Plus two's anyone?

Hello and how are you today?

I hope you're well and having a good weekend. Today's post is quite a contrast to my previous one, but is more seasonal I have to admit. Steve and I managed to find a spot tucked out of the wind last weekend to capture this winter outfit combining old, pre-loved and new pieces. 

The fur coat is quite ancient, but the cut is elegant and classic and the faux suede and faux fur combination is so cosy. The look was built around these pre-loved plus twos. I've searched the net for info on the difference between these and plus fours -  

there is a slight difference between plus twos and plus fours. Plus twos offer a two inch fold just below the knee, whereas the plus fours are very baggy, with a four inch fold over the knee! Generally, however, shooting trousers are designed to offer additional protection against the elements. 

I bought mine in the British Red Cross shop in Truro for the grand sum of £4.50. Today is my first effort at styling these golf/shooting breeks and I'd appreciate your feedback. The coat, as I said, is very old from French Connection and the plus twos are by Pret. The high heeled brogues help to turn these masculine pants into something much more feminine. I picked the shoes up when I was visiting a girlfriend in Portugal a few years ago. The tights are by Wolford and seem to have lasted forever. 

I particularly like the wee front pockets on the trousers. Not exactly functional, but cute no less. The embroidered belt is second hand and the brand is Fatface. The mustard rib sweater is from Primark. 

The statement necklace is from Topshop, rings are pre-loved and sunglasses are from Quay Australia. 

As I was putting this outfit together I was suddenly aware that it was very much all earth tones, and dare I say it's verging on that brown look which challenges me somewhat. Hence the splash of blue in the Argyle tights. I think this acts as the perfect ploy, don't you?

                                                                                           Anna x



  1. Another great look, Anna. I've never heard of plus twos or plus fours. The brogues are a great addition, Love the belt, too!

    1. Cheers Kim. I included that description as I thought they might not be familiar to everyone. Lovely to hear from you again!

  2. The blue tights and the yellow top really help make all these browns sing! I love the snuggly-looking coat - how wonderful! I used to have some shoes like those, and quite loved them - I really like how they "femme up" the look. I would like to see these trousers with a lacy/ruffly Victorian-style or 60s-style ruffled blouse, and lace tights with more of a brogue-y shoe next!

    PS - I am always honoured and warmed by someone calling me "my dear" - I see it as a term of affection, and use it that way myself. I wouldn't use it with anyone I didn't know that well, though. Anyway, don't overthink it, my dear! ;-P


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