The last Low Tide Event of 2019

Sunday the 1st of September was the last Low Tide Event on the Isles of Scilly and bang on cue, Mother Nature laid on some stonking weather for the epic day. As I sat at Timothy's Corner waiting for my friend Ann to arrive I watched with renewed amazement as the crowds gathered for this most unique of pop-up events.

The huge sandbar is subject to tide, being submerged under 6 meters of sea water which drains away twice a day. Spring and neap tides vary the depth of water and the biggest of tides create the opportunity for the bank of sand to be transformed into a playground for all to gather on and enjoy food, drink and music against this beautiful backdrop, but for only a couple of hours. The novelty of this makes it an exciting gathering as everyone mingles and meets with friends old and new.

Ann and Lucy having a chat to Melissa Hemsley of the famous Hemsley + Hemsley cooks.

Say cheese, er no, melon!

My son Jamie doing a piece to camera for an upcoming TV programme. 

The Island Fish Company took their boat to the customers on Sunday, serving fresh and cooked dishes to the hungry punters. Delicious it was too!

It's difficult to believe that in 5 hours this will all be under water again.

Jamie and I hanging out in the middle of nowhere.

Convict dog being named and shamed in public - poor thing! I think it's actually a sun suit to protect his fragile skin.

Girl power on the sandbar! There was some serious female bonding going on in the channel that day. It was so good to meet and mingle, to catch up with friends and to enjoy this end-of-term feeling after what has been a wonderful, but long hard summer. Work hard and play hard is what we say.

As the tide starts to flood the crowds begin to disperse. Another summer season draws to a close with this watery event marking the start of autumn on the Isles of Scilly. Happy days!

                                                                                             Anna x



  1. I love these posts the best Anna! Seeing your little corner of the earth is soooo interesting. I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  2. What a wonderfull island that must be, and so beautiful! I am looking forward to see how Autumn is there! Happy weekend. Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!


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