And yet more agapanthus!

Hello lovelies and yes, here I am in my back garden again! The beautiful agapanthus flowers are still in bloom and offering up such a splendid backdrop that I couldn't resist another home photo shoot. How are you this week? It's already half way through August and I'm more than a little bit panicked that the summer is almost over. As always, I had great plans for lots of off island adventures in our little boat and very few of them have materialised. Never mind, we've still got a few weeks of sunny weather left hopefully.

I dodged about from one spot to another trying to capture the best show of flowers for you -  they are such a joy, they really make me smile.

This was the last spot and probably the best as it also has the bright orange montbretia flowers too. But, let's chat about the outfit of the day, shall we? I wore this a year ago too, but it never made it onto the blog for some reason, so here (below) is that version with different necklace, earrings, no belt and slightly longer hair. Is it me, but does that 12 months make me look younger and fresher too? Yes, I know I'm my own worst critic!

Steve took this photo so maybe that has something to do with it...?

Anyway, on to the outfit. The skirt is a vintage Jaeger piece, blouse is by Jovonna from TK Maxx, belt from eBay, and flatforms are from TK Maxx too.

I totally love these sandals and am gutted to say that these two times are the only chance I've had to wear them. I say that because on the second wear I was rushing down the stairs at work when suddenly the back strap broke! I've got the shoe packed up ready to send to the cobblers on the mainland in the hope that he can stick it back together again. It needs to be pushed right inside the base of the sandal, not just glued otherwise we would do a make-do and mend job at home.

The rose gold heart pendant was a boutique find in Truro years ago and the rings are both charity shopped.

I'm pleased to report that I've had a few swims this week and do feel better for it. The pace at work seems to have plateaued out and I'm not doing so many hours (exhaustion put paid to that), which is no bad thing. I've got the weekend off and have already nipped to St Mary's to have my hair cut and then had a swim on the high tide on my return. Next on the agenda - waging war on the laundry pile and then some cooking for the freezer. Fingers crossed for some nice weather tomorrow so that Steve and I can have a trip out in the boat and have a picnic on a deserted beach somewhere.

Wishing you a super weekend!

Anna x


All the pinks and polka dots

Hello lovelies, how are you?

Saturday's work outfit here, in all the shades of pink that I could muster up. Not exactly matchy-matchy, more a bundle of fun in this summer outfit. If I'd left the Candy bag out of the equation this would have been a sleeker style, but honestly it wouldn't be such fun. 

Some of you may recognise this as the It Dress of 2019 from Zara - see it here. I fell for its charms way back during a London trip when I visited the Oxford Street branch. Today's twist is a new one for me and one that is maybe a tad sugary sweet for some...

Last year I showcased the frock again, but that time with silver and white accessories - see here. Today's effort may well be saccharine sweet, but it does still say summer to me. The addition of my H&M sock boots add an elegance despite the bubblegum Barbie shade, echoed in the eBay elasticated belt. 

It's a joy to bring out my little pink Candy bag again. The jelly bag by Furla is one of two that I have; the other is a larger yellow version. See the rainbow bright collection here. The silver rings are both preloved, as is the wooden beaded necklace.

It's quick confession time now. I'm a day late posting the blog as my latest obsession has gripped me, causing me to spend hours yesterday hunched over my sewing machine. Yes, I'm trying to make a toile of my yellow linen dress. Despite the fact that I've bought a paper pattern, I'm hell bent on trying to make a pattern of the dress from scratch, something that, of course, isn't really advisable for someone of my limited sewing abilities. But, I'm possessed, obsessed and driven into trying. Logically, I know that the only way to make a pattern from an existing item is to take it to pieces and use them as the pattern, but no way am I relegating my gorgeous frock into pieces!

I've been watching YouTube tutorials, learning how to make gathers in fabric and unpicking the old sheet that is to be the trial run before I even venture into measuring up for the linen. I wish I could just conform, open up the shop bought pattern and get on with it, but it's not the exact shape of dress I want. I know I'm not the only one who has been smitten with the sewing bug since the Great British Sewing Bee has been on our TV screens. This sewing frenzy has gripped me and there's no getting over it until I've achieved something akin to a frock. If I'm not sewing, then I'm watching the previous series, trying to pick up tips to improve my skills. Practice, practice, practice is all I can do!

Wishing you a fabulous week everyone!

Anna x


Just another working day

Hello lovelies!

As you read this I shall be off-island having my first taste of mainland life in 15 months. This is probably the longest I've ever been holed up on the tiny island of Tresco without a break. Writing this, I do wonder how I'll feel to be out there surrounded by hoards of mask-wearing strangers, (hopefully) keeping their distance from me. Thinking about this makes me realise how very different lock-down on an island has been compared to elsewhere. Familiar faces in normal routines meant we all seemed to carry on our ordinary lives without too much fuss. How very lucky we have been.

The outfit was from Tuesday when grey skies mingled with a peek-a-boo sun - not the ideal for a pre-work photo shoot, but Fiona and I did our best. I've been keen to showcase this jacket and dress combination as it's a favourite work outfit at the moment. Jamie bought me the dress for my birthday and I love the marriage of the different prints as well as the joyful addition of the bright pink. It's a stylish work ensemble with a generous dollop of fun!

The dress was from Zara, trench from Topshop, boots from H&M, underskirt was charity shopped and the belt was an eBay purchase from a long time ago.

Simple black sunglasses by Radley London add a touch of class to this animal print outfit.

I had started the day at 5.30am, chopping and slicing veg to get a meal into the slow cooker before washing up and making breakfast. A fresh wind was blowing which put paid to my early morning swim, but I spent 20 minutes instead gathering some clothes together to pack in a bag for my trip the next day. It was a productive day at work and I also received my second vaccine in the afternoon so I felt flushed with success. 

It won't be long now until I get my haircut on St Mary's, so this may be the last shot of the overgrown lock-down look. I shan't miss the fact that I have to wash it every day now just to make it presentable.

And last of all, thank you to those of you who have sent me photos for inclusion in my 6th anniversary post. If you're still considering, then there's plenty time. The more the merrier as they say! Just send me an email and attach your snap along with a few words as to how Anna's Island Style has influenced the outfit. It's easy peasy!

                                                                                      Anna x


Zebra print dress

Hello again my lovelies! How are you?

Today's outfit is a trial run for next month when I'll be back at work, customer facing again. I'll be perfectly honest with you and say that I'm not sure how I feel about that. I've had a pretty idyllic lockdown again, enjoying being at home with my sewing projects interspersed with daily sea swims, each swim different to the one before according to weather, state of the tide and whichever beach is the most appealing on the day. The prospect of being at work doesn't exactly rival this daily routine. And yet, I do know that the nature of me is to commit 100% to the task in hand and therefore the role of Gallery Manager will consume me as it always has before. As human beings we're so adaptable, able to acclimatise to change very quickly. 

So, what do you think of my new dress? This was my birthday present from Jamie in January and I've not had a chance to wear it yet. I've wanted a Zebra print frock for some time now so this was a brilliant find in the Zara sale at the time. The classic shirtwaister is fitted over the hips and drops away to soft pleats in the most flattering manner. The deep buttoned cuffs balance out the puffed sleeves. It's a stylish shape in a contemporary print which is a winning combination.

A pop of pink seemed like the perfect foil to add to this monochrome look. The stretch belt was from eBay many moons ago. The pink flower ring was a gift from a friend and the heart shaped one was a charity shop buy.

My old favourite sockboots from H&M finished off the look perfectly.

My white and black print sunglasses are from Quay Australia.

And finally, have you had your vaccine yet? I got my jab on Tuesday and didn't feel a thing! My only after effect has been a sore arm which is still present three days later. I know some people have felt quite ill and had flu-like symptoms so I suppose I've been lucky.

Well, I'm just about to head off to the beach now. I've started posting these little time-lapse pieces on my Instagram to share the swim of the day - you can see these here

Have a fabulous weekend!

Anna x

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