Ping-Pong post no 11

Welcome again to our monthly global style challenge. I can't believe a month has gone past since our pre-Christmas offering where we three dazzled and sparkled as a starter to the festivities (see it here). But January is rushing past us, and I for one am not sorry to see it depart. This month my blogging partners in crime, Samantha and Ann, have accepted my challenge to style this black and gold top which as been forgotten in the back of my wardrobe for the past couple of years. Click here to find out how this whole shenanigans started.

Ann confessed that New Year's Eve party was what came to mind when she was styling this black and gold top. Hong Kong no doubt offers all sorts of celebrations on the biggest night of the year and Ann wouldn't have lacked a choice of venues in this hot mama look! Maybe I could've joined her in my mini skirt and glitter tights outfit too (here) to dance the night away.
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Details -
Sunnies--Tom Ford
Hoops--from Bombay
Waistbag --ASOS
Skirt & Tights--Zara
OTK Boots--Ash

Samantha is playing it cool here. Put a hat on this lady and you can't fail to be bowled over by her cute features atop immaculate styling. The longer I know her, the more I adore her fun, quirky twists - the cap, the statement necklace, those boots. This girl can do no wrong.
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Details -
Boots: Clarks
Trousers: I can’t remember!
Leatherette Top: DIY from a dress.
Top: Anna’s
Cap: Gents section at TKmax
Necklace: Oliver Bonas

My styling starts with a coat on and unfolds from there. Oh, and it was windy!

These shots were taken on a blustery evening at the start of October just before I sent the top on its trip across the globe. It was cold enough to warrant a coat and this fake fur was a good shape to showcase the sleeves of the top as well as the elegant shape of the skirt. My tapestry boots had literally arrived that very day and Polly was the first to see them out of the box. Without the boots the outfit may well have been very monotone, so it was a case of perfect timing as far as I was concerned. This whole look is very me - not in the least understated - with every bell and whistle you could conjure up. 

Details -
Skirt: charity shop
Boots: Asos
Waistcoat: H&M
Bag: Giorgio Armani (find of the month, brand new, in a Truro charity shop!)
Necklace: old
Belt: charity shop
Rings: old

Anna x


Ping Pong Post No 5

Hello and welcome to the 5th instalment of Ping Pong Post where my two blogging friends Samantha of Fake Fabulous and Ann of Kremb de la Kremb send our clothes around the world in a style challenge to each other. See how this idea came about here. This month it's my item again with this sheer tunic which I fancy may have been our trickiest subject to date. So let's get started with Samantha and see how she got on.

Samantha took a youthful spin on this grey overshirt by way of adding a sleeveless denim jacket and vest top to give a lovely casual look. Shoe hoarder Samantha has added these funky buckled sandals to keep things interesting along with some quirky pieces of jewellery. This outfit could take her from an afternoon shopping with friends onto early evening drinks in the late summer sun, although I think she may well report the absence of summer in her neck of the woods in bonnie Scotland. Note how Samantha is gradually growing out her pixie haircut into a less structured style - I like it Sam!

Details of her oufit are
Shoes: All Saints
Jeans: Topshop
Nails: BarryM
Vest: JohnnieB
Necklace, rings, earrings and bangle: Various gifts & charity shop finds.
Waistcoat: New Look
Glasses: Tkmaxx
Bag: Topshop

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For those of you who follow this series you'll not be surprised in the least at the creativity of Ann in how she's styled this. Seems like this tunic was her idea of hell combining grey (her least favourite colour) with a mandarin collar! Poor Ann. However, she turned this into something truly individual by using the top as a cover up and hey, why not? In her eyes, this is the kind of thing you'd wear on a junk trip out on the river in Hong Kong where she lives for most of the year. Looks like a simple solution to what was clearly a very tricky problem. Check out Ann's other creative makes as featured on her blog here. This lady loves to be inventive.

Ann's details are currently whizzing around out in the ether so I'd say the tote bag, and jeans turned into shorts, may have further info to come, along with her sunnies and jewellery.

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I have to laugh at how utterly conventional I look in this tunic compared to my blogging friends. But I suppose that's the whole point of the series isn't it? I bought this top in a charity shop with the intention of throwing a curved ball at us all in #PPP and I think I succeeded. My scenario was to wear this for a summer's evening drinks party. I even had my lovely silver clutch propped up against my tripod for the duration of the shoot as a finishing touch - fat lot of good that did! So there you have it, another Ping Pong Post in the bag. Next month we'll be styling up a little something of Samantha's and I must admit I had a bit of fun with that one. Wishing you all a great week and see you soon!

Here's my details
Tunic: Wallis/charity shop
Trousers: Wallis
Shoes: Bebbou
Vest: H&M
Belt: charity shop
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Rings: charity shop
Sunglasses: Quay Australia

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Anna x


Pretty woman dress

I recently saw another blogger feature her "Pretty woman" dress and it made me think of this one hanging in the back of my wardrobe. I loved the scene where Julia Roberts wears this dress at the races and decided to give my own spin on that today. This is me dressing up to the nines you might say. That's a little joke for a special someone after her comment on Facebook x

I'm so lucky that my job allows me the creative freedom to dress how I please day in, day out. I love the opportunity to wear something classic like this one day and something completely funky the next. Like this for example. 

These pewter brogues were a late spring arrival (makes them sound like a long awaited baby lamb, doesn't it?) from my most favourite of brogue suppliers, Office. I blame my Scottish upbringing for this unquenchable passion. I've lost track of the number of pairs of these I have, yet there's always another slightly different pair to be lusted after. I'm trying to avoid the Office sale which is currently on see here but that doesn't mean you have to as well. Although I would appreciate it if you at least let me know which ones you've bought behind my back.

So the two outfits are made up like this - spotty dress is from Wallis, jacket by Tabitha, shoes BCBGeneration, necklace from Debenhams, rings are old, rose gold bangle is by Kate Spade, flowery bracelet is from Dorothy Perkins, crocodile handbag was from a charity shop. The trousers are from H&M, jacket is by Michael Kors, top, rings and handbag are from a charity shop, shoes from my beloved Office, sunglasses are by Quay Australia and socks from Primark of all places. Sorry for the lack of follow through links to all of these products. Am hosting our first summer show today, therefore am slightly like a headless chicken this morning. Wish me luck!

Anna x

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