view down through Tresco Channel shows just a fraction of the yachts that are moored up around the islands at this time of year. The ramparts of King Charles Castle are a great setting for a photo shoot with 360 degree views. 

I had to laugh as even at this early hour I could see a runner appear across the headland towards me! There's no such thing as escape is there?

The rest of the outfit is made up of white crops (Next, pre-loved), trainers by Zara and Quay Australia. Glimpses of charity shop rings seen too.

I hope you're enjoying your summer and are keeping safe now that the government restrictions are lift or being lifted depending on where in the UK you live. I'm pleased to report that our clients are acting responsibly, still wearing masks and behaving with care towards others. It's a great relief.

And on that positive note I shall leave you. Take care and I hope you manage to get some picnic time/fun time/barbecue time this week!

                                                                                         Anna x


International Women's Day

Yes, today is International Women's Day. I applaud every women who is marching, protesting, promoting, supporting, educating, influencing, empowering and attending an event to celebrate this important day. I also want to say to every single woman, that being a part of this huge sisterhood is a celebration in itself. If you can't take part in a large gathering today, then perhaps like me, you can visit the website here to learn more and find out about everything that's going on globally to mark the occasion and also to find out what you can do to forge a change for the better. If you're posting on instagram today then please add the hashtag #BeBoldForChange.

Some of you may recognise the beach and castle behind me from a previous post. It's Blockhouse Castle and the lovely sweep of beach below is one of my favourite bays to have my morning swim. I'm here on the low tide to showcase my pattern play outfit, and will cross the bay to show you more.

I've featured this jacket a couple of times before and I thought I'd use the colour to start a new story of autumn colours. The jacket is was in the Benetton sale a couple of years ago and is a lovely weighty woollen fabric that holds its shape beautifully. The wide legged trousers are from H&M, again not from the current season, but a bargain in their winter sale for £5. They're made from viscose and have a lovely drape to them, but best of all have pockets. And this beautiful gold and floral leather handbag is on loan from my daughter, although I may have forgotten to tell her that.

I'm wearing an old faithful too, in the shape of this fairisle cardigan (H&M) along with a ruffle blouse that I found in a charity shop. The nutmeg boots (from Office last year) are making another appearance this week, but that's because they seem to work with so many pieces in my winter wardrobe. I've added some matching rings and my string of genuine green pearls as well as my favourite sunglasses by Quay Australia.

In my last post (see here), I portrayed the highly dressed up, elegant version of myself which always has me holding back a giggle as that's not the real me. Today, sitting on this rock I felt an urge to be a tad more boisterous and this playful notion is just brewing here...

Hooray for International Women's Day!

There! I just had to get that out of my system.

These little chaps weren't in the least bit perturbed by my antics.

As I said, this is one of my favourite beaches for an early morning swim. The tide is high, the sun just coming up and I've had a swim across the bay and back before I head off to work.

Anna x


Sunglasses alert

Yep, today you may well need to don your sunglasses or maybe turn down the brightness control thanks to these bold and sassy colours! Not one to do anything by halves I've pulled together two of my favourites, green and orange, along with other colourful delights and florals too just to give you your money's worth. The dress is a star as far as I'm concerned, a joyful discovery in Sainsbury's when I was last in Truro. I'm a bit of a fan of their Tu range on the quiet. I chose this because the pattern has a vintage feel and is also a beautiful silky viscose which hangs like a dream. The cut is so flattering too and best of all (let's say it together now) - yes, it's got pockets!

Today's photo-bomber is one of the locals. Adam is the new Harbour master and his cheeky little friend is called Chip.

Apologies you to all for the lack of photos from my Bloggers Meet Up the other day. Kezzie and her mother Ros had a fab day on the island and we covered quite a lot of ground too. I'm just waiting for Kezzie to get back to me with some info and then I can hopefully do a good job to the feature soon. On Tuesday we will be opening our 5th summer exhibition which will mean Wednesday's post will showcase my outfit of the evening. And coming up very soon after that on the 20th is the next edition of #Ping Pong Post. So, you can see it's a bit of a busy month bloggingwise never mind working full time, daily sea swimming and also trying to capture some summer memories with the family before autumn arrives. My weekly yoga session has fallen by the wayside due to work commitments so in one way, I'll not be too sorry to get into quieter times to get back on track with my wonderful yoga teacher and classmates again.

My outfit comprises of the Sainsbury dress from the Tu range (all sold out now), jacket is from Benetton (also sold out), sandals are from TK Maxx (these are nice), handbag was charity shopped, necklace is old, belt, brooch and rings are all charity shopped, sunglasses are Quay Australia, and my rose gold watch is by Michael Kors

This week I'll be linking with these lovely bloggers
Cherie of Style Nudge 

Anna x


As suggested by ...Julie

Once again it's time for a reader of the day to steer my outfit choice. A very kindly worded email from Julie has prompted me to bring out this 70's psychedelic blouse again after she saw it some time ago see here and thought it could do with another outing. This was a great suggestion allowing me to go all out with my favourite of all games - yes, pattern play. The blouse and trousers (or shirt and pants if you're across the way) are maybe a bit bright for some, but spell out fun in my book.

The recycled paintbrush necklace is by Zincwhite. Fab isn't it?

Thank you Julie for this recommendation which has given rise to such a jolly summer outfit. It's great to have a hand with the daily decision making and if you have a favourite piece you'd like to see again I'd love to hear from you. Please do contact me either in the comments below or by email through the contacts box in the sidebar or here through my Instagram account. I love having your input, your feedback or suggestions and even questions are all very welcome.

Blouse is by The Old Welle via charity shop, the trousers (no label), shoes are from Topshop and the bag is a Candybag. The jeans jacket is from Benetton (no longer available), necklace Zincwhite designs, sunglasses are by Quay Australia and rings are charity shopped.

Anna x

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