As suggested by... Emily

Emily has been a regular reader since the blog started, sending me the odd comment on facebook when she particularly likes something. She has asked that I feature the jacket that's shown on my Anna's Island Style facebook page as I've not worn it for a while. Emily, I'm delighted to oblige, especially as the temperatures here are just beginning to cool down now. Mornings are feeling much more autumnal, but by lunchtime I often have to change my entire outfit as I've pitched it wrong for the greenhouse environment that is our Westerly facing gallery. As the afternoon sun creeps around to shine in the windows, Polly and I start to glow. It's all about adding layers at this time of year and therefore the jacket fits in very well Emily.

The purple dress is new and seems to work so well with the structured jacket. I love the flirty skirt, and the ditsy pattern play against the jacket pattern is also great fun.

Apologies to you if you've been checking out the blog for this post since Sunday. I encountered Internet problems on Friday as I was packing to leave for the mainland and eventually had to just walk away. However, I can report that my weekend was full of little highlights, including some rather lovely charity shopping, swimming in the Art Deco Jubilee pool in Penzance with my daughter, and also a one-off photo shoot with an artist friend... All of this will be covered on the blog in due course.

Thank you Emily for this month's suggestion. If any of your out there would like me to feature your favourite piece again, please do get in touch by your method of choice - via the comment box, email, facebook, instagram whatever - I'd love to have your ideas. 

Jacket S'NOB, dress is H&M (thrifted), shoes Topshop, handbag NW3, watch is thrifted, perspex rings were a gift, necklace is old.

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Anna x


Warm summer breeze

I must be brief today as I'm heading off to the mainland in a few hours and I still haven't packed yet. A weekend mini-break visiting family and friends in Cornwall, and yes maybe just a smidgeon of (charity) shopping too. So let's be quick. Here's the snaps. Featuring this wonderful paisley print maxi skirt which was, no surprise here, from a Truro charity shop. It encapsulates all kinds of lovely for me - maxi (perfect for those days when I run out of fake tan), paisley (one of my favourite of patterns), elasticated sparkly waistband (no worries about post-lunch bloat and also a bit of bling thrown in for good measure) and not too long (so no need to pick it up as I bolt up stairs to my office as it's just the right length), so all in all, my perfect skirt!

It never ceases to amaze me when I come across a find like this in a charity shop. Why would anyone get rid of something so exquisite? Well yes, I know all the obvious answers, but even if it didn't fit me any more, I'd still want to have it around, maybe as a cushion cover or even to frame a square of the material as a mount for a beautiful photograph. The fabric is light and floaty, the colours lend themselves to marrying up with so many tones and shades of the rainbow. In short, I love it. Here's the rest of the outfit.

This next run of shots are a bit of comedy which fits in well with that Friday feeling I think.

Oh I do hope that you've had a good laugh at these. I did shriek with laughter when I scrolled through them the first time. Is it a bustle or hidden contraband? Good on Polly for capturing these lovely playful shots. She's also captured the new sunglasses I bought in the sale at Sainsbury last month. Cute aren't they? Wish me luck at the shops this weekend. Sunday will be my monthly feature "As suggested by..." so do swing by to see what's been chosen this time. Until then, have a great weekend!

Skirt by Blu Deise, pumps thrifted no brand, top Evie thrifted, bag thrifted, sunglasses by Sainsburys and gold tipped shell necklace by Charlie Dodge.
Anna x


What can you do?

The question refers to when you think you've got a great outfit to show and yet it photographs so badly. That's not down to a rubbish camera or a bad photographer, as you know that's certainly not the case. No, I think it's to do with the proportions of the separates that defy good imagery. Anyway, I'm going to pick the best shots of the bunch and hope they come across as good as it makes me feel.

Looks quite promising doesn't it? A bit of orange, a bit of pattern clashing, my favourite perspex rings, what's not to love? Well, the problem arises from the fact that the trousers are culottes, very wide ones at that, which when you take into account my height of just under 5ft5in, then it becomes a challenge to see this ensemble as quite the cool that I'm feeling.

So far so good? Ready for some more?

Still OK?

Oh, I don't know if I can face you.

Just a moment while I prepare myself.

Damn, Ian just zipped past for his moment of fame!

I'm not sure I can look you in the eye. I so love this outfit, but it breaks the rule. You know, the - If you're short you can't wear wide cropped trousers - rule. Oh dear, what can I do? What can I say to make you understand? It makes me feel so good, yet looks...?

If I were in the mood to completely mock this outfit I could even go so far as to say that the shoes may look like boats with these trousers being the sails flapping in the wind. Heck, I'm on my way to self destruct at this rate!

This was Polly's final shot of the day. Maybe I don't look quite as squat as in the others? OK, enough of this negativity! Here's my favourite outfit. I totally love it. Love the perfect fit of these high waisted culottes. Love how wide they are in the leg. Love that they're made of the most lightweight silk that flows around me like a caress when I walk. Love these funky, sharp sandals that echo the same colours as the trousers. Love the neon brightness of the shirt, in the most orangey way it could be. Love the collar clips. Love that it only cost me £3.29 in a charity shop. It really doesn't matter that I'm neither tall nor willowy. What matters is that I want to share this with you and say, Hey, you don't have to be perfect or wear perfect clothes, just love what you wear!

Culottes are by Jean Muir, London (charity shop), shirt from Motel Rocks, shoes are by Sixtyseven, tee shirt from Topshop and rings are charity shopped. My new nail polish is by Rimmel, called "Darling you are fabulous!" which is surely reason enough to buy it! 
Anna x


As suggested by ...Julie

Once again it's time for a reader of the day to steer my outfit choice. A very kindly worded email from Julie has prompted me to bring out this 70's psychedelic blouse again after she saw it some time ago see here and thought it could do with another outing. This was a great suggestion allowing me to go all out with my favourite of all games - yes, pattern play. The blouse and trousers (or shirt and pants if you're across the way) are maybe a bit bright for some, but spell out fun in my book.

The recycled paintbrush necklace is by Zincwhite. Fab isn't it?

Thank you Julie for this recommendation which has given rise to such a jolly summer outfit. It's great to have a hand with the daily decision making and if you have a favourite piece you'd like to see again I'd love to hear from you. Please do contact me either in the comments below or by email through the contacts box in the sidebar or here through my Instagram account. I love having your input, your feedback or suggestions and even questions are all very welcome.

Blouse is by The Old Welle via charity shop, the trousers (no label), shoes are from Topshop and the bag is a Candybag. The jeans jacket is from Benetton (no longer available), necklace Zincwhite designs, sunglasses are by Quay Australia and rings are charity shopped.

Anna x


Summer show: 3 of 6

Last night's opening party of the third summer exhibition had to take place without any of the artists present due to various reasons, but as they say "the show must go on" and on it did. The evening was still a success and the artwork looked fantastic. See the featured artists Ellen Watson, Neil Pinkett and Amanda Hoskin's work here in detail. The weather proved to be a mixed bag, but we enjoyed a really lovely evening with a fine turnout considering the blustery wind and showers. In between these we managed to take a few hasty shots.

The breeze played with my lace maxi skirt and I played along with the fun. The evening was coming to an end and I was relieved that it had been a success for all involved - time to have a light hearted moment with the girls. Ruth, Polly and Max were once again worth their weight in gold providing great support throughout. 

Next time we will be out in force will be for the 4th summer show which takes place on 6th August. How quickly the summer seems to be slipping past us! My regular readers will not be in the least bit surprised to learn that both my skirt and top were charity shopped. The shoes are from H&M (no longer available, but these are lovely). In addition to my beautiful Michael Kors rose gold watch and Kate Spade rose gold bangle I'm also showcasing two rather special pieces of jewellery from Cornish jeweller Emily Nixon, this seaweed frilly ring and matching bangle in silver and rose gold. See further details here

Anna x

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