Too matchy-matchy?

How much is too much? could well be the question here today. I've put a new outfit together from some pieces that you may have seen already. For instance the stretch jeans were posted in December (see here) and the boots early this year (as here), but the jacket and tunic/dress are both new. The jacket is thrifted (aren't the pleats adorable) and I bought the dress in Sainsbury's last September, but have struggled to wear it because it's a smidgen too short. By adding the jeans underneath it feels less revealing. But the too much refers to the boots and trousers matchy-matchy thing - what do you think? Too much?

And maybe adding this little jacket is one step too far? It's so difficult to be objective when you're so close to the subject sometimes don't you think? Burgundy is a relatively new colour for me, but I do wonder if I've overdosed.

I've just realised that matchy-matchy could be the norm for lots of women. Is the problem more about me not being very conventional? My bright floral mixing the other day (see here) seems very me, and yet these three toning burgundy pieces push me out of my comfort zone. Crazy? Welcome to my upside down world!

And finally, here's an update on my sewing project. I posted this shot on instagram yesterday as I was heading off to my final class of the course. 

Here's the next stage.

Yes, it may look like the finished piece, but if I turned it over the other way you'd see that the floral side is not fitting very well at all. The piping too, is a tad on the wobbly side for my liking. My very clever tutor has shown me a couple of ways to fix things and in due course I hope to post it again for you to see. In the meantime I thought I'd share how I commute to the class on the other island. I've been dodging back and forth to St Mary's on a jetboat for the past five weeks which I suppose is like most people commuting on the train or bus. St Mary's harbour is just coming to life with more boats taking up their moorings in the bay. The Scillonian ferry stands at the end of the quay after disgorging the day trippers and other visitors who sailed across on the 2.5 hour trip from mainland Cornwall.

We're just passing Appletree Bay, one of my favourite beaches. An hour later I was down there swimming on the high tide in the afternoon sun.

Finally I'd like to say Happy Mother's Day to my readers. I hope you're being spoilt today and enjoying a lovely restful day. See you soon!

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Brocade, velvet, frills and gems

I promised I'd step it up as we go spiralling headlong into the bedlam that is otherwise known as Christmas, and my first proffering is this beautiful black velvet bomber. It was in the sale at Tesco, half price if I recall, and certainly under £20 that's for sure, so a bargain.

I said I live by the sea - this is the view from my house. I never tire of it. Well you wouldn't, would you?

The other new purchase from Tesco's is this rather fabulous pair of stretch glazed cotton skinny jeans. Burgundy is the colour of the moment with me and I seem to be gathering quite a cache of it this season. I have a pair of burgundy leather boots which I tried on with this outfit but they were just too matchy-matchy to do it any favours. Yes, it could be argued that all one colour would make for long streamlined legs, but today's look is more Prince Charming than anything else and that relied on the brocade boots as the finishing flourish. This frilled blouse seems to get wheeled out most weeks and that's because it's an absolute mainstay in my wardrobe. My bright fuchsia one would have been equally effective, but maybe too much - I didn't try it as the cream is pretty much my go-to solution to most style problems. Cream is more flattering to my skin tone than white, frills always add a touch of the feminine especially with trousers, and the shape is so versatile it works with almost everything.

I have sequined skirts, glittery tops and sparkly clothes at the ready (as promised) in the hope that the weather will be settled (and bright) enough to get some photos taken. I may enlist some help again on Saturday so that I can wow you with some party inspiration. Our annual island Christmas party is coming up soon, and I could use your opinion as I try out my options for that too.

Details - jacket and jeans: Tesco, boots: Asos, blouse: eBay, belt, H&M, rings: charity shop, necklace: borrowed from my daughter, sunglasses: Sainsbury's.

The sun sets behind the islands in the distance. I'm sure I've posted enough photos of it for this to be a pretty familiar view by now, but here's another just for the heck of it.

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#Ping Pong Post no 9

Welcome again to our monthly style challenge where an item of clothing traverses the globe between my friends Samantha of Fake Fabulous who lives in Scotland and Ann of Kremb de la Kremb, a resident of Hong Kong. It's been nine months since we started Ping Pong Post and you can see how it all began back in March see here. This month it was the turn of Samantha to proffer up something - her pink dotty jacket was a fabulous challenge - let's see if we'd be foiled or if we'd flourish shall we?

The inclement weather didn't dampen Samantha's enthusiasm for her weekend spin on the pink jacket. Samantha's Scottish home is prey to chill winds and more rain than it deserves, but she works around this with a cosy pashmina and clever layering featuring shades of cream, navy and burgundy reflected in bag, boots and over shirt. I love the rosy pink glow created by her brolly which enhances her lovely, healthy complexion. Samantha is growing out her signature pixie cut in favour of a longer, shaggy style which suits her pretty features so well. Follow Samantha on Instagram here.

Shirt: Second Female
Poloneck: M&S
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Mini Boden
Bag: Charity shop
Ring: My daughters!

Ann too, has changed her hairstyle this month and is looking equally cute with this swept back look. She's added polka dots and snakeskin print to a black and white palette to showcase the pink jacket. The simple mini skirt paired with fantastic Stella McCartney patent, platform shoes almost steal the show were it not for those beautifully tanned legs of Ann's - the result of a recent beach holiday methinks! Metallic nailpolish and toning jewellery are her finishing touches. Follow Ann on Instagram here.

Shirt is Target
Top, Sams
The tie is Zara as is the snake bag--but from the girls department.
The suede mini is Forever 21
The shoes are Stella McCartney
Oh, the strings are from my buddy Ben from a market here in Hong Kong.
And the hair tie I found in a random jewellery shop in Kowloon. 

I must admit I thought the jacket was a fantastic offering this month. The fit was great, it had a little bit of stretch and the colour was a the ideal springboard for creativity. My initial thought was to add some jeans as I'm aware I don't dress down very often for the blog. I pulled out a couple of pairs, one black drainpipe and the other a dark blue cropped. Hmmm, not sure. The pink frothy blouse nearly leapt out of the wardrobe next and that really helped move things along. I remembered seeing these studded leggings of Sasha's when I was rooting around in a drawer the other week. Once I'd recovered them, the boots were a no brainer. The finishing touches of this tartan clutch and the belt were both trophies from my last charity shopping episode in September see here. Lots of silver jewellery was my final nod towards this rock chick look - at my age? - YES!

Thanks to Samantha and Ann for the Pink Pong Party this month (Ann's take on this) - it was great fun. Next month we'll be showing a bit of razzle dazzle thanks to Ann, right on the cusp of Christmas. Hope you'll find a moment to swing by for a look.

Jacket: Sam's
Trousers: borrowed from my daughter
Blouse: charity shop
Clutch: Ness 
Necklace and rings: charity shop
Watch: Michael Kors

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A dog with a bone

Yes, I'm like a dog with a bone currently, and you may well be sick of it soon. It, being my obsession with these sparkly trainers and my quest for the perfect styling of them. The last time I wore them here, I had to chuckle at my lovely friends who all left me comments - mostly about the outfit and how it could be improved rather than about the blessed trainers! So you'll have to forgive me (or move quickly on if this bores you) as I'm going to keep subjecting you to this until I get it right. What right means for me is totally elusive/unknown until it happens. So here's the latest effort with the footwear of the moment.

I'm a bit happier with this version today. I like the metallic of the trousers and trainers echoing each other (the trainers are bronze and brown, so work tonally much better with peach and gold too). I like the tux, blouse and necklace and how they go together. All in all, I'd say this works or at least it's an improvement on last month's offering. I still have reservations. I could do better. 

I'll be back soon with another reprise. If you're not a trainers/runners kinda girl, then please feel free to whizz past, I'll understand. I can't help myself with this obsession, this seeking perfection in all things - terribly tedious for some, I know. I've got to keep at this until it's resolved, sorry!

Before you go, just a quick reminder that Sunday is the 20th, and for me that's #PPP or Ping Pong Post day. Samantha and Ann will be joining me with a an eye-popping pink offering for your delectation. Hope you're come back to see it!

Details - tuxedo: Whistles (vintage), trainers: TK Maxx, trousers: H&M, blouse: charity shop, necklace: Dorothy Perkins, gold bangles and rings: charity shop, watch: Michael Kors.
Anna x


Frills and flowers

Apologies for the dull light in these shots today, but Polly and I decided it was worth a try to capture this outfit. I didn't realise that I was channelling Adam Ant until I looked through these later, but I still love the ensemble. The jacket was a hand me down from my friend Maggie and has been a great addition to my wardrobe since I inherited a couple of years ago. I love the mix of fabrics and textures that give a richness to the overall look.

I fancy that these skinnies and my floral boots have married behind my back as I can't seem to bring one out without the other. The texture of jacket and boots work beautifully too. And for the final flourish, well the frilly blouse is the homage to the very beautiful Adam Ant that pulls the whole ensemble together. 

Outfit details - jacket: gift, boots: ASOS, trousers: Papaya, blouse: eBay, necklace: Noel, rings:old.

I turned the camera onto Polly at the end of our session. Doesn't she look so cute in this dress and boots combo? She leaves the island tomorrow after working at the local supermarket for the past couple of weeks. Polly's hobby of running is what keeps her fit and healthy, and boy look at those shapely, toned legs - what a great advert she is for her sport! Polly will be back again next year, and in the meantime I've got a backlog of photos to use and then my trusty tripod and timer will work out fine (as it did last winter). Thank you Polly for doing such a grand job and I look forward to regrouping in the spring!
Anna x

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