Summer Show 2

Hi, hello and here I am at the second summer exhibition last night with the artist of the evening, Saul Cathcart who managed to make it to Tresco for his opening night party. This is his first exhibition with us, and it's been worth the wait. Paul won't mind me telling you that he had contacted me many years ago, asking to show in the gallery. At that time I felt that he was very much work in progress and that he needed some time to develop his own voice. I'm glad that we both waited, as this collection is fresh and strong and shows a great emotional response to his residency here on the island last winter. 

Just unpacked, this was my first chance to see my personal favourite of Saul's, All That I Need - Pentle Beach, Tresco, which then went on to sell to the client who was viewing it. Thank goodness! It saved me that terrible inner battle of Can I, Can't I? See the full collection of the show here

The best time of the day - the show is open, the party was a success and Saul sold his first painting - all is well with the world. A huge thanks to Polly, Duffy and Jilly for running such a tight ship last night - we made a great team!

And so, on to the outfit. The boho maxi dress is actually called The Angel Dress and was from Zara when I was in London last month. I was at the grab-it-and-run stage, so didn't try it on in the shop. Oh my goodness, I'm gonna stop for a moment and have a moaning moment. Living on a tiny island means I'm not very savvy about the rules of department store shopping, but honestly I came across a crazy shopping rule in Zara that just astounded me. Picture this - a very hot summer's day on Oxford Street, the shops teaming with shoppers and the queues getting longer by the minute. I had a huge armful of shopping and had tried to skip the queue in Zara by taking the escalator up two flights to another changing room. After waiting my turn, I was asked how many items I had. I don't know was my reply. The assistant counted 15 pieces including belts, then told me I could only take 10 in. OK says I, I'll leave these belts and tops behind and swap them with you in a moment. You can't do that she said. Sorry? Well, we don't hold anything for you. If you don't want it, then we put it straight back into stock. But, if I can try it on I might buy it. Sorry, only 10 items and no hold-overs. At this stage, my own guardian angel decided to intervene, when the two young girls behind me both offered to take some of my things in with them and we'd swap as I worked my way through my stash. I thanked them profusely and we got on  with it, but honestly - what's that all about? 

The Angel Dress was a find on day two in London, by which time I'd given up all thoughts of changing rooms in Zara and had resorted to grabbing a size and hoping for the best. This floaty boho maxi was £49.99, but seems to be sold out already. I love it for the colour, pattern and shape - it's a great summer frock, dreamy and feminine and will now become an everyday piece for me to wear with white trainers or flat sandals. I think it's going to be a cool option for those hot summer days - I'll let you see the daytime version soon.

My turtle gemstone bag was from a small boutique in St Andrews in January, but it lacks a label I'm afraid. The colours of the stones are a super match for this outfit. It held a back-up pair of shoes (not needed, surprisingly) as well as my camera, hairbrush and make-up - it's a bit of a Tardis creature this one! The large ring on the left was a purchase at TK Maxx some time ago and the other gold coloured ring was a charity shop find.

These strappy gold sandals say Office inside. I think I bought them to take on a cruise a few years ago. They're not leather, but are soft enough not to rub even though I was on my feet for three hours.  We all need a pair of gold sandals surely? 

My shark's tooth necklace is adorned with Swarovski crystals and was made by Charlie Dodge. 

Best thing of all about my fabulous new dress has to be the Swoosh Factor!

Thanks so much for dropping by. As you can tell, my life has moved up a gear into summer mode, therefore apologies to all of my blogging buddies for not hanging out with you as I like to. With our summer shows opening every 10 days and my swimming training for my big swim becoming a reality rather than a plan, I'm juggling all of the plates frantically. I want to share as much of my daily life with you, my reader, as I can and am so pleased to have you visit. 

Until next time, have a super week!

Anna x


Summer show 1

Hello and welcome our first summer exhibition evening at the gallery. Last night our artist in attendance was Flynn O'Reilly who basked in the glorious weather and revelled in his opening night party. To say that the gallery was busy is an understatement and we all worked hard like the ubiquitous swan, graceful on the surface and pedalling like billy-oh under the surface.

Before the masses descended. Flynn's artwork hangs proudly on the back wall and drew him lots of interest over the course of the evening. He spent a couple of hours chatting to clients, discussing the work which was produced as a result of his winter residency on the island. His reward was to sell his first piece on the night, setting him up for a good show. See the full collection of the July shows here.

The first show in the bag, we stepped outside for a few snapshots of the event.

I'll admit it: I've already peaked outfit-wise! I wish I could be of the mindset to save the best 'til last, but the glorious summer weather plus the siren's call of my mermaid coat clinched it. All I can say is that you'll surely see this fabulous coat on another exhibition evening. 

The evening sunshine bounced off the iridescent scales/sequins of the coat, causing it to shimmer and dazzle. It garnered lots of compliments too as I explained that Steve had given me it for Christmas - on land as in the water, I'm forever a mermaid I joked. The coat was from Topshop, but no longer available I'm afraid. I've slipped a beaded vest top underneath - a charity shop find (£2.50) again the brand is Topshop and the satin trousers were a gift from my daughter. I love to put a look together that looks unique but that hasn't cost the earth. Recycling clothes is one of my pet loves as you know.

My thanks to Harriet, a visiting friend who kindly donated these fantastic rosy-hued mirrored sunglasses to me. They're by my favourite brand Quay Australia  who have a 25% offer on at the moment, so hurry and grab yourself a bargain. (I link through to them because I love them, no other reason.)

Yet another outfit that delivers the wonderful swoosh factor! Not only that, but when I walk, the coat rustles making a noise like the sea receding across shells on the shore.

Both rings are pre-loved and ridiculous bargains from a Truro charity shop.

I've had these satin kitten heels for years. They were from Wallis. I love the pale mint green lozenge gemstones adding a bit of bling to what might have been too much classic understatement otherwise.

I'm so fortunate to have an excuse to dress up to the nines like this. With one exhibition every 10 days over July and August, Polly and I are constantly planning the next outfit. I'm, needless to say, in my element bringing out all of my sparkly over-the-top ensembles, but I also have a couple of new dresses that are much more the floaty look than awash with bling. You know me, ever the chameleon! 

So that's it, one exhibition down and five to go. I do hope you've enjoyed the first round up of our summer shows and that you'll join me for the next one. In the meantime I hope to see you again at the weekend!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

                                                                                      Anna x


The final summer show!

I really can't quite believe that another entire summer show period has come and gone. Summer in my book is highlighted by the start of our exhibitions and ends 60 days later when the six shows are all done and dusted. We opened our final summer exhibition on Friday the 24th August, sadly without any artists in attendance and also without a single shot of my lovely assistants. Life, as they say, rarely goes to plan and just to add insult to injury the perfect summer weather I had imagined somehow failed to appear. Instead the sky was grey and the wind was mighty fresh!

This is my vintage two piece that I bought in Harrogate for £8. It's real silk too.

The padded shoulders make me think this is an 80's piece, but please tell me if you know otherwise. The skirt length too indicates an 80's hemline don't you think? I certainly felt a bit Dallas in this. 

Fuchsia was what came to mind when I was searching for my accessories. The handbag and rings are all preloved, of course. The oversized pearls are from Debenhams.

The shoes are from TK Maxx (£14.99) and are by Miss Selfridge. 

The belt was a gift from my friend Bo in Portugal. She also sent me a dark green version too. Both are leather with elastic back, which is my favourite type of belt, but of course you know that already.

Here's a peek at the gallery just before opening and if you want to see the show in full you can see it online here. The party went really well; much busier than I expected given the wet and windy evening. I had resigned myself to having a very slow start with just a trickle of guests, but it was a lovely turn-out with sales being strong too. My windswept photo shoot was before the show and I had planned to capture the team at the end of the evening as we always do, but instead I was tied up with a last minute purchase and when I finally finished, I discovered that the girls had deserted me in favour of dinner at the pub!

And finally, I forgot to mention that the skirt has pockets - hurrah!

Have a lovely week.

Anna x

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