My new Adidas trouser suit

Hi there! Yes, it's a rather shocking headline from the woman whose 12 month shopping ban isn't over yet, but hang on, this was hubby's birthday present to me last week. Of course, I did give him lots of guidance. No matter, it's beautiful, don't you think?

Best of all, this two piece by Adidas is still on sale on ASOS now - see here. I have a thing about trouser suits and am always on the look out for another to add to my collection. This salmon pink corduroy number caught my eye when I was searching for Christmas presents and I earmarked it mentally for my birthday. I was delighted to find it had been reduced in the sale when I went back to search for it.

The high waisted trousers are great fit for my figure and best of all the fabric has stretch in it too. I couldn't wait to get out in this lovely weather to showcase it. This is me on the ramparts of Blockhouse Castle, but the view down to the beach below looked pretty inviting too...

The jacket is quite boxy, slightly masculine and for me that needed a bit of softening with either frills or lace. I opted for this lace top from Zara with a vest underneath for warmth. 

That's the problem when you set up your camera and tripod on your own. No-one to zoom in or out ...

Suffice to say I was still having fun!

Silver rings and leather belt are all second hand.

I like the ribbon stripes down the side of the trousers. My leather boots by Besson were from TK Maxx (a Christmas present from Steve).

It was glorious on the beach here. So much so, that I went straight home and put my swimsuit on so that I could swim here in the afternoon sunshine. This was on Monday when I think the snow was falling on mainland UK. 

I swam from Cook's Porth to Cradle Porth and back again. See a wee video from the other beach on my Instagram feed here.

My latest project is some sewing (at last). I'm trying to make new covers for my sofa and armchairs, but it's a challenge to say the least. However, you know me, I do like a challenge! In due course I hope to be able to show you the fruits of my labour. In the meantime, I wish you a super weekend.

                                                                                         Anna x



  1. I love your new trouser suit Anna; the colour is divine. I like the way you have ‘softened’ it with the lace blouse. I wouldn’t have thought of pairing it in this way. It somehow shouts.. Spring!
    You look fab!

    Great views too. Thank you. X

    1. Cheers Phyllis. There's a real air of spring to this outfit indeed. I feel lifted just to wear it x

  2. Love this suiting, Anna! The colour is wonderful and is it a corduroy? I would never have guessed Adidas!

    1. I've been longing to have a corduroy outfit for a long time now and this one fits the bill perfectly x

  3. Dear Anna, now you catch me again... I watch the video on Instagram and... Fleetwood Mac! Ahhh, this afternoon I will go straight ahead to my old turnable and put on Rumors. I love it so much.
    By the way, I'm a litte jealous of your daylight and bright sunshine. We had only one sunny day since new years day... not nice! And through the large amount of rain, we have high water (we say father Rhine comes out of his bed). Very often at this time of the year...
    Last but not least: you are looking stylish and are a eye catcher - as always ;-)
    Hugs, Susa

    1. How lovely to hear all of this from you Susa, thank you! Reels is new to me on Instagram but I do enjoy pairing up sights and music together x

      We've been blessed with good weather here compared to mainland UK where floods and snow have become commonplace. Fingers crossed that the Rhine doesn't burst its banks x

  4. This pant suits is great, Anna. Love it's colour and the juxtaposition of soft lace blouse and masculine looking shoes.


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