Jeans and biker jacket with Furla handbag

Hello again! I've been sooooo blooming busy since my last post, but here I am with all my news. I normally post a feature on Fridays, but that was Sasha's birthday meaning my day was filled with baking and doing the prep for her birthday tea. A lock-down birthday is a bit rubbish isn't it, but I suppose many of you will have had one of those by this stage. We seem to have overcompensated by having three days of special family meals and it really has been great fun for us all. (Death by feeding, is what my husband is calling it actually!) Friday's tea was an old fashioned birthday party with sausage rolls, bacon frazzles, cheese scones, salads, cold meats and cheeses followed by millionaire's shortbread and a magnificent birthday cake created by her cousin Zoe of Bryher Bake Box

Sasha is 32 now and like most mother's I'm amazed at how the time has flown past since those baby days. I loved being a stay-at-home mum, never missing the world of work or the social aspect thereof. 

Seen here with her cousin David who is only 8 weeks older than her, Sasha loved being the big sister to Jamie.

Sash was dog mad from the start, in fact her very first words were "a dog, a dog, a dog!" as her father's gun dogs appeared in front of our window. Sasha is training her own spaniel, Brigg, now - you can follow his progress on her Instagram page here

And so, on to the OOTD, this blue biker jacket and dotty jeans. Like lots of others on lock-down I'm wearing casual clothes most of the time. These jeans by Cosmic Jeans were a charity shop find in 2018 but I've not worn them often. Hipster jeans don't flatter my hourglass shape very well as they seem to accentuate my rounded tummy. Pairing them with my bright blue biker jacket maybe wasn't the best move either as the two barely met in the middle :(  The polo neck sweater is rather ancient as is the leather belt - both are by H&M. My black and white sunglasses are from Quay Australia.

The cute little jelly bag by Furla has been a joyful discovery of late. I seem to have spells where I have a bag of the moment and then they get stored away for months on end. I have the  bigger version of this in yellow and the small one fits inside it meaning I do forget about it in that out if sight, out of mind way. The rings are both pre-loved.

The white leather boots were a Christmas present from Steve. The brand is Besson and they came from TK Maxx. I had a similar pair of white boots (see here), but they fell apart in the autumn, after only a year of wear. I've loved how my shopping desires have been brought into sharp focus since I gave up retail therapy. My wish-lists for both Christmas and birthday (soon) were, and are, so specific and therefore satisfying to receive that their worth seems so much more than ever before. I've found I don't need to browse eBay or retail sites searching for... and that's just it - what are we all looking for? Happiness? Fulfillment? A need to simply have something new? The psychology of shopping is a complex one that's for sure. As I was putting my wish-lists together I discovered that the enormity of choices swamped me if I didn't have an exact thing in mind and it all started to feel rather pointless. As the end of my shopping ban looms large, I find myself wondering what I'll do when it comes.

Thanks for dropping by again. I'll be back later on this week and also on Sunday with my birthday post. Monday the 25th will be our Style Not Age challenge so there's lots to come this week!

                                                                                             Anna x



  1. Your daughter looks so much like you Anna, what a beautiful cake, I bet it was delicious. Jacqui x

  2. Well that's a funny thing. The cake went down a treat and yes it was so delicious that it's all gone now!

  3. I have been so very glad to have fashion come out of the low-slung pants era that I could weep. I have been wearing very old pants for many years because the low-cut could not look worse on me and there were no higher waists to be found. I'm short, and any excess weight I carry is right THERE, at the waistline. The combo was deadly. Truth to tell, I don't think I ever saw a woman of any age look as good in low-slung pants as in waist-high ones.....but how cute your outfit is. Now retire those pants, give them away. You've had your fun with them.

    1. I'm so pleased to hear that someone agrees with me about these hipster jeans! I suppose the only reason I've held onto them is the lovely spotty denim which is a change from the ordinary and oh how I do love something just that little bit different. I have a high waisted pants just waiting for their moment in the spotlight, so do keep a look out for them coming soon... xx

  4. Happy Birthday to Sasha! that cake looks fabulous, Anna! Death by food, indeed!

    I love your jacket/dotty jeans combo and honestly, I did not give your mid-section a glance UNTIL YOU MENTIONED IT. I hear you on the low-rise trousers, though - they either work...or they do NOT, on my curvy hourglass. I love the colour and fit of the jacket, and the delightful spottiness of the pants.

    As for shopping, after just spending 4 hours leisurely going through the racks at two of my favourite thrift stores last week, I have to say that I would miss that experience. I am never "goal-focused" when I shop (it's really rare, shall we say?), and it's much more of a treasure-hunt for me. It's the slow, Zen-like contemplation, the focus on finding a good pattern or a lovely textile, without having to stare at a screen. I don't shop online because I need to see/feel/experience a garment before buying - even if I can't try it on.

    Thanks for the comments, my dear! Lovely to hear from you. :)

    1. One of my sisters once told me that it's best to mention such things before someone else does - a great defence mechanism I've found over the years that means I'm never caught out on the back foot. God forbid that a reader would see me and mock me for my delusions. I'd much rather be brutally honest - we all know where we stand that way.

      As for the shopping, I do envy you your thrift shopping and that is exactly the kind of retail therapy I'll embrace as and when it's safe for me to do. I haven't been off the island for a year now and am not sure when I'll next get away, but rest assured it'll be that leisurely treasure hunt experience that I'll be seeking when the time comes xx

  5. What beautiful pics Anna and a wonderful Birthday Cake for your daughter. It looks amazing.

    I absolutely love your outfit; the colour of your jacket and how you have styled it. You look amazing. X

    1. The colour of the jacket was such a lure that I couldn't pass it by all those years ago when I bought it, and I still love it now.

      So good to hear from you again. Take care xx

  6. Sending best wishes to Sasha and glad to hear that she had a fab birthday celebration despite lockdown. Lots of food and fun!.
    And I love the way your boots match your dotty jeans, and love your blue jacket too, and the touch of colour of a fab bag!. Looking comfy&cool

  7. I didn't notice your hourglass figure not being ideal for the trousers. I think it is because the blue jacket is so fitted. It shapes you to hourglass. But I get your point. We all have things to emphasize and things to put to the background.
    To tell you the truth, I was too mermerized by the bag, to notice any details haha. It is a great bag and a great brand.
    As for your white boots..I love them. I love any white boot and have many different pairs. I was already into white boots when it wasn't fashionable and got laughed at (I ignored the laughter).
    It was a darling post featuring your daughter. 32 years.. wow. Nothing defines how quick time flies as children. My stepdaughter is now 35 and I came into her life when she was 3.
    As for shopping... I know you are right and I am trying, really I am, but I haven't kicked the habit yet. Which has a lot to do with the fact that I HATE the process of clothes, belts and accessories on the bed and trying everything on. I will think of an outfit, put it on, look in the mirror and be soooo disappointed. I am not a good stylist. But there are a lot of good stylists around me haha.


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