Ping Pong Piece no 4

Here I am again with this joint feature from Samantha and Ann in our monthly style challenge, the start of which can be seen here. I must admit that this has to be my all-time low as far as these go. When Ann came up with her suggestion of cut-offs, well my heart sank. I don't even own a pair of this type of shorts. Yes, I know that's easily remedied by chopping up a pair of jeans, but hey I don't want to (grump, grump)! In the spirit of our Ping Pong Posts of the past (see here) Ann very kindly sent me a pair of hers and this is how I got on.

My outfit details are -
Shirt: charity shopped
Cut-offs: Ann's
Sandals: River Island
Sunglasses: River Island
Watch: Michael Kors

One of the new twists to our PPP feature is the addition of a guest and this month Ann has invited Ruth to join us.

Now here's a girl who doesn't look in the least bit peeved at having to wear cut-offs! Ruth's beaming smile says it all. This girl is revelling in the challenge as she sports these cute floral shorts. Her black sandals and white bag tie in with the striped off the shoulder top. How easy she makes this look eh? Ruth's blog My Little Nest is here and you can follow her on instagram here.

Ann's shorts have the look of well worn, much loved favourites don't they? I can understand why this was her choice this month and if I looked as good in shorts then I'd want to wear these too. This doesn't seem so much styled, as just an every day at the beach look and it's all the better for that. Truly casual, very cute and yes, you've nailed it Ann! See her blog Kreme de la Kremb here and her instagram here.

Ann's details -
Tee--Forever 21
Tote--Louella Odie 
Cut Offs--DIY Wranglers

Samantha's gone for white shorts too with a neutral spin by way of these simple sandals and sweater. I'd say that Scotland may not be suffering a heat wave at the moment as she's added a toning scarf to keep out the summer chills. I'll understand if you've not noticed anything apart from her amazing legs! Catch up with Samantha on her blog Fake Fabulous here or instagram here

Samantha's details -
Cut offs - DIY
Jumper- John Smedley
Earrings- H&M
Glasses- Asda
Shoes- Clarks
Scarf- A gift.

I'm off for a little paddle now the ordeal is over,  but want to tell you that I'll be back tomorrow with another new post - yes, nothing from me for ages and then two posts in a row! I hope you can join me. 

Anna x



  1. Well the look on your face in those photos says it all. You are not feeling these shorts at all and it shows.

    Kudos for giving it a try but I'm sure you were happy to send these back to Ann.


    1. Golly, is it that obvious Suzanne? Yes, my heart wasn't really in this, but that's the risk you take by being part of a collaboration. I gave this my best shot and that was the result.

      Hope you're getting some of this fab weather across your side of the pond!

      Anna x

  2. That would be a tough challenge for me too, although I will admit to looking at shredded jeans in the thrift shops. You made the best of it, and you still look great, Anna! Think of how difficult your "normal" things would be for most people!

    Everyone looks fabulous! I'm too self-conscious of my legs (cellulite, varicose veins, spider veins, stretch marks) to wear shorts that short!

    1. Do you think it's an age thing then Sheila? I'm seeing lots of positive responses from the younger bloggers...

      I'm becoming more aware of how my normal is indeed pretty off-centre fashion wise. Hopefully that's why my readers keep coming back.

      Have a great week x


  3. Hahahaha the expression on your face, Anna :) cut-offs are clearly not your faves but you really did give it a good go xo

    p/s I love how you use the hat as an accessory (cough, cover GRIN)

    1. I know, Sheela, it was all a bit lame wasn't it? And yes, that move with the hat - can you blame me?

      Anna x

  4. You look so good, but totally understand if this isn't your jam. I love the background (beach?) and you look great for a day in the sand!

    1. It's bound to happen when you have a collaboration with three strong minded women - at some time we have to compromise and give something a go even if it's well outside our comfort zone! But yes, isn't this a fab backdrop?

      Anna x

  5. I'm DEFINITELY not a fan of cut offs or indeed jeans of any sort but I think you did well with them. I won't be joining with them!! ,I like how everyone styled them.
    I will try not to be outrageously jealous of you paddling the shallows. It is stiflingly hot here and I Spent 6 hours on a coach today!!

    1. Even in my younger days I didn't wear cut-offs so to start now seemed a bit crazy to say the least. But hey, I did it and it didn't look too bad.

      The temperature is dropping now to a manageable level thank goodness. Coaches are not my favourite type of transport - you must be keen!

      Anna x


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