H&M silk jumpsuit

Hurrah for August!

Hello again. Like the rest of the nation, if not the world, we here on Tresco are trying to establish this new regime as normal and hopefully August will see things continue in the right direction. However, one thing far from normal is that last week the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were here on the island on holiday. It was a private visit, a family time for them to enjoy a bit of anonymity and it seems that not one photo of them was taken or leaked to the press. Four years ago the couple were here for a day trip and at that time we all hoped that they might return. Last week Tresco proved to be the most idyllic place to spend a family holiday without having to leave the country.

If you're a long term follower of mine, then you may remember the last time I wore this fabulous jumpsuit was at a summer exhibition five years ago. My current break from shopping has me working hard at reviving old clothes that I've dismissed or overlooked for years. This jumpsuit hasn't had an airing throughout these five long years and I'm so happy to find it again. I wore it to work yesterday and these shots were taken the day before when Steve and I popped along to Saffron Bay for a quick photo shoot.

The silk jumpsuit is beautifully lightweight and floaty as you can see from this series of shots. I wore it with a short sleeved tee and white pumps for a practical look. The wide trousers were a challenge to begin with, tripping me up as I dashed upstairs for the first time, but thereafter I just treated them like a maxi skirt, grabbing handfuls when I was bobbing up and down the staircase or even hanging art. 

I suppose the low cut back is mean to show off a young and firm back view, but I overcame that with a skinny ribbed tee shirt (very old) which fitted perfectly under the slim cut bodice. The jumpsuit has a side zip as well as the tie back feature.  I pulled the whole look together with this ornate buckled belt which draws the eye to the waist as a good counter to the voluminous trousers.

"Old lady jelly arms" alert here!

These ribbon tied Puma trainers have become my go-to shoes during my busy working life of late.  They're squashy and comfy and perfect for climbing both stairs and ladders and generally being on my feel for 12 hours a day. My working role has expanded to me becoming cleaner at the start of the day, to Gallery Manager, administrator, art curator, packer and unpacker of goods as well as shipping co-ordinater. There's something very satisfying for the control freak in me to know I have my finger on the pulse of every aspect of the business for the first time ever. Ask me any question about our website, artists who have been to stay, art stock both in the Gallery and the 100 cottages, new works about to arrive or paintings en route to a client and I'll know it without having to ask an assistant or refer to files. It's a satisfying position to be in and one that I'm relishing despite the longer hours.

Today's jewellery is all old too, so much so that I can't recall where I got the rings. The necklace came from the Gallery and I fancy it's made from some African bean that's coloured naturally... My sunglasses are by Radley London.

And this was yesterday's early start. I bumbled into work at 4.30am while the moon was still high in the sky. That may seem ridiculously early I know, but once I wake my brain just starts whirring away making notes of all of the jobs pending for the day ahead. At that stage there's no point in trying to roll over and go back to sleep. Much better to just get up and get going. Thank goodness I love my job! 

                                                                                                                                     Anna x



  1. Hi Anna,
    so very, very pretty - your silk jumpsuit. And he fits so well. And very succeeded combinations with the fresh white Shirt and trainers. I love it!
    And I'm so in love with your pic from the sea in the moonlight. Magical!!
    I have a question: which way can an artist go, to be included in your art Gallery? Maybe even as one of your summer show artists?
    Happy summertime!
    Susa from Cologne

    1. Hi Susa, thanks for all of your lovely comments. The sea in the moonlight is a very special shot for me too.

      Why don't you send me a private message and we can talk about Gallery business there?


  2. Anna, love this jumpsuit! I was just exclaiming to Ann/Polyester Princess at how sometimes H&M has a winner, and this silk jumpsuit is another one! The colours, the swooshy legs - and it's perfect (and so in style!) with the tee layered under it. The necklace is a great match with it.

    I'm also hands-on and doing everything at my work - it's good for control freaks. :) How fun that the Cambridges were there!!

    1. Thanks Sheila. This has been a joyful rediscovery and I'll be wearing it a lot over the next few weeks.

      Apologies for not dropping by of late. Such long days for me at the moment!

      Take care x

  3. Wow! That s early! But it is a fabulous photo! And a cheerful jumpsuit with a gorgeous necklace!

  4. I love the floatiness (is that a word!) of this gorgeous, colourful jumpsuit. H & M always come up trumps!
    Your accessories look great with it and I’m a huge fan of ribbon laces in trainers. You look lovely.

    Gosh, you’re an early riser ...hope you’re having another fulfilling week in work. X

    1. This jumpsuit surely epitomises the word floatiness Phyl! Cheers for your input x

  5. This is a truly wonderful jumpsuit, Anna. Gorgeous colours and it looks great against the beach backdrop. I love how you've styled it with the t-shirt. I think the layering ups the funky factor!
    I know what you mean about the brain kicking into gear early! I hope you get to have an early night or my secret weapon - a sneaky siesta!
    Hugs x

    1. The tee shirt is the perfect way to make this functional for day wear Juliana.

      And yes, early to bed is the only way I'm surviving at the moment x

  6. Love this floaty jumpsuit, its colors and swooshiness!, and you're particularly gorgeous in this, comfy&elegant, really cool!
    Lovely big beads and cute sneakers!
    Glad you like your work and enjoy all the activity!, it looks exhausting to me!

    1. Thanks Monica for swinging by! Isn't this a wonderful find. The tee and the beads help it look like a fun outfit don't they?

      Work is my passion, thank goodness!

  7. How did I miss this! Love it and the beads are perfect! Happy Sunday Anna. x Jacqui


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