The North End

Hello dear friends! How are you? Here I am, having a bit of a gadabout at the North End of Tresco, the wilder side of the island. After my recent big sea swim, I decided to revisit this corner of my journey to view it from the land. Fiona and I had the day off work and walked there replaying the events of the day from each of our perspectives. It was pretty memorable for both of us and good for us to share our stories.

As you can see, it was a wild and windy day, making my trousers flap gloriously in the breeze. 

We're standing at the ramparts of King Charles Castle which affords a spectacular view around the headland as well as the vista south towards St Mary's and St Agnes.

I'm entering this outfit in the campaign that's being run by Oxfam this month - Second Hand September. The charity is trying to encourage us all to fulfil our clothes shopping needs this month by choosing second hand via our charity shops. We can all make a difference with this simple change in habits so why not give it a go? My top, vest and trousers are all charity shop finds, as is the pretty bangle.

My rock climbing escapades were made all the safer by some rather sensible footwear from Topshop. I picked these up in the summer sale for £20. I love the trend for functional trainers that's now part of our everyday dressing.

What kind of crazy person would choose to swim in this channel?

Thanks for joining me today. I'll be back at the weekend to showcase my outfit for the final exhibition of the year, although as per usual, that particular ensemble has yet to reveal itself!

                                                                                            Anna x



  1. That is such a pretty top, Anna! I love the colour and the texture - I just gave up on a similar one in my closet that has been shedding like a beast since I got it. I am still not on board for the everyday trainers - it's not a look I see here on the street at all, although I see it a lot online. I'm not sure that it's "me" but it looks great on other people, ha ha!

    Good for you for Secondhand September! I kind of feel like, "hey, everyone else is finally catching on!", as I've been doing this anti-fast-fashion gig for decades! However, if it helps people to break the fast fashion shopping habit, then I'm on board!

    What lovely pictures of the north part of the island. Wow!

    1. Sheila you're way ahead of your time baby, but as you say at least everyone else is catching on now.

      The North End of the island is wonderful escape even in the height of the summer. Wild and rugged it's mostly deserted and offers some amazing views.

      Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I remember walking up to that point!! Your outfit is super pretty! You look fluffy and pink in it and it looks super comfy too! Secondhand hurrah!!xx

    1. Secondhand hurrah indeed Kezzie!

      Happy memories for you sweetie. Perhaps we'll see you back here again next year xxx

  3. Well done on your swim Anna, it's certainly making you look super fit and ageless too. Love this outfit, your top is so pretty. Jacqui x

  4. Reflecting on your accomplishment with Fiona seems like a perfect way to spend a day! Wearing trousers that flap in the wind just adds to the fun.
    I like the teeny print and the textured, pinky, blouse too!
    Sorry to be so tardy with my comments. I'm still catching up from over two weeks of very minimal media time.
    I'm still SO impressed with your swimming victory! You should savor those moments as often as possible.


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