Joy is a jumpsuit

I hope that you've got the measure of me by now. I love my clothes, I gush, I enthuse, and I'd like to think that's why you keep coming back for more. Today's offering was from last week when the sun still was like me, making an effort to impress. The big sky during my lunch break was an amazing sight. See it at the end of the feature or scroll down now if you can't wait. Anyway, joy is indeed a jumpsuit and this one was from the H&M sale last summer. I wore it the first time around for an exhibition evening see here, and yes it's pretty much a repeat showing, but worth it none the less, I think.

I wafted about feeling rather lovely in my jumpsuit, while the sun shone, the sea sparkled and the islands looked idyllic. Giddy with the sheer excitement of being alive, I smiled at the wonder of how the weather could transform and uplift us all. These perfect days are to be locked away in our memory banks, fodder for the long winter ahead when the sky will turn the sea to gunmetal rather than the brilliant blue of today. 

But for the moment, all is bliss. We are becalmed, and I for one, am joyful in my jumpsuit. 

A note to any new readers. These beautiful islands where I live are the Isles of Scilly which are part of Cornwall in the UK, not to be confused with the island of Sicily which is, of course, part of Italy. On a day like this, the islands here could pass for somewhere much more exotic, but in fact they lie some 28 miles off the Southwest of England where they are bathed in the warm wash of the Gulf Stream. The five inhabited islands are part of a larger archipelago comprising of over 140 uninhabited islands which are a draw for tourists who want to experience a slower, more relaxed pace of life. For them the most important decision of the day is what boat to catch to which island. For all you need to know about coming to stay click here.

Outfit details are - jumpsuit H&M (old), shoes Dune, shrug thrifted, necklace and rings old, sunglasses are by Quay Australia (these are similar and are on offer too) and bracelet in green amethyst is from Morocco.

Anna x


Black and white pattern mix

Pattern play is one of my style favourites, and today I'm having fun showing off these new smart/casual joggers which I deem smart enough to be work attire. The blouse was a gift from my daughter some time ago which seemed to get lost in the morass of tops that are folded away in the bottom of my wardrobe. But hey, don't they work so well together? I'm delighted with this laid-back combo which makes me feel like a bit of a cool cat. Take a closer look at the print and you'll see the joke.

These silver pumps are so comfortable for work when I want to wear flats, but are still stylish. My only criticism is that I seem to have a bit of tape stuck to the sole - a hazard of the job when you consider the amount of packing we do! 

The outfit proved to be ideal today for the crazy mix of weather we're experiencing in the name of summer. The joggers are from Topshop (get them for £10 in the sale) and are a manmade fibre, but are really light and feel silky smooth. Just right for a cool summer's day when you don't want to wear a skirt/dress as it's too drafty. Island life is always a bit breezy but some days the wind direction is colder than others. The top is from H&M but that was a couple of years ago (this is a similar piece) Shoes are by Dune (these are similar). Rings and bangle are all from charity shops and my trusty sunglasses are from Quay Australia

Must dash as I have another busy day ahead with the second of our summer shows to hang this evening after our day's work is finished. The exhibition opens on Saturday so I hope to show you a few snaps of the party outfit in my next post. Still have to find that special something to wear though...
Anna x

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