Come join me by the pool!

Hi and how are you? How's your weekend going? This is my third day in off in a row which is a lovely treat. Polly has returned from Tobago and no, I'm not in the least bit jealous! The two weeks away have done her the power of good and she's still very chilled out, not to mention sporting a super golden tan. It's great to have her healthy vibe about the place.

My outfit of the day is a mix of old and new, mostly from the high street. I threw this together when my friend Rachel said she'd step in as photographer of the day. Plan A had been for Steve and I to head off-island to capture that desert island feel for a summer dress I have lined up, but he's having a boys weekend on the mainland which came about at the last minute. The weather here is suddenly looking like summer and I'm only slightly annoyed at missing the chance of the boat trip, but I know it'll come around again.

These cute little beach huts are mini changing rooms for the swimming pool that's just across the way from Rachel's house. With a swimming pool on one side and the beach on the other she's so well placed for her end of day downtime too. Much as we live on this paradise island, we still have the same work stresses as everyone else and it's good that she remembers to find some time to unwind at the end of the day. Rachel and I both attended the Mindfulness Retreat on Tresco last year and its health benefits have remained with us. My time to chill seems to be during my morning swim which has the same meditative effect as stopping and staring at the view with a lovely mug of tea, as Rachel does.

So, what about the outfit? The jacket was a TK Maxx find in Manchester last summer, the brand is Anja Rock. Trousers are River Island, sandals are by Dune, tee shirt is from Topshop, jewellery is all charity shopped and the straw handbag was a present from my friend Suzie in New Zealand. 

I have to mention that the trousers have that half elastic back which makes for a great snug fit. I'm not sure if it's because I'm shopping more on the high street that I have quite a few pairs of these now or could it be that I'm still carrying that bit of extra weight around my middle that has me drawn to this easy fit style. I'd like to blame my thickening waist (and back fat) on my age and a slowing metabolism, but I fancy that I'm probably eating too much and am just not active enough. I beetle about, dodging up and down the stairs at work all day long, but I finally admitted defeat this week and have joined the gym. I think I need some weight bearing exercise and will be reviewing my week to see if I can fit in some walking too after work or maybe I'll grab an apple and walk during my lunch hour. 

Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not begging for sympathy - it's half a stone for goodness sake! But it's all relative, don't you think? I don't compare myself to others, I just refer to clothes and old photos to see what I used to be. That seems to be the best way for me to keep in touch with what's my best or should I say happiest size. If I'm carrying too much weight it simply gets me down. My clothes don't fit nicely or some of them at all and therefore I know it's time to act. 

When I looked at some of these photos I saw lumps and bumps that I wasn't happy about and so it's my nature to be honest with you and to name and shame myself rather than have my readers see this gradual change and think I don't notice.

The pool was deliciously warm, but not tempting enough for me. Give me a chilly stretch of sea with a brisk onshore wind and the odd bit of wake from a passing boat - that's more my thing!

So this is how Saturday evening at 6pm looks on the island. It's a pretty amazing backdrop looking across the Great Pool from this swimming pool location. The sunbeds were all empty and not a soul was in the water. The island is almost full booked currently which just goes to prove that you can always find a quiet spot when you come to stay. 

Until next time, have a super week!

Anna x


Pink boots x 2

Hello my lovelies and how are you? I'm well and hope you are too. With summer fast approaching I'm posting these sock boots once again as I'm aware that sandal season is just around the corner. Have I paired these with this pink trench already? Surely. Can't stop to check, as I'm heading off to the beach in a moment - yes, I'm back on my daily sea swims and all is once again well with the world! Yay!

Anyway, I ended the day yesterday wearing this version of pink sock boots as these are my afternoon comfy version. I think that the chunky sole is a great feature and distracts from the fact that these are more or less slippers. Pop a tweedy checked fabric on these and they'd be perfect grandad footwear.

They're also kinda spaceman boots too, don't you think? I bought these Jeffrey Campbell boots in TK Maxx earlier this year.

The rest of the outfit comprises of the polo neck sweater which is preloved, also much loved by me for the ribbed knit giving a figure hugging fit, plus the gilt buttons at the cuffs. The trousers are from Primark, this season, and the leather belt is preloved. The pink trench is by Topshop and was a fab charity shop scoop last year. The pink sock boots are by H&M.

You'll have seen a lot of this necklace recently due to the simple versatility of this silver chain which adds a contemporary twist to any outfit. It's by Melissa James, a brand that we carry in the gallery - please note this was a purchase of mine, not a gift. I link through to the brand cos it's a super and very affordable range of jewellery.

My old favourite sunnies are by Quay Australia - another shout out for a great brand - I have about half a dozen pairs of them, but seem to come back to the same couple of pairs time after time. And last of all my diamante ring is preloved and the pink ring was a gift from a friend.

We had a fair few spectators for this photo shoot by way of the cattle in the field nearby. Plus the obligatory photo-bomber this time was Graham the bike hire guy on the island. Am sharing this photo of him for those of you who know and love 'im!

Graham is a popular figure on the island and is know for his declaration that "This is my last year on the island" which earns him a healthy tip from his customers. Somehow the fact that he spins this one year after year only serves to endear himself to them even more!

Well, that just about rounds it up folks. It's been great to catch up with you again. You can tell that I'm feeling back on form again with this punchy pink ensemble. I'll be back at the weekend with another offering of sorts. I hope you have a brilliant week and look forward to seeing you again soon.

                                                                                         Anna x


Everyday sequins?

I'll understand if wearing sequins in an everyday way may not be for you, but when you have a fabulous sequinned jacket just hanging around waiting for its moment, then sometimes you just have to make up an excuse to wear it. The wind was sharp and strong yesterday morning when Steve and I had planned to scoot out for a quick photo shoot. I'd already decided to wear these Boden chinos (quite old) along with this white tee shirt with the lovely gold blocking stating "Paris is always a good idea" (by Public Envy from TK Maxx), but this was chosen when we'd had a lovely sunny day. 

It wasn't too difficult a decision to pop this fabulous jacket over my outfit making this a very happy ensemble. The jacket is by Anothereight and was also from TK Maxx, a birthday find earlier on this year. It's nicely padded and so was the perfect toasty layer. I love the practicality of it being padded but also the impracticality of it being sequinned - cosy and beautiful, hurrah!

More posing and less bossing was pretty much what Steve was saying here. 

You've no idea what joy it is to have these brocade trainers in my shoe collection. The brand is Replay and they too were a wonderful TK Maxx discovery. Jazzy shoes are the best!

Accessories read like this - necklace was a present from Sasha, ring is preloved and sunglasses are from Quay Australia.

This is a grin-a-minute outfit. I'm frankly sequin mad, a true magpie collecting all things that are bright and sparkly. My passion doesn't rival Lisa, the Sequinist though! Check out her blog for sparkles in almost every feature.

It's a glorious Sunday morning as I sit writing this. In fact it's two weeks ago since Steve and I captured that other glorious sequinned offering on the beach on Easter morning (see here). I had a lovely swim after that shoot, but that's been my only swim in the past two weeks. The flu virus has just about passed and I may have a swim later on today after work. The enforced break from swimming has been a drag, but the longer it goes on the more difficult it seems to get back into the water. I think I could leave it forever and still find an excuse not the take the plunge. Yes, it's going to be a terrible shock to the system, but it's a deed that has to be done. Wish me luck!

                                                                    Anna x


A true friend indeed!

Sometimes we need a good friend, and yesterday with Polly away on holiday, Sasha running her circuits class and hubby out on gig coxswain duty my blog photographers seemed to be a bit thin on the ground. So thank goodness that my lovely friend Kate is here on holiday, allowing me to take over her garden as the sun dropped in the sky while she was having a lull between holiday activities.

Kate launched into moving garden furniture as I stood by giving instructions. Poor Kate is used to being bossed about by me and yet like a true friend she puts up with my ways.

Sit here, I said, so that I can check the light. And meek as a lamb, she did. A true friend indeed! Kate is staying at North End cottage for the week, celebrating her birthday in the best possible way with boat trips, bouquets, birthday cake, bottles of bubbly and her best friend. 

You'll have maybe seen these separates from a recent shopping trip in Truro see here, but I thought you might like to see the outfit after a hard day at the office. Hahaha - if you've seen the view from my office window you'll understand that it's no hardship at all!

The jumper and trousers were both in the Topshop sale and the mustard jacket is by Boohoo but from TK Maxx at the bargain price of £7.99. The statement necklace was half price in the Topshop sale too and is perfect for this mix of colours.

The patent boots have barely been off my feet since I bought them. They're soooo comfortable with that mid heel not too high and the foot width isn't narrow either making them all-day-long comfortable. Polly and I have a stash of "afternoon shoes" in the gallery for that moment when you return from lunch and realise that a pair of comfortable shoes is the order of the day. These don't need that back up which is great.

However, I'm not averse to a bit of lounging around as my dear friend has cleared the decks for me. Oh goodness, these sun loungers are very comfortable! Call Steve and tell him I might be late home... Now where's that bubbly?

The dusty track along the lane to the cottage had left its mark on my lovely boots, but a quick rub up and they're as good as new.

My charity shop handbag is a great match for these boots.

It was about a week ago that I was at home fighting off a cold virus, more flu-like I found when the backache kicked in and consequently I'm still not 100%. I hadn't really acknowledged that slight bit of depression that lingers on after these bugs, but am currently running on low. I'm missing my sea swimming terribly but know how it could set me back if I swim while I'm still harbouring a cough and sinus pain. Patience doesn't come naturally to me, but I think I'll have to wait until the weekend until I venture into the briny once again. 

Thanks for dropping in again today. I appreciate your company and hope that you've enjoyed the feature. I'll be back at the weekend with? - goodness knows what! It all depends on whether I can find a photographer!

Take care and see you soon!

Anna x

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