Lounging at Home, our Style Not Age Challenge for January

Hello again! Yes, here we go with our end of the month fashion challenge and this month we're visiting that most popular of trends, Lounging at Home, chosen by Gail this time. I recently featured this topic in my post Lockdown loungewear and therefore had to dig a bit deeper to find another loungewear offering. Anyway I'll tell you all about that later, but first let's see how Gail herself tackled this one...

Gail's two piece is snuggly warm and perfect for a night in front of the TV. She bought this from Mango, but do swing by her blog for the full details - Is This Mutton? 

Jacqui of Mummabstylish is wearing another two piece, this time in animal print which is her outfit of choice for lounging around at the moment. You'll find her here most days, having fun in her newly decorated dressing room - the envy of most fashion bloggers, including me!

Hilda is chilling out in her sporty pair of leggings and crisp white top, finished off with a cool pair of animal print pumps. Do pop across to see more on Over The Hilda

Emma of Style Splash wear joggers from Asda (love that touch of sparkle!) paired up with a starry sweatshirt. Do please take a moment to check out my fashionista friends.

My take on Loungewear is an all in one from ASOS (similar one here). Sasha bought me this for my birthday under my guidance. I love a bit of leopard print and this is a totally glam bit of loungewear in my opinion. I do have a pair of leopard print sheepskin slippers that I meant to include, but by the time I'd set up my tripod and camera I'd completely forgotten about them.

A handful of gold jewellery, none of it new, ramped up the glam factor. My version of Loungewear took on a very Jackie Collins look didn't it? Think racy, perfume laden boudoir and that's more or less it.

The jumpsuit has an elasticated waist for comfort and the sash tie is nice a finishing touch. There's no zip or buttons to fiddle with and the deep V neck is a flattering focal point. The wide legs are another comfort feature too. As I said previously, my go-to loungwear is my flower sprigged velour jogging suit, but I do look forward to wafting around at home in this alternative. I'm not working at the moment, but still haven't actually found much time to lounge around. I've been busy catching up on the home front and do hope to get to do some sewing this week...

Many thanks to those of you who left me a comment on my birthday post yesterday - catch it here if you missed it. I had a fabulous day with Steve taking some shots for the blog, then a very lively swim at lunchtime and finally the kids came down for a roast dinner in the evening. I've had clothes and potions and lots of little bits and pieces as presents. It was a super day and I'm thinking that 63 looks pretty good from here.

                                                                                                  Anna x



  1. So so glamorous and I love your setting. You look like a film star xxx

  2. You are so very Jackie Collins, Anna! I love your leopard jumpsuit - it looks cozy and chic at the same time. I down-cycle my good clothes into around-the-house clothes, so I'm currently wearing some velvet jeans, camo pants and stretchy snakeskin print jeans, plus a tee (which I sleep in that night), with a sweater layered over it. My sweaters (I have about 4 of them) are cashmere ones that have popped holes. I layer another thick cardi over that!

    1. I fancy I'll be wearing this one outside of the house too...

      Downgrading your everyday clothes into loungewear makes total sense Sheila xxx

  3. Another fantastic outfit under your belt Anna, I love it (although I would it's animal print!) Thanks for sharing and look forward to the next one. Jacqui x

    1. Such a great topical challenge this time eh? Loved your animal print version too xxx

  4. What a fabulous outfit Anna. I love the wide legs and of course the animal print. You look ultra glam. X

    1. Cheers Phyl. This a fab new addition to my wardrobe which may well venture out of the boudoir at some stage ...

      Take care xxx

  5. I guess animal prints never goes out of style! You look amazing in!


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