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Hello again!

It's great to have you join me again today. I've had this outfit sitting in my draft box for a while and thought today was the right time to bring it out. We all know the ripples from the Coronavirus are being felt across the globe and are affecting almost every business now. Yesterday I heard that the future of many charities is under pressure, with the threat of collapse due to their lack of income. Events like the London Marathon produce a large percentage of income for most charities every year and without that and so many other fundraising events it leaves their future hanging in the balance. Small animal charities are the most vulnerable with worries about how they'll feed their livestock within the weeks and months ahead. Such a worrying time. As you know, I'm a huge fan of charity shopping, in fact, it's a mainstay of my wardrobe and I do wonder if the high street shops will survive once Covid-19 has passed. 

My outfit comprises of two items from the Oxfam shop in Truro. The oxblood leather coat is from Next and although not brand new, it shows no signs of wear and is a beautiful quality of hide. I paid £40 for it and see it as a great investment piece. 

The nutmeg vintage skirt is by Mondi, made from wool and polyester, fits like a dream and best of all still had the original tags on it. It cost £19.99 and again is another real investment buy. I suppose the skirt encapsulates all the best reasons to charity shop: it's unusual, stylish and an absolute bargain.

The fabric has a lovely drape, the pleats sit nicely and of course, the bonus has to be these pockets. I do like the button feature down the front too. My bronze and black sock boots are by Zara from a couple of years ago.

These are some of my last work outfits before I was furloughed. From here on I'll be going back through my draft box to find those ensembles which I might have bypassed previously, but beggars can't be choosers now!

Lora did a great job taking these shots on this particular day as I had given her the camera with the setting on the wrong place. When we got to the jewellery shot it wouldn't focus - stupid me for leaving it on the Scenery setting!

Nothing new with these rings as I've had them both for ages. H&M leopard print cardi is old too.

Yet another new pair of Radley sunglasses, (aren't they fab) paired with this chunky tribal necklace from Topshop last year.

A week into my furlough now and I'm still trying to create a work structure on the home front. One thing I've found is that too much news and social media definitely affect my energy levels. It's draining to have the reality of our world events come at you hour after hour. I'm limiting my news updates to once in the morning and once in the evening. The same for social media. And I'm letting the days roll by with less have-to's that I thought. I'm cooking and cleaning and swimming and resting, but not in any of the tight regime I previously would  previously have done.  I'll often find myself looking out at the island view from my window where there's not a sole in sight. Most of the time Tresco is like a ghost town. I expect you're finding life so very different too. Do drop me a line, leave me a comment and let me know how you're bearing up.

In the meantime, I'll be searching for outfits to keep us both entertained.

Anna x



  1. The effects of the Coronavirus crisis will be visible for a long time to come, I'm afraid, and charities are of course particularly vulnerable. Let's hope the high street charity shops are able to survive, so that we may continue to contribute! Gorgeous outfit as always. Both the leather coat and that divine skirt were the most fabulous of finds. As from today I'm only working 2 days a week, I too need to find a new routine. I've severely limited my news intake, just the bare minimum, and have snoozed all those on social media who insist on adding to the panic. Like you said, it is very draining indeed. Keep safe Anna! xxx

    1. You're right Ann. Life will be very different, I fancy, when we all emerge from this world crisis. Will we be quite as touchy-feely as before? Will the kissing and hugging as a greeting be a thing of the past? And goodness knows if our charity shopping will survive?

      I've snowballed a few charity shop finds over the past 6 months and look forward to bringing these out as the weather changes. The jacket has been a wonderful addition to my winter wardrobe and the skirt will look equally good with just a light blouse or tee shirt...

      Take care xxx

  2. I am worried about my local charity shops too. I'm hoping that all the clothes and stuff people will be donating will help them, but for now...I hope they can just make their rent!

    Love that coat - such a great colour - and that skirt is so Quality, I can see it a mile off! The boots are amazing - a modern shoe always elevates vintage so well, doesn't it.

    Hang in there, Anna! It's okay to not have structured days, and I totally support NOT reading/watching the news constantly!

    1. My daughter and I are already gathering clothes together to send off to the charity shop at the end of the siege, so let's hope they'll still be trading.

      I was so pleased to come across both of these fab finds at the same time. I've worn the jacket a lot already during our brisk winds and the skirt will be useful when I finally return to work.

      Every day is different for me now and I've come to terms with that. Hope you're bearing up too xxx

  3. I try to keep structure as normale as possible. But this is already my third week of isolation. Only yesterday we went out for a walk walk in our nature reserve! It felt good, and we only saw a few people. I too take my news twice a day. More is only stressing. I miss seeing and meeting up with friends and family. But it will take a while so so we have to stay positive and make the best of it. Stay safe !

    1. Good for you for having a routine. I must admit I do so love my hour outdoors and hardly see a soul during that time, but that's probably because we have only about 120 or so people on the island currently.

      We have to stay positive as you say. Thank goodness that the weather is improving - that always helps!

      Take care xxx

  4. Love your coat, such a nice color and delightful texture, and love the whole outfit. You look really elegant and cool in these earthy shades, with the addition of some fabulous accessorizing. Love your necklace and those boots!
    I totally agree about avoiding social media and news, it makes a difference!
    Hope you're staying safe and fabulous!

    1. It seems so long now since I've been able to dress up for work, but I hope to continue to wow my readers with another aspect of my life in a more downtime way.

      Best wishes to you and do keep safe x


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