Dressing up for work again

Yay, it's Friday!

Thanks for joining me again this Friday. The usual Friday feature has run its course as life returns to normal. That's the new normal I mean. As we adapt to different regimes, we're all still trying to find things that were the same as before the virus shook the world. So, for me, that means getting dressed up every day for work. The routine of work after furlough is very welcome especially as the job calls for looking smart rather than casual. 

Taking a break from shopping has been a great way for me to be forced into trying on forgotten clothes, such as this jumpsuit. This made its debut onto the blog five years ago (see here) and hasn't been seen since. I can't imagine why I've neglected it for all this time as I really love both the pattern and style. I bought it in Tesco all those years ago and was thrilled with such an exciting find while I was doing a mundane food shop. It does make me wonder if the thrill of the chase is what fuels us on with our retail obsession. That sense of excitement at finding a lovely new piece of clothing or pair of shoes, the inner battle as to should I/shouldn't I? and finally that devilish feeling of thrusting it into the trolley with gleeful abandon. At the checkout, bubbling with joy at this unexpected purchase, I'm feeling like a teenager playing hooky from school, the happy rebel. Once the newness and sparkle has gone, we come full circle, leaving us in need of that shopping thrill once again.

The nutmeg in this beaded belt (from Sainsbury's many moons ago) is what caught my eye when I was rummaging through my belt box, looking for inspiration. The first time I wore the jumpsuit I kept the self tie belt but this time I wanted to change it up a bit. 

The turquoise beading was a great lead-in to some turquoise coloured jewellery. The rings and bracelet are all charity shop items and work perfectly with the belt. I almost added a turquoise necklace, but decided that it might be overkill.

The round framed sunglasses give a lovely retro feel to the outfit. These were from River Island last year.

I've no assistant working with me currently which means that Steve, by default, is still my photographer of the day. I have to be a bit more organised, planning my outfits in advance for work so that we can take photos the weekend before I wear them. These scorching shots were taken at 9am in the morning last Sunday which proved to be one of the hottest days of the year so far. I must admit I took refuge indoors most of the day as it was just too hot for me! The neutral tone wedge sandals are by Europen brand, found in TK Maxx.

And that pretty much rounds it up folks! Thanks again for dropping by to see me. Cheers too, to those of you who leave me a comment or send an email - I do appreciate your input and the time you take to keep in touch.

Until next time, take care!

Anna x

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