Ping Pong Piece no 6

Hello and welcome to the August edition of Ping Pong Piece, our monthly challenge where we each in rotation choose an everyday item to style up. See how this first came about here and then transformed into the current format here. Samantha is hosting this month's feature choosing Wide Legged Trousers for us to style and introducing our guest blogger Liyana.

Samantha of Fake Fabulous wears her gunmetal grey floppy trousers with a khaki tunic with side gathers. Her huge chestplate necklace makes a fabulous statement piece against this simple backdrop as do these cute embroidered slippers. I love how Sam always delivers the unexpected - I so didn't imagine this when she suggested Wide Legged Trousers as our theme! I somehow thought she and I might be mirroring each other so isn't it great that she can still surprise me.

Outfit details are -
TROUSERS: Fenn Wright Manson
TOP: New Look
BIB: Primark
BAG & SHOES: Topshop

I urge you to take a look at Liyana's blog Affordable - I've linked through to her intro page so that you can learn about the lady first before you see her spin on our combined feature. Her take on fashion and shopping really strikes a chord with me; she buys most of her clothes when they are on sale and by making these savings she can afford to splurge on some special accessories. Today's outfit is a great example of her individual style combining her understated blazer with these uber cool palazzo pants and patent shoes and then throwing in her wild card by way of the Disney clutch. 

Outfit details -
Glass Line navy blazer
No-brand draped pants
Topshop t-shirt
Shanghai Disneyland "Alice" clutch
Aldo monk shoes
No-brand scarf 

Kremb de la Kremb blogger Ann is looking tres chic today in black and white. Her wide legged white trousers and sweet gingham blouse have a look of the French Riviera with her sunglasses and earrings adding a touch of 60's glamour. Within hours of taking this shot Ann ended up in hospital with excruciating back pain. By simply bending over she had torn two discs in her back. I'm sending her all my love and hope she'll be well soon

Outfit details -
Sunnies--Forever 21
Necklace--TJ Maxx
Shirt--Who What Wear for Target
White Wide Legged Jeans--Mega sale from H&M
Waist Belt Bag--gift from my sister, Hustle & Hide Co
Shoes--Forever 21

My regular readers may recognise these huge palazzo pants of mine from last year. The bargain of the day at £5 they still have the wow factor for me. I decided to play things down with this classic white shirt which was another bargain in Sainsbury's sale this summer at only £8. I've taken metallics as my counterpoint with the multi-toned necklace, silver mesh belt and gold bag, sandals and bangles finishing the look.

Outfit details -
Trousers: New Look
Shirt: Sainsbury's
Necklace: Du Barre
Shoes: London Rebel
Belt, bangles and bag: pre-loved
Rings: c/o Gemporia
Sunglasses: Quay Australia
Anna x


Black trouser challenge 12

Week twelve of this personal style challenge and I'm still not tiring of these frilled fancy pants from River Island. I'm hoping that I'm managing to keep you interested too...

We're still clinging on to the remnants of summer here on the Isles of Scilly even though there's (seemingly) wild weather due this weekend. I thought I'd better bring out this little top which is a tad late to the party re statement sleeves, gingham and cold shoulder trends. Lots of bloggers are already airing their wishlists for A/W17 making me dig my heels in a bit - I'm not finished showcasing my summer pieces yet! This pre-loved top originates from F&F at Tesco and fulfilled all the requirements for this summer's hottest trends - florals, checks, bell sleeves as well as the obligatory cold shoulders. I'd promised myself that I'd not be entering into the yards of flesh being exposed in the name of fashion that is the cold shoulder look, however these split sleeves seemed like a tiny nod to the trend without being too revealing for the workplace. 

The white mules were a supermarket purchase last year (Sainsbury's) and have taken me a whole year to get them on the go, as it were. Now that I've managed to stretch them a little I feel I ought to get some wear out of them before boots and brogues take centre stage. The clutch is pre-loved, but no brand label to be found. The belt is a new purchase from eBay and I have it lined up with a vintage blouse for another styling soon. The sunglasses were also from Sainsbury's sale last summer and the bangle and rings are from random sources (gifts and pre-loved).

I'm still getting a kick out of these frilled trousers and they get me a fair few compliments too. It'll be interesting how long this challenge will fire me with enthusiasm, but I promise to drop it before my passion wanes. The joy is in discovering pieces within my wardrobe that work well rather than just can be worn with black - the difference is huge in my book.

Please join me on Sunday for another edition of Ping Pong Piece where we'll be styling wide trousers for our sins! In the meantime, I do hope that the hurricane Gert swoops over the top of us all without causing too much damage. Stay safe x

Anna x


Penultimate summer show

How quickly this has come around! I can barely believe that we have only one more summer exhibition to host and the schedule will be over. 

Yesterday we opened another collection (see here) with our attending artist, Flynn O'Reilly. This was Flynn's first show with us, but he wasn't in the least overcome by the occasion and chatted to clients about his work which was the result of his winter residency on the island. Flynn lives and has a studio in Cornwall and has been holidaying on the Isles of Scilly since he was a young child - consequently he knows his subject inside out. Congratulations to him for making his first two sales with us by the end of the evening!

My outfit for the evening was not what I had planned. I have a really lovely vintage maxi dress in a sheer black fabric printed with orange flowers that I had hoped to wear, but after much faffing about with underskirts of various lengths combined with camis/bodies I gave up. I really need to line it and do in fact have black satin bought with that in mind. Time has been sadly lacking to get this done over the summer months, but hopefully before the October show I will manage to get my sewing machine out to tackle the job. Instead I wore - skirt: QED London, top: Tu at Sainsbury's, belt: eBay, shoes:H&M, necklace: Dorothy Perkins, rings: pre-loved.

My thanks as always to the dream team of the evening - Heather, Polly and Max who were all in fine fettle as you can see!

On Friday I'll be featuring my Black Trouser Challenge and on Sunday it'll be time for Ping Pong Piece once again. Do please join me!
Anna x


The joy of colour

I'm never happier than when I'm wearing bold colours and today's outfit is pretty much as bold as it gets. Fuchsia and orange just sing out, signalling joy to anyone who cares to take a look. The overcast sky was a bonus this morning as I think bright sunlight might have bleached the overall effect. 

My outfit is a mixture of new and pre-loved (my new favourite word for a favourite way of shopping). The top is from TK Maxx, by Figuerola & Flower, trousers are from New Look, the sky scraper sandals are by Catwalk, necklace is pre-loved as is the orange ring and bangle, whereas the pink ring and bangle were birthday gifts from years ago, sunglasses are from Quay Australia. The pink culottes are still on sale, see here. I bought mine in the Truro store last month during the summer sale (£8) and they were the last pair on the rack. I fell in love with the colour and grabbed them to try on along with the armful of summer fripperies I'd found. Well, when I took them off the hanger I discovered that they were a size 18 (I'm an 8/10), but that didn't put me off. These plisse fabric culottes work fine on me in this size as they don't cling, sit on the hips (allowing a large lunch to be consumed without worry of mid-afternoon-belly-bloat) and therefore are more like wide leg crop trousers than mid-calf culottes. I'm a huge advocate of ignoring sizes in favour of trying on to see how things work out. Yes, I could have searched online to see if these were still available in my size, but the thrill of the chase was on and I needed these at that very moment. Impatient, impetuous, impending broke - yes, that's me!

Anna x

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