Happy Mother's Day!

Hello and Happy Mother's Day to all of you lovely mums out there. Are you having a great day? Jamie and Sasha treated the family to lunch at the Ruin beach Cafe today, and how fortunate we were with the lovely spring weather. We sat outside in the sun and congratulated ourselves on our luck. I suppose I ought to have done that whole raft of images to show you what we ate, but we were far too hungry to shilly-shally about with that nonsense! Suffice to say, it was delicious and very filling - so filling in fact that one of us had to take the remains of theirs home in a doggie-bag.

The cafe sits on the beach at Old Grimsby affording a beautiful view across the bay to the Old Blockhouse and on towards the Eastern Isles in the distance. I love coming to this side of the island - it's my favourite spot, reminding me of when I used to work at the Island Hotel which was located in these grounds. I could never have imagined that 41 years on I would be standing here with my very own family, happily ensconced on this beautiful island.

The vista from our table shows the spit of sand called Blockhouse Point which always looks so inviting - it's the stuff of daydreams for me. In fact, that's exactly what I used to do when I was meant to be dusting in room 2, I would actually be hypnotised by this view, thinking how wonderful it would be to live here. 

After lunch Sasha and I took a detour home via this field of oxalis flowers, far too pretty to be classed as a weed surely? Anyway, they made the perfect backdrop for our photo shoot.

My kitten heels kept sinking into the soft soil.

I built the whole outfit around this fabulous tee shirt (new, from Primark) which will be my go-to top for the summer. I already wish that I bought a couple of these as I worry that the colour will fade. Hand washing may well preserve the dye so that's what I'll do. 

You'll probably remember the pink (pre-loved) Topshop trench from here. After my recent abstinence from bright colours I have reverted to my default setting of colour, colour and more colour for my Mother's Day celebrations. I feel so much more me when I'm swamped in brights. This is the third outing for the coat bringing down the cost per wear to under £1.50 already. 

The trousers are new from Boden (still some left in the sale here), the result of a severe longing I've had for a pink suit. The matching jacket was sold out, but this trench pretty much fits the bill. I'll confess now that I am in the midst of a trouser suit moment - so you have been warned! The blog will be awash with suits very soon in all sorts of colours and patterns, some second hand, some new, all of them filling me with excitement and utter joy at the prospect of a suited summer ahead.

The white kitten heel boots were from New Look, in the sale for £7.

Just rings to finish the look. Pink one was a gift from my friend Maggie, silver and gold one by Emily Nixon.

My pink handbag was new from a charity shop last year/year before? Oh dear, time is whizzing by so fast!

My Quay Australia sunglasses add the final flourish to this springtime outfit. 

I know my homage to neutrals may have been short-lived, but I will make another stab at these sombre shades again, I promise. The addition of the JD Williams snakeskin jacket has already given me some new ideas along those lines, so do please bear with me if that's more your thing. In the meantime, I hope that you're enjoying a bit of a lazy day and that someone is out in the kitchen getting the evening meal together while you put your feet up. Hope your Mother's Day has been as lovely as mine. I have a new magazine waiting for me amidst a pile of cushions on the sofa. Steve, what's for tea?

                                                                                           Anna x



  1. Happy Mother's Day, Anna!

    What lovely photos of you and your family.

    I actually thought you were wearing a trouser suit! It looks lovely on you and what a cheerful and flattering colour the pink is. I'm pretty fond of a trouser suit too and I wore them quite a lot in the late 1990s. Haven't spotted any in the charity shops that have grabbed me but I'd love a floral one...

    Wonderful views of your lovely islands - thank you!

    1. Cheers Vronni. I've been hankering after a pink trouser suit for ages and this seems to be the best I can come up with. Pink is just so cheery, isn't it? I like the idea of a floral one too!

  2. That particular color of pink really compliments your hair Anna! I didn't realize what a pretty, soft shade of red it is!!
    It looks like your mother's day was perfect. Besides loving you to bits, I'll bet Sasha and Jamie are very proud of you!
    Your Frida Kahlo T rocks!! :-) Happy Mother's Day Anna!

    1. I did have the most perfect Mother's Day Judy - didn't do much, but it was all about relaxing with the family which I suppose was the whole point. Glad you like the pink!

  3. We were blessed with good weather wasn't we? I'm still waiting on my date to come to your little island Anna. Love the T I might just have to buy that! xx

    1. Hope you had a fab Mother's day too Laurie. Fingers crossed that I'll be here when you come to stay! See you soon xxx

  4. glad to read you had such a fab day!, your family looks lovely, the landscapes are breathtaking and you've got even sunshine!
    But let's talk on clothes!, I'm in love with your pink trench and pink trousers which really look like a suit!, perfect suit indeed! and also fabulous t-shirt!. You look absolutely gorgeous!

  5. It was a great Mother's day Monica, cheers. I'm totally thrilled with the pink suit. I bet this tee shirt is sold out now - it's the perfect summer top isn't it? x

  6. Happy Mother's Day, Anna! I'm always thrown off by the timing, as it's not till May in Canada.

    I LOVE that pank suiting on you - what a gorgeous and vibrant look that is! Ooh, suiting just appeals to me in general - I just love a matchy look, don't you?

    Thank you for the raft of comments - I feel like we just had tea (come on, Steve, get on that!) and a chat. :)

    Hugs to you and all the best for the coming week.

    1. I thought this pank suit be your thing too Sheila. I'm on a roll with trouser suits as I said and just need the fine weather to return so that I can bring out the next offering in yellow ... x


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