Midweek madness

Late November, mid-week, and grey weather all sound like the perfect recipe for a touch of the miseries. But check out what's been lurking in my draft box... Polly and Anna's midweek madness!

This shaggy dress/tunic was featured on recent Ping Pong Post see here. And the blouse/boots combo was featured for the first time here. All together, I think they make beautiful music which is why I can be seen doing a fair bit of shimmying to the Charleston beat.

I sometimes wonder if it's fitting for a woman of my age to be gadding about like this - but then I can't imagine being another version of me either. I work hard, play hard and do enjoy life to the hilt. I'd like to think that this little corner of the blogsphere brings some joy and maybe some inspiration to you lovely ladies who like me are chugging along nicely towards your 60's with a spring in your step and love in your hearts. Do take a moment in your day to express your own midweek madness - you have my full permission! 

Outfit details - dress: H&M, blouse: Next, boots: ASOS, tights: old, bangles and rings: charity shop, necklace: Magpie and Butterfly, rose gold watch: Michael Kors.

My office window overlooks New Grimsby bay, scene of so many beautiful sunsets at anytime of year. Here's one from a couple of days ago for my dear friend Angela to keep her going until her next visit.

Anna x


A birthday lunch

It was my husband's birthday a couple of weeks ago and as usual it proved very difficult to buy a present for him. He didn't want anything, had all that he needed, don't waste your money etc, etc. Anyway, I decided to book a birthday lunch at our local beachside restaurant, The Ruin. I then arranged to bring our daughter home from the mainland to join us as a birthday surprise. This turned out to be the perfect present.

It's not easy to turn up for a surprise lunch when you have to catch a plane and a boat without letting anyone know, but Sasha pulled it off. We spent a lovely couple of hours enjoying the delicious food and drink. The birthday boy was very pleased, if not a bit surprised that we had managed to keep Sasha's arrival a secret from him.

My CK jeans were a lucky find in a charity shop, brand new, and just £4.95!

Sasha did the honours and took a few photos for me. The weather had gone very windy and chilly that day, but luckily the rain held off until we got back from our lunch. My woolly winter coat was a great defence against the cold, along with the cute little gloves that I found last winter in a bargain basket in a charity shop for 0.99p. I thought the satin shirt created a fab partnership with my boots, dressed down with these brand new (perfectly fitting) jeans.

Details - jeans: Calvin Klein (charity shopped), coat: Palermo, shirt: Next (charity shopped), boots: ASOS, bag: Candy bag, Furla, necklace: Magpie and Butterfly, rings: charity shop, belt: H&M. 

Am late posting today, as I spent this morning watching the news from America. I'm still reeling. I can't imagine what it must be like for the country to wake up to this result.

Anna x


Dull but not dreary

The weather may look dull, but that gave me the perfect opportunity to bring out my wonderful new, aka upcycled, Hobbs velvet trench coat. A recent purchase from last month's charity shopping blitz (see here), I have only gotten around to giving it a bit of a face lift by replacing the buttons with these pretty floral ones in both round and square shapes. I love to personalise clothes like this, giving them a little tweak here and there to make them unique.

The coat only cost me £10 and is in great condition. It's a thick velvet with the bonus of a bit of stretch making it really comfortable. I've used buttons by Stockwell Ceramics whose range is vast see here. I particularly like the single button on the back.

May seems to be such a crazy month for weather here in the UK. Sometimes it's like a summer's day, and others it's blowing a cold north wind with driving wind. This is playing havoc with my plans for outfits, as I will be lured into believing what the main weather forecasters predict, but once I've come back from my swim, will realise that our local weather is something completely different. Today's solution of trench coat at the start of the day worked really well while it was cold and grey in the morning. By the afternoon it was bright and sunny and my lacy top was the perfect answer for a warm session at work. 

A quick run through of what I'm wearing goes like this - velvet trench coat comes from Hobbs via charity shop. The fab floral trousers are again from a charity shop but made by H&M. I think this pattern was featured last summer, but these were brand new, still with the label attached saying £19.99 and I paid £5. The lime green lace, peplum top was from H&M. Underneath I have a vest top from Primark. My pink patent brogues are again from H&M. The handbag was a prize find many years ago in the Oxfam boutique in Bath which was a wonderful place to browse and find true vintage pieces. This handbag is a designer piece - "Bespoke Designs By Samantha Carrey" the label proudly states. My necklace is handmade by Vanessa Robson who runs her own business making ceramic jewellery trading as Magpie and Butterfly.  My cerise cocktail ring was a gift and the pink and silver ring was a recent purchase in a charity shop in Harrogate.

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Anna x

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