Agapanthus how I love thee!

Hello again my lovelies! What a busy week it's been on the islands since we last spoke. Schools have broken up for summer holidays and we're seeing so many day trippers now. The gallery is doing a roaring trade, as are all the other businesses on Tresco. Sunshine and showers was the rule of thumb for the week and then bang, we were hit by Storm Evert! The rescue services were in evidence throughout Thursday evening as helicopters refuelled on the island and the local lifeboat had to be supported by one from the mainland as it hit difficulties too while they responded to distress calls from over 20 yachts in danger. Campers across the Isles of Scilly had their tents ripped, flattened or in some cases blown away as the storm raged overhead. The island communities rallied around offering shelter and repairs to help the visitors get back on their feet again.

In the meantime, I've been snapping away trying to capture my garden in bloom, specifically these fabulous agapanthus flowers which grow like weeds around the island. The are big and blowsy, larger than life and real show-offs as flowers go; they remind me of myself! I've had to do a fair bit of cropping of these photos as we have power lines run along the top of the garden plus there's the steel framework of our children's swings from their childhood. Anyway, here's the results plus me in Friday's work outfit.

Nothing new here, but it's the first time I've worn this sheer flower sprigged top (by Clara) with my gingham dungarees (from Topshop). It was raining as I set off to work and rainy days always present a problem for me clothes-wise. My white pumps (from TK Maxx) are patent and therefore ideal for weather so that was easy. And for some reason I always end up wearing black in some shape or form on wet days, maybe simply because I feel a bit dull? Anyway, as the rain drifted away this outfit served me well even when the sun came out.

A couple of pre-loved rings was all I could muster by way of jewellery, well that plus my ever favoured sunglasses by Quay Australia, of course!

Do you have a favourite between the white blooms or the blue ones? I think I prefer the blue.

It was my day off on Saturday and Steve, Sasha and I went for a picnic at Great Bay on St Martin's. I forgot to take any photos but here's a few snaps from the last time we were there.

I had a swim in the clear waters of this little bay. It seemed to feel colder than on Tresco but I wonder if that's because it's open to the elements rather than sheltered by other islands within the archipelago. Next stop from this beach is mainland Cornwall.

Great Bay is a lovely long sweep of sand, but there's lots of rocks and seaweed here which I find a bit off putting for swimming in. I think I've been spoilt by the like's of Cradle's Porth!

This old sailing ship was moored up in the bay, looking very romantic, don't you think? We get a lot of Tall Ships pass through the islands on the way to some further adventure. I do love to see them, but don't envy the thought of days and weeks at sea feeling seasick!

Bee heaven in this beautiful meadow!

And king of all he surveys - this goat looked very at home on his perch. I hope you've had a great weekend so far. Fingers crossed we'll get some sunshine today!

Anna x


July jackets, the monthly style challenge

Hello again! Yes, it's time for our monthly Style Not Age challenge. This month Jacqui came up with the idea of Jackets for July, but that was before our heatwave of course! Things have cooled down a bit now, and I for one am not sorry about that. So, on to the challenge - let's see what Jacqui and the others came up with this time, shall we?

Jacqui has chosen a white linen jacket for today's feature; a classic summertime look. Wide legged trousers and a chiffon top complete the outfit. See all the details on Mummabstylish.

Emma's showing off her wild side today with lots of animal print. Her coral blazer is far from conservative too with colourful trim and funky buttons. See more on the Style Splash

Gail's suede bomber jacket ticks all my boxes for chic style and what a fabulous pairing with the citrus bright top too! Catch up with her on blog Is this Mutton

Here's another gorgeous jacket that wouldn't go amiss in my wardrobe! Hilda found this blazer in a local boutique - see the back story on Over The Hilda

I've had this bright green jeans jacket (from Benetton) for years now and still love it. The cotton has a touch of stretch to it which is nice too. When Jacqui proposed this challenge I almost went for a blazer as I have this silk one that's not made it out of my closet yet. Hopefully you'll get a chance to see it before the summer is over.

The Tresco Island tee shirt was gifted to me and is available at the Lucy-Tania shop on island. The design of the Gaia Statue (located in the Tresco Abbey Garden) is by Emily Parsons, a local artist who also works on the Reservations team at Tresco Island Office. My blue sea glass necklace was bought at Gallery Tresco from Drift Jewellery.

I'd popped out before 7am to take these shots before work. The view down through Tresco Channel shows just a fraction of the yachts that are moored up around the islands at this time of year. The ramparts of King Charles Castle are a great setting for a photo shoot with 360 degree views. 

I had to laugh as even at this early hour I could see a runner appear across the headland towards me! There's no such thing as escape is there?

The rest of the outfit is made up of white crops (Next, pre-loved), trainers by Zara and Quay Australia. Glimpses of charity shop rings seen too.

I hope you're enjoying your summer and are keeping safe now that the government restrictions are lift or being lifted depending on where in the UK you live. I'm pleased to report that our clients are acting responsibly, still wearing masks and behaving with care towards others. It's a great relief.

And on that positive note I shall leave you. Take care and I hope you manage to get some picnic time/fun time/barbecue time this week!

                                                                                         Anna x


Dressing for a heatwave

Hurrah, we're having a heatwave!

Hello lovelies! Are you wilting in this weather? The heatwave here in the UK is a wonderful summer bonus for us, but golly it's a challenge to keep cool at work. You may have seen how I was keeping cool in my previous feature, but for work I need to be a bit more formal. 

Long and loose was my way of coping at work the other day. A double dose of lightweight fabric in my most favourite of patterns, paisley of course, was a wonderful way of wafting my way through the day. Neither the skirt or top is new, but that doesn't detract from their loveliness. Sasha gave me the H&M orange top a few years ago and it pops up on the blog with regularity. The paisley maxi skirt was a charity shop find a few years ago too and has that sweet sparkly stretch waistband making it uber comfy! The whole outfit is perfect for a hot day.

Simple yet bold accessories today in the shape of two turquoise coloured rings, both pre-loved, and a gold chain from Primark. Retro sunglasses are by River Island.

The silvery blue embroidered mules were from TK Maxx years ago and are still going strong. I often bring them out to wear with this skirt as they work so well together.

The weather is due to break today with rain arriving in the Southwest by the end of the day. I'm off to raid my wardrobe for inspiration to cover this eventuality. It's still hot at the moment so wish me luck in finding the right outfit to fit the bill!

                                                                                       Anna x


Summertime picnic

Hello lovelies!

Yes, this was our Friday escape. Steve and I had an awayday motoring off in our little boat to the Eastern Isles for a day of eating, drinking and splashing about in the sea. We've both been working hard, putting in long hours to keep up with things and this was our reward.

This is our favourite uninhabited island giving a Robinson Crusoe feel to our day. As we landed on the tiny spit of sand the flock of gulls took flight leaving us to set up camp on the white brow of the island. Our needs were simply to sit down and enjoy the view. Taking time away from home was long overdue and we talked and talked and talked. We've both been on a loop of eat, work, sleep for weeks and this was such a treat.

The pale turquoise strip of sand is where a beautiful sandbar reveals itself on the low tide. I was hoping we could get onto the sandbar before we went home and kept my eye on things as the day progressed.

And I wasn't the only one to be drawn to the lure of Ganilly sandbar.

Kayaks and boats arrived spilling the beach lovers onto the silky smooth sand as it revealed itself more and more. Steve and I bided our time, waiting until the last visitor left before we headed across.

The water was deliciously warm around the edges of the sandbar, ideal for wee paddle.

Messing about in boats, a picnic and splashing about in the water - that's my idea of a fun way to spend a day off!

Here's an update for you late readers -
I sent this photo into BBC Breakfast programme last Sunday just as I was writing this blog post. They had asked for viewers to send in photos of how they were managing to keep cool in the heatwave. Much to my amazement, and only 5 minutes later this appeared on my screen.

Some of my Instagram followers saw it on TV and sent me messages too! 


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