Summer exhibitions: 6 of 6

I can't quite believe that we're at the end of our summer exhibition schedule. It seems to have gone by like a shot, and tonight was tinged with a little sadness that the fun is over for another year. We've hosted 6 shows in 60 days with 7 artists attending their opening night and 18 artists being represented by the gallery in total. It's a terrific challenge to make it all work: for the art to arrive safely, on time and without incident, for the weather to be kind enough for our parties to spill outdoors and most importantly for the customers to come, enjoy and hopefully spend. I would like to declare the whole thing a resounding success and say thank you to the final line up.

My thanks go to Wendy McBride, attending artist for the evening, who charmed her clients and was a pleasure to have in our company. And a huge thank you goes to the support team, back to their original format of Julie McMurray, Polly Edwards and Bethany Inch. They were a dream to work with all summer and I couldn't have held it together without them.

In the flurry of our last night my fashion shoot seemed to be forgotten, but I will briefly mention this beautiful jumpsuit, yes jumpsuit not maxi dress, which hails from the alter of the mighty H&M. Purchased in their sale only last week I'm thrilled with the fit and colour and am hoping to conjure up a reason for it to be worn again soon. The flat sandals are ancient, but so comfortable and ideal at the end of a very long day, and Jessica my new and already much loved pendant is proudly accessorising this sensational outfit which adds a bit of flair to the whole shebang.

And in case you're wondering why the big cover up with the arms tonight? I have to explain that it's the low cut back of the jumpsuit and slight underwear malfuction that required the modesty layer - the arms are good!



  1. Your jumpsuit does indeed look like a maxi...are those fabulous palazzo legs?! How lovely!
    As for your "underwear malfunction", How I laughed, sorry! I have been in that position myself and needed an emergency cover-up. Not an ideal situation but you managed to pull it off here.
    I'm glad to hear that the arms have not gone into retirement just yet (although maybe into hibernation, during the colder months?). Mine are already needing an extra layer up here!
    Fake Fabulous

    1. Yes, it's a palazzo pantsuit I suppose. Am deeply in love with it and had so many compliments. I thought I'd got the underwear situation covered but the invisible straps were anything but!
      My sister tells me that Scotland has had better weather than us - we've been drenched far too often this month. Am hoping we might land lucky with an Indian summer in September. Fingers crossed you may be fortunate and get a bit of sun too!

    2. Invisible straps are a definite misnomer! I bought one once and they do strange things to the flesh on my body. I looked like a joint of meat, ready for the oven!
      As an my opinion, with your figure, you could rock a cobalt blue lace bodysuit? Making a feature of it and the low back?
      I hope you get to wear it...and, of course, blog it, again!
      Samantha X
      p.s. We have had some good days up here, fingers crossed for your Indian summer (chucking it down today though!)

    3. Hahaha! That's just what my back looked like - a joint of meat ready for the oven. I love your idea about the lace bodysuit and will look around for something like that. Great idea, thanks xxx


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