More sock boots!

Excuse the huge cheesy grin, but I'm loving these sock boots and thought you would want to see them too. I know this is going to look like yet another Zara promo feature, but it honestly isn't! Yes, the boots are on offer (see here), but that's just a coincidence - I love them regardless of the price. 

Check out the sparkle on these heels! 

I love the comfort factor, I love the colour, I love the stretch, but most of all I love the crazy angle of these heels. Steve warned me to be careful with the sharp slant as I maybe need to perform a risk assessment before I step out in them. Hahaha! Don't ya just love a little input from yer man?

This is my "I'm not amused face". 

So anyway, by the time you read this I'll actually be on the mainland, at the dentist once again, boo-hoo! Another tooth drama, as I've cracked a tooth and think it may have opened up a root canal. It feels a bit groundhog day I must admit. I worry that at this rate I'll have no teeth left and will have to suck all my meals through a straw! 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy seeing this combo of culottes and boots with this butter soft leather jacket. 

Steve thinks the angle of these heels is a bit too weird, but I like the quirkiness - what about you? Would you wear them?

Outfit details - jacket: DSquared, trousers and boots: Zara, shirt: Sainsbury's, sunglasses: Quay Australia, rings: Sainsbury's.

Sorry to be brief this time, but I've still to pack a bag this evening as I've got to catch an early boat tomorrow morning. This is probably the only time I envy mainland life - how simple it must be to jump in the car and drive to health appointments. I'll leave you with this lovely poem by Pam Ayres who captures my sentiments completely...

Oh, I wish I'd looked after me teeth!

Oh, I wish I'd looked after me teeth,
And spotted the dangers beneath
All the toffees I chewed,
And sweet sticky food.
Oh, I wish I'd looked after me teeth!

The rest of the poem can be seen here.

Wish me luck at the dentist. See you soon, and keep brushing those choppers!

Anna x


The best laid plans...

Yes, life rarely goes to plan and so it is for me that my promised feature of yesterday has flopped. Events have conspired meaning that Sasha and I haven't manged to do our joint shoot. But worry ye not, I'm here to show you brocade boots plus new trousers, my third item recently purchased from Zara.

As a teenager, flares were one of the first fashions I followed. I had a pair of bright blue satin bell bottoms that I wore with multi-coloured platform shoes and a mini seersucker smock top in rainbow stripes; my love of colour was just as evident then.

Outfit details are like this - jacket: a gift (thanks again Maggie), trousers: Zara, blouse: eBay, boots: ASOS, necklace: gift, rings: old, sunglasses: Quay Australia.

I really like how the high waist gives a lovely snug fit.

I was so pleased to come across these cropped flares in Zara last month. I've had this imaginary pair of trousers on my mind for some time, but hadn't managed to find them in real life. The shape is exactly as I'd envisioned, but I thought they might be a soft denim rather than corduroy, and certainly not in this lovely ginger colour. I wore them in London, but my camera was playing up so the shots aren't as crisp as they could be.

This variation details are - jacket: Michael Kors, roll neck: eBay, boots: Zara, ring:old, sunglasses: Quay Australia.

How's your week going? Are you on top of your Christmas plans and shopping lists? I'm about to take a look online to see if I can get some inspiration for toys for my great nieces and nephews. After that I'll get our turkey booked which will get me a bit closer to being prepared for the big day. Good luck with your shopping. Thanks for dropping by, and see you soon!
Anna x


Art deco culottes

I bought these fabulous art deco print culottes last year and this is the first time I've worn them. Why has it taken me so long I wonder? 

I'm not sure if these really constitute culottes? Maybe they're just long shorts? Or short longs? Hahaha, I can't help myself sometimes.

Anyway, I love them and also like the knobbly texture of my clutch which I cleverly matched up with the knobbly textured top today - also new and never worn. Items like these tend to take a back seat in my wardrobe, often getting overlooked for more eye catching pieces. And yet once this is on I think it's pretty eye catching too!

Must dash now as I've an exhibition to open today with our reception party this evening. Over the next few days I'll be featuring the party outfit and also showcasing my black trouser challenge at some stage too so do swing by to check out the blog for the latest from these golden isles.

Today's outfit details - culottes: Topshop, top: Tu, sandals: Sixtyseven: clutch: no brand (charity shopped), sunglasses: Quay Australia, bangle: charity shopped, rings: c/o Gemporia.
Anna x


Saturday quickie

I don't often post on a Saturday, but this bank holiday weekend is a bit of a jumble with no post from me on Sunday, but a new feature is coming along on Monday. I won't spoil the surprise, but suffice to say that it's a new joint feature which will make a regular appearance on the 1st of every month.  

I think that the only new piece here is the plether top which I bought earlier on this month in Harrogate. I'm sure you've seen the rest before. The lace peplum top is a summer favourite of mine as are these wedge sandals which elevate me to giddy heights for the day (and are unbelievably comfortable too thanks to the soft straps). I wore the culottes last summer (see here) when they gave me a bit of a confidence crisis. This time, thanks to lots of lovely comments from my readers, I decided to just wear the blooming things and get on with it, and as if by magic I felt so much happier in them. I think the important thing about wide cropped trousers like these is to get the rest of the outfit in the right proportions. The fitted top is shape defining and the peplum frill gives rear coverage as well as adding an extra feminine touch. It's the first time I've worn this as a complete ensemble and I like it. Hurrah!

Details - culottes: Jean Muir, shoes: New Look, plether top: H&M, peplum top: H&M, rings: old, necklace: gift, sunglasses: Quay Australia.

See you on Monday!
Anna x


What can you do?

The question refers to when you think you've got a great outfit to show and yet it photographs so badly. That's not down to a rubbish camera or a bad photographer, as you know that's certainly not the case. No, I think it's to do with the proportions of the separates that defy good imagery. Anyway, I'm going to pick the best shots of the bunch and hope they come across as good as it makes me feel.

Looks quite promising doesn't it? A bit of orange, a bit of pattern clashing, my favourite perspex rings, what's not to love? Well, the problem arises from the fact that the trousers are culottes, very wide ones at that, which when you take into account my height of just under 5ft5in, then it becomes a challenge to see this ensemble as quite the cool that I'm feeling.

So far so good? Ready for some more?

Still OK?

Oh, I don't know if I can face you.

Just a moment while I prepare myself.

Damn, Ian just zipped past for his moment of fame!

I'm not sure I can look you in the eye. I so love this outfit, but it breaks the rule. You know, the - If you're short you can't wear wide cropped trousers - rule. Oh dear, what can I do? What can I say to make you understand? It makes me feel so good, yet looks...?

If I were in the mood to completely mock this outfit I could even go so far as to say that the shoes may look like boats with these trousers being the sails flapping in the wind. Heck, I'm on my way to self destruct at this rate!

This was Polly's final shot of the day. Maybe I don't look quite as squat as in the others? OK, enough of this negativity! Here's my favourite outfit. I totally love it. Love the perfect fit of these high waisted culottes. Love how wide they are in the leg. Love that they're made of the most lightweight silk that flows around me like a caress when I walk. Love these funky, sharp sandals that echo the same colours as the trousers. Love the neon brightness of the shirt, in the most orangey way it could be. Love the collar clips. Love that it only cost me £3.29 in a charity shop. It really doesn't matter that I'm neither tall nor willowy. What matters is that I want to share this with you and say, Hey, you don't have to be perfect or wear perfect clothes, just love what you wear!

Culottes are by Jean Muir, London (charity shop), shirt from Motel Rocks, shoes are by Sixtyseven, tee shirt from Topshop and rings are charity shopped. My new nail polish is by Rimmel, called "Darling you are fabulous!" which is surely reason enough to buy it! 
Anna x


Wedges and windy weather

It's a rare day on the island when we are becalmed, therefore you just have to make the most of the almost constant breeze/wind/gale. Polly and I wanted to capture these fab culottes in full sail and that's pretty much what happened. The lively photo shoot took place on the beach just below the gallery where we work and will be a familiar backdrop to my regular readers and those of you who have been lucky enough to visit the wonderful Isles of Scilly. New Grimsby bay is the location and is the main docking point for day trippers to arrive on the boats from all the other islands. Cruise ships tend to use the quay at the other end of the island, Carn Near, if the tide is low enough as that is nearer to the Abbey Garden, the highlight of their visit to Scilly. I've got some lovely shots coming up later of a couple of large ships moored up at the end of the beach where I take my daily swim.

These culottes are so easy to wear as well as being functional for work. Climbing ladders, nipping up and down the stairs, hopping onto my bike to go on errands can all be achieved without the same concerns a skirt might cause. Apart from that, I think they are blooming lovely! I've added this lace, pistachio peplum top to give a bit of femininity along with these sky high wedges. I've worn these a few times on the blog before and will repeat that although they look really high and might look like they are crazy to walk on, they're not. The slope on the front edge means you roll along smoothly despite the height of them. The culottes are from Topshop, lace top from H&M, shoes are from New Look, vest top is from Primark. My necklace was from Debenhams a couple of years ago, yellow ring is by Martin James, sparkle ring was from East, and this wonderful gold nail polish is Oil Slick by Accessorize. Apologies for not supplying any links to these items today, but they are all to old too show anything similar within these brands.

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The gorgeous sweep of Pentle Bay is one of the treats awaiting the cruise ship visitors today. Despite it being the middle of July there are only a handful of people on the beach.

This scattering of islands in the distance are the Eastern Isles which are all uninhabited outcrops and mini islands, perfect for picnics and isolation.

This is the view of Pentle Bay in the other direction. Notice the isolated shower over the far end of St Martin's while the near end still enjoys the sunshine. This clump of cloud is heading towards mainland UK - next stop Land's End.

Looking towards St Helen's on the right and Northwethel island on the left - both are uninhabited and are idyllic escapes for those with their own boat.

The Old Blockhouse castle. Read about this island defence here.

This final view is across Old Grimsby bay. I hope you've enjoyed this quick sweep around the island - to find out more about where I live click here. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Anna x

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