Goodbye to summer?

Oh my goodness, is it really time to say goodbye to summer? I keep seeing these posts from other bloggers embracing autumn and oh, how I hate to give up on the joys of my favourite season! I'm dragging my feet at the prospect of cosy clothes, but here I am nonetheless posting my last summer offering for you.

Is summer your favourite season too? How on earth can it not be? I love the warmth of the sun, the promise that each day holds, the lightness in my heart, the spring in my step, the joy of my summer wardrobe and the delights therein. Nothing can rival the happiness I feel when I'm on the beach at six in the morning with the heat of the rising sun on my back, the company of a few Oystercatchers chattering their way along the shore. My morning swim sets me up for the day. As the sunlight reaches the turquoise water my mind turns to the outfit of the day. What shall it be? Can I find that winning combination of style plus comfort, especially in the shoe department? Today's ensemble pretty much fills all of those requirements.

Topshop seemed to come up trumps for me several times over the summer with this cinnamon zebra print skirt being one of those that were in the sale. The double splits up the front make for a bit of a flirty feel which is no bad thing. If seeking joy is my mission statement then this fits in nicely thank you!

This gold blocked logo tee was from TK Maxx, the brand is Public Envy and it cost me all of £5.99. You can't go wrong with a white tee shirt for summer, can you? And this one has the perfect message too.

It's a job to tell if my expression is one of outrage or laughter at something Polly had thrown at me. "Shut up" was her most often interjection, probably due to my endless stream of nonsense during these photo shoots. Happy days!

My white Puma trainers were well worn throughout the summer months and goodness how my feet loved the gentle support and comfort of these simple shoes. Will fashion dictate something as feet-friendly next year I wonder?

I sometimes wonder if it's right that I'm still having this much fun at my age?

I'm sporting a mix of old and new jewellery today - preloved rings, Primark gold chain necklace and rose gold Michael Kors watch, plus a new pair of Quay Australia sunglasses that I found in Topshop, once again in the sale. 

This weekend I'll be dragging bags and cases out from under the bed, ever hopeful that my autumn/winter wardrobe will be full of lovely surprises. The past week on Scilly has been a time of changing weather, one that I can't ignore any longer. Thick tights, tweed skirts, fluffy jumpers and cosy jackets will be back in evidence by the end of it - I hope!

In the meantime, please join me and the ladies of the Style Not Age Collective on Monday as we tackle this month's theme of "Autumn florals". My choice this time, so wish me luck with that!

                                                                                        Anna x



  1. My closet swap-over is this weekend as well - such a huge amount of work, isn't it, Anna? I also resist fall until the end of September, but there's no denying that it's in the air. You can see it in the quality of sunlight, feel the chill in the morning and night. I was thinking of you when I took a bunch of photos of my ocean-front walk last night.

    Love the outfit - that's a fun skirt and tee. I appreciate that the sneakers have ribbons instead of laces. That makes them a bit more dressy to me.

    Have a wonderful weekend, my dear!

    1. Your swap weekend seems to be a huge session Sheila. Mine has been a very fitful affair and is still not complete as I've mislaid some boxes. I hope to lay my hands on them this weekend which will make my autumn dressing a bit more exciting.

  2. From the first few photos I spent a few moments trying to work out what it is beginning with P that is a good idea!
    I am getting some fo the warmer things out now. I went to a charity Swoosh yesterday and came back with some goodies.
    Tessa x

    1. Goodness knows what you thought that P was for! I like the sound of a charity Swoosh - I'd be at the front of the line for that x

  3. I too hate to leave summer behind, but am looking forward to wearing some warmer autumnal clothes - it's exciting to get a new set of clothes ready to wear, just hope it wont get too cold too soon!!! Lovely outfit Anna. xx Jacqui x

    1. Autumn seems to have rushed right on past us here on the islands and it looks like winter at the moment with grey wet days and windy nights, yeuch! I hope to unearth some more of my autumn wear this weekend - wish me luck!

  4. This skirt is really unique! I think it's a wood grain pattern!!!
    YES! Of course you should be squeezing every drop of fun that's available from all of life's moments.
    Summer simply blew by!!!!

    1. Wood grain is a great description of this pattern Jude!

      Yes, where did summer go? I can't believe we're this far into autumn already :(

  5. love the joyful feeling of your summery pictures!, and love your swooshing skirt and White sneakers with all the cool accessorizing!
    I don't love our summer, nor the heatwaves, but I understand that a warm summer is really lovely!

    1. Cheers lovely! It already seems so long ago that I wore this ensemble.

      Summer with you is probably much more challenging with heatwaves, but here in the UK warm is much more the norm. Oh how I miss it!


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