A double paisley day


Thanks for joining me again today. Yesterday I had a double paisley day wearing an outfit that you've probably seen me in before. The forecast was for it to be the hottest day of the year and for that reason alone I decided that long and floaty would be the perfect ploy for a day cooped up in the greenhouse of a gallery that is my second home. However the weather on Scilly didn't quite live up to the predictions. As so often happens, the high temperature created sea fog which swirled in and out all day long. On the upside the fog does play with the light making the colours of my outfit really pop.

Long and swooshy, the skirt was lovely and cool all day although I hadn't really thought things through work-wise as I spent a fair bit of the morning climbing up and down the ladder as I rehung paintings. For some reason all of my appointments were in the afternoon giving me the luxury of a free morning to review the artworks. Normally at this time of year I'd be showcasing a new exhibition every 10 days, but under the current restrictions our shows and their opening night parties have all been postponed until next year. Fingers crossed that things will revert to normal by then.

My latest obsession with the face mask continues. Once I'd decided that this was to be the outfit of the day, I decided that I needed the perfect mask to match. Yes, an hour before I was due to go to work I set about cutting fabric, lining and interfacing to create this natty little number in complimentary colours. On reflection, these decisions of mine do make me seem like a workaholic or maybe simply a crazy person.

I haven't had a major sewing project for ages and these little masks are giving me instant sewing satisfaction. I hand finish attaching the little tube over the nose that houses the wire for a snug finish. The turquoise elastic pleased me enormously - such little things give me joy!

Jewellery today is a gold chain (from Primark) and rings which are charity shopped. My sunglasses are by Radley London. I must admit that it tickles my funny bone to have my photo taken with a mask on, merely because I can chat and laugh without spoiling the photo! 

These embroidered slippers complete the ornate look of the day's ensemble. The skirt and shoe combination did result in a few compliments yesterday which is reward enough in my little world of clothes obsession. It particularly pleases me as I'm still shopping my closet and feeling rather smug that my wardrobe holds these delights.

Outfit details read like this - the top is from H&M (a hand-me-down from my daughter), the maxi skirt was a charity shop find, the brand is Blue Deise (there's no belt - this is the glitter stretch waistband of the skirt) and the shoes were from TK Maxx. I love the timeless elegance of these posh slippers and how well they work with jeans for a dressed down look too.

For those of you in mainland UK I bet you've been blessed with another scorcher of a day today. We on the Isles of Scilly have had a mixed bag of weather. The morning started off looking very promising, so Steve and I packed a picnic and jump aboard our boat to head off to one of the uninhabited islands. Within five minutes of setting off however the fog just started to roll in. We continued a while longer, but could see that it was only going to get worse and so decided to come home. I've still managed to have a lovely day off, culminating in the rare event of an afternoon siesta! 

                                                                                                            Anna x



  1. You wear your paisley's well Anna, but I'd expect nothing less from you! Have a super weekend Hun. Jacqui x

  2. You are like the San Francisco of the UK, with fog all the time!

    I adore you paisleys here, Anna! You look just fabulous - that orange top really rings my bell, and I have very similar slipper-style shoes like that (mine have chains instead of the bits) in hot pink brocade.

    I've also become obsessed with matching masks to all my outfits, and have both been buying ones that catch my eye, and having a friend make them for me/L from his old shirts. I have people coming back to work in my office (the first real wave since March!) and I am so excited to show off my outfits to an audience again!

    Hope your weekend is full of good times, Anna!

    1. Hot weather and fog is such a drag Sheila, especially when the rest of the UK is basking in sunshine :(

      I remember your pink brocade slippers too and they're equally fab. Hurrah for your work mates coming back again - we all need some feedback!

  3. Stunning outfit Anna; your orange blouse is fabulous and the colour is perfect for you. Yours shoes look quite oriental to me. I love it! X

    1. Cheers Phyl. Orange is a great colour for me I have to agree.

  4. Anna, your paisleys are gorgeous together and the matching mask is perfect. I love the whole look!
    Sadly I'm not talented in the crafting area but my 12 year old niece has commandeered her mum's sewing machine and has produced lots of differently patterned masks for our household. Thus I try to tie my mask in with my outfit colours.... It's tremendously satisfying when it works.
    Glad to hear you had a siesta. They're an under rated small pleasure in life.
    Good wishes for the week ahead.x

  5. Thanks for that Juliana x

    I'm pleased to hear that you're having fun with matching your masks to outfits - such a joy, eh?

  6. I'm totally in love with this delightful mix of paisley prints and fab pink and orange colors!. And you even have the perfect pair of shoes to match your skirt!, You Are Fabulous!!.
    As a fashion lover, I totally understand the urge to wear a matchy mask, but I'm a little bit obsessive! ;DDD- You Rock!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments. And thank goodness I'm not the only one who wants to wear matchy masks :)


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