Ping Pong Post No 5

Hello and welcome to the 5th instalment of Ping Pong Post where my two blogging friends Samantha of Fake Fabulous and Ann of Kremb de la Kremb send our clothes around the world in a style challenge to each other. See how this idea came about here. This month it's my item again with this sheer tunic which I fancy may have been our trickiest subject to date. So let's get started with Samantha and see how she got on.

Samantha took a youthful spin on this grey overshirt by way of adding a sleeveless denim jacket and vest top to give a lovely casual look. Shoe hoarder Samantha has added these funky buckled sandals to keep things interesting along with some quirky pieces of jewellery. This outfit could take her from an afternoon shopping with friends onto early evening drinks in the late summer sun, although I think she may well report the absence of summer in her neck of the woods in bonnie Scotland. Note how Samantha is gradually growing out her pixie haircut into a less structured style - I like it Sam!

Details of her oufit are
Shoes: All Saints
Jeans: Topshop
Nails: BarryM
Vest: JohnnieB
Necklace, rings, earrings and bangle: Various gifts & charity shop finds.
Waistcoat: New Look
Glasses: Tkmaxx
Bag: Topshop

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For those of you who follow this series you'll not be surprised in the least at the creativity of Ann in how she's styled this. Seems like this tunic was her idea of hell combining grey (her least favourite colour) with a mandarin collar! Poor Ann. However, she turned this into something truly individual by using the top as a cover up and hey, why not? In her eyes, this is the kind of thing you'd wear on a junk trip out on the river in Hong Kong where she lives for most of the year. Looks like a simple solution to what was clearly a very tricky problem. Check out Ann's other creative makes as featured on her blog here. This lady loves to be inventive.

Ann's details are currently whizzing around out in the ether so I'd say the tote bag, and jeans turned into shorts, may have further info to come, along with her sunnies and jewellery.

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I have to laugh at how utterly conventional I look in this tunic compared to my blogging friends. But I suppose that's the whole point of the series isn't it? I bought this top in a charity shop with the intention of throwing a curved ball at us all in #PPP and I think I succeeded. My scenario was to wear this for a summer's evening drinks party. I even had my lovely silver clutch propped up against my tripod for the duration of the shoot as a finishing touch - fat lot of good that did! So there you have it, another Ping Pong Post in the bag. Next month we'll be styling up a little something of Samantha's and I must admit I had a bit of fun with that one. Wishing you all a great week and see you soon!

Here's my details
Tunic: Wallis/charity shop
Trousers: Wallis
Shoes: Bebbou
Vest: H&M
Belt: charity shop
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Rings: charity shop
Sunglasses: Quay Australia

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Anna x



  1. Anna, we made it!
    A curved ball?
    Ha ha...yes!!
    You certainly know how to shake us up...this was the trickiest piece yet.
    I love how we have made it look totally different with our personal styles (and different colouring too)
    I hope that this inspires someone to dig out something unworn and try to make it work.
    You look cool and elegant and very summery...showing that you can look "summery' without looking scruffy, sloppy and crumpled.
    Didn't we do well?
    All three so different!
    I honestly think that if we conferred (and planned) it could never be as interesting as it is at the moment.
    I am always surprised and inspired by what you come up with each month....often thinking "I wish I had thought of that!!".
    Great styling Anna!

    P.S.....I may need to plot my revenge for my next parcel! hehehehehehe (evil laugh)

    1. I agree Samantha. I'm pleased that we don't communicate until the last minute (literally sometimes), as it means we enjoy the big reveal as much as our readers do. I think we all view the others with that same thought too - I wish I could be half as inventive as Ann and that I could approach layering with the ease with which you do! Well done to us all. It's great fun for all involved x

  2. You may call it conventional but it still looks bloody good. As you can imagine I love your way of styling this. Athough you three do often pull me out of my comfort zone, I will never be as colourful and more is more or so creative. But not doing too badly either so I can live with that.
    Shame the silver clutch got left standing there haha.

    1. I'll accept your compliments with grace Greetje. I did worry that this was all a bit tame, but looking back on it now (I took these photos two months ago) I think it's not a bad job at all. Will have to bring the silver clutch out on an exhibition night instead x

  3. This was so interesting to see of your takes on the styling. I must admit I really liked your conventional take on this Anna.


    1. Thanks Suzanne, that's so kind of you to say. Conventional isn't really what I aspire to, but sometimes you have to conceed defeat x

  4. I really enjoy seeing all the different ways this tunic's been styled - it totally reflects all the personalities. You could never be conventional, Anna!

    1. Your the best cheerleader ever Sheila - thanks so much x

  5. I'm not sure conventional is quite the right word Anna---because this piece is almost artwork by itself!! The sheerness, the embroidery? (or pattern), the slits and the buttons!! What you've done is totally showcased it by having no competition to it with the rest of your items!!
    It's such a beautiful piece, and I love the way you show it off!

  6. I love this item. Your styling shows off the lovely free flowing embroidery. The grey colour is complemented by the silver and white and the backdrop of the fence.
    It is more than a tunic as it can be worn as a floaty jacket or the ingenious cover up. You've reminded me that I have a grey silk satin tunic stashed away somewhere and not worn for ages, unless I sent it to a charity shop. So thank you. I shall go and hunt it out and the creative juices are already on the case!

  7. The tunic itself it really beautiful; it's so unique. I would actually wear it all three ways although I don't know that I would have come up with Anne's spin on my own! I often have bags with me for photos and then totally forget to include them!

  8. I think the tunic is really lovely and I love how you've styled it. Simple but elegant, is how I would describe the look - probably my most favourite look.

    The other two were ingenious but not as stylish!

    Have a great weekend


  9. This is such a fun series! So interesting to see how each one of you style an item.

    You each created such different looks! I would have probably styled it very similarly to the way you did and really love the look of your outfit! But I very much appreciate the creativity of Ann & Samantha; they remind me that I can get a whole lot more creative with what's in my closet!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  10. So fun to read these posts. I have to agree with everyone that I like your styling of this piece the best. It's such a pretty item on it's own that it doesn't need much to look nice. Catching up on your other posts as I can!



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