My mermaid dress


Yes, here it is, my mermaid dress. I've had this stashed away in my wardrobe since last summer when I found the silk beaded beauty in a charity shop in Truro and was delighted to pay £12 for it. The brand is Scala and it still had the dry cleaning label attached, therefore felt like an absolute bargain. The moment I saw it, I envisaged a sea themed shoot somewhere, wondering if I might be able to swim in the heavily beaded gown without having an underwater camera to catch the whispy hemline floating behind me. 

I know that this gown isn't quite as sensational as my other mermaid outfit (see here), but it still conjured up watery images when I found it. The ragged hemline is akin to a tail perfect for dousing in the wash of the waves. The previous owner donated this to their local charity shop probably expecting it be whisked off on holiday, perhaps as cruise wear and here I am wrecking it in the sea! In fact, the dress recovered very well, with no staining at all. 

I was quite relieved that there was no-one else on the sandbar to see my antics as I skipped and splashed around in the sea. This was the second photo shoot (catch the first one here) and had involved a quick outfit change and attempt at hair taming in the breeze for this very al fresco session.

I had earmarked this sandbar for a photoshoot last July when Steve and I had spent the day on St Martin's. I had espied the pure white spit of sand and it conjured up all sorts of romantic images of me in something equally glamorous. See the post here when the sandbar revealed itself in the beautiful heart shaped form. 

I'm once again wearing my favourite Quay Australia sunglasses. The necklace was another charity shop piece costing me all of £6.99. This whole outfit is testament to the joy of thrift shopping and how it can help one create a look of individuality. Things that crop up in charity shops are mostly well out of fashion and not available on the high street which is why I prefer to shop this way, making my look unique to me which is surely what we all aim for.

                                                                                                      Anna x



  1. What a perfect scenery for this dress! And such a bargain! Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. What an amazing dress, Anna! You really look like a mermaid emerging from the sea! xxx

  3. I love the sparkles on your dress Anna; you do look like a mermaid.
    You should be very proud of these beautiful photographs. X

    1. Thank you Phyl. My husband did a great job to these shots, didn't he?

      Best wishes
      Anna x

  4. woww, such beautiful photos!, the perfect background for a fabulous dress!, I love all the sparkling blue color, love your mermaid attitude!. Looking Fabulous!


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